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Jul 2013

Gary Bromley of Dif Juz: Full Interview

July 2, 2013

Here is the full interview I conducted with Gary Bromley of Dif Juz on June 11, 2013. I was in the studios of WRFI, and Gary, I presume, was at home in Lousiville. Certain portions of this interview were aired last week on the Dif Juz special.

Technical notes: this conversation was recorded to a flash drive on a dedicated digital recorder, accidentally set to "auto level"--so some crazy things happen at random times. The signal path for my voice was: microphone > sound board > digital recorder. The signal path for Gary's was: telephone > sound board > digital recorder.

I think the interview speaks for itself, but if this had appeared on Soundcloud or something, here's how I would annotate it:

01:23 -- !!!

02:18 -- It never ceases to amaze me how influential PiL was, on seemingly anyone of importance.

05:07 -- Surprised at these two snubs more than 4AD/Axis, actually.

06:09 -- More like a year and a half.

11:57 -- MASS, a crowd puller!

16:58 -- A REALLY silly question.

22:00 -- Anachronistic on my part, don't know what I was thinking -- TMC might have been in the works, but not DCD yet.

24:29 -- I decided I didn't know how to pronounce "tabla." Honestly, I don't.

26:24 -- "Starforce," according to the "Who Says So" sleeve.

29:00 -- Getting into my "personal" view on the "4AD sound" here. Not like I didn't love these records at the time. And not like I didn't hold onto them. And not like I would ever sell them.

37:25 -- It's Chelmsford, actually. Anyway, I'm downright incoherent here. I don't even know what I'm saying.

39:00 -- I have a love/hate relationship with these early Robin Guthrie productions.

40:34 -- Yet more evidence Dif Juz were ahead of their time.

51:30 -- Thinking I'd run out of questions and completely unable to think on the fly at this point.

52:00 -- This isn't investigative journalism and I never needed this to be "sensational."

Full interview with Richie Thomas will appear soon. Enjoy!