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Jun 2013

Drown the World In Astral Fire: Transmission 40, 2013 June 19

June 24, 2013

coilsummersolstice.jpgOne good show is a blip; two in a row is a pattern. We live in hope. It was an unseasonably cool evening, but nevertheless the summer solstice was upon us. Hall of Legends inductees Coil are not for the weak, especially with tonight's record, but they have a strange knack of going well with other things.

The current interface of my podcast site forces me to be brief, and somewhat spontaneous, for which I suspect you are grateful. Anyway, for a while I had gotten away from listening to my shows after the fact, just going over the talking bits and skipping past the music. The last couple of weeks I have gone for the full package. This is a good show, you guys. I do good shows on occasion. The "rock" bits are perhaps a bit less integrated than I would hope--good thing I describe this program as a "trail mix"--but things get weird and interesting in the second hour. I would listen to this even if I weren't doing the program myself.

That said, I wish all my voiceovers could be as focused and error-free as the last one. That is a constant struggle.

Hey, speaking of the Hall of Legends, tune in at 9 pm EDT on Wednesday, the 26th for our newest induction: DIF JUZ.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 June 19, 2100-2300:

  1. Caveman: "Pricey" [Fat Possum]
  2. Coil: "Bee Stings" [Eskaton] / "Physical Evidence"
  3. Daega Sound: "Fox Wing" [Black Box]
  4. Kick 'Em Jenny: "Stressed Up" [BBE]
  5. Throwing Muses: "Him Dancing" [4AD / Sire] / "Listening Parlour"
  6. Stefan Vincent: "Fool Me Again" [Balans]
  7. Glimpse: "L Plate" [Aus]
  8. Moonlighters: "Broken Heart" [BBE]
  9. Coil: "Glowworms / Waveforms" [Eskaton] / "Physical Evidence"
  10. Estrangers: "Moonraker" [Phuzz Sounds]
  11. Siriusmo: "Doctor Beak" [Monkeytown]
  12. The Chameleons: "The Fan and the Bellows" [Blue Apple]
  13. Gold Panda: "Flinton" [Ghostly International]
  14. Coil: "Summer Substructures" [Eskaton] / "Physical Evidence"
  15. Carlos and the Bandidos: "Fever" [BBE]
  16. X: "Wild Thing" [Elektra] / "Listening Parlour"
  17. Troller: "__" Handmade Birds
  18. Nhar: "They Are Painted Augurs" [Boxer]
  19. The Orb featuring Lee "Scratch" Perry: "No Ice Age" [Cooking Vinyl]
  20. Coil: "A Warning from the Sun (for Fritz)" [Eskaton] / "Physical Evidence"
  21. Sonny & The Sunsets: "Green Blood" [Polyvinyl]
  22. The Flaming Stars: "Broken Heart" [Vinyl Japan]
  23. Ana Helder: "Puqui" [Comeme]
  24. Mathew Jonson: "Metropolis" [Minus]

next time: vibrating air and songs with no name--Dif Juz enshrined. enjoy the music! --kid catharsis