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Dec 2012

WRFI Fundraiser

In the vain hope that anyone is picking this up off their RSS feed [and if you aren't subscribed, what the hell people?], or visiting the podcast site randomly on this wintry afternoon [and it's about damn time]--

Tonight's BOMBAST program on WRFI [8 pm EST, 5 pm PST, 1 a.m. Dec. 6 GMT--I think that covers the time zones in which there are "friends" of the program] airs as part of our ongoing fundraiser for the radio station.  While we aren't doing a PBS / NPR style "pledge money specifically so that this show right here will survive" appeal, it sure would look nice for the program if people would call in and pledge whatever amount they can afford, large or small, or even call in to say that they enjoy the program.  The number is 607-441-WRFI [9734].  Thanks ever so much.

I would have written a funnier post, but I'm sober at the moment.  --kid catharsis

Dec 2012

Transmission Deux [2012 Nov 28]

The second transmission from il mondo bumbastico was "planned," meaning that we knew it was coming a week in advance.  So, in theory, things should have been much different than the first time out.  As a "friend of BOMBAST"--let us call him "mateu"--once told us, "the difference between theory and practice is that, in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice."

There are still more utterances of the word "um" than we would like; in retrospect, not all of our segues hit that surprising-yet-inevitable quality for which we strive; for some reason Ras Michael put a little too much reggae in our jeggae and strained the connection between the cd deck and the mixing board.  We are choosing to interpret the ongoing shambolic quality of the BOMBAST thing, which resists all attempts at polishing, as a testament to how instinctive and heartfelt the show is to its host.  We choose this.

One way in which the show did benefit from extra lead time was that we were able to record an introductory segment from Lady Catharsis for her segment, "The Listening Parlour."  This, additionally, gives us the opportunity to induct Stereolab to the sparsely-populated BOMBAST Hall of Legends, on account of the track "...Sudden Stars," which serves as the underscoring for that delicious voiceover.  We will play that Groop again soon, without feeling the least bit guilty about it.

We spent a lot of time in the vicinity of brilliance this week.  The current album by Savage Republic is, as we hint during the broadcast, a strong candidate for the "extreme genius exemption" to our anti-rotation policy, as is the live recording by Carter Tutti Void.  Apologies to those of you who love things like lyrics and melodies.

The word on the street is that the BOMBAST podcast sounds terrible if you listen to it through the tiny built-in speakers of a mobile device.  We suggest not listening to BOMBAST on the tiny built-in speakers of a mobile device.

BOMBAST Playlist 2012 Nov 28, 8-10 p.m:

  1. Nubile G and the  Spurious Wizz: "Your Jolly Giant" [DOVentertainment]
  2. Savage Republic: "Kara" [Les Temps Modernes]
  3. Hassan Hakmoun and Zahar: "Only One God (Maaboud Allah)" [RealWorld]
  4. Producers for Bob: "The Xists Have Landed" [DOVentertainment]
  5. Carl Craig: "Food and Art in the Spirit of Revolution" [SSR]
  6. Linton Kwesi Johnson: "Liesense fi Dub" [LKJ]
  7. Edwyn Collins: "Losing Sleep" [Heavenly]
  8. Ian Boddy: "Foundry" [Soleilmoon]
  9. Carter Tutti Void: "V4" [Mute]
  10. Vic Chesnutt: "Bakersfield" [Texas Hotel] ***"Listening Parlour"
  11. Mollono.Bass: "In the Meadow" [Acker]
  12. Current 93: "Honeysuckle" [Coptic Cat]
  13. Primal Scream: "Shoot Speed / Kill Light" [Astralwerks]
  14. Ras Michael: "Truth and Right" [ROIR]
  15. Little Annie: "Bless Those" [On-U Sound / Restless]
  16. The Gladiators: "Looks Is Deceiving" [Virgin / Frontline]
  17. madEP: "Acid Jig" [Soleilmoon]
  18. The Tape-Beatles: "Desire" [DOVentertainment]
  19. Ruts DC / Mad Professor: "Love & Fire" [ROIR]
  20. Fanga / Maalem Abdullah Guinea: "Kelen" [Strut]
  21. Robin Guthrie: "And So To Sleep, My Little Ones" [Soleil Après Minuit]

Next week: more love, more fire.  Enjoy!--kid catharsis

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