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Aug 2013

Shut Up And Give Me What I Want: Transmission 49, 2013 July 31

August 9, 2013

toilingmidgetsson.jpeg Lady Catharsis makes a special live-in-studio appearance this evening, bringing with her the opening track by X and an excellent piece of "Physical Evidence," the Mark Eitzel / Toiling Midgets collaboration Son. Disc rot and all, we play about half of that thing, which was indeed the soundtrack to our days of limerance, make of that what you will. This episode strikes me as one of the better transmissions--it's always nice when a good-chemistry guest pops in.

Before distraction gets the better of me, I want to alert you that Toiling Midgets are still doin' things, and you can listen to them here. Boom, errand run.

Radio summers were not always as chaotic as this one has turned out to be--at least I don't remember them being this way when I was 19! [But then again, I have confessed to having memory problems with that time, so there is that.] Anyway, you guys, I have been doing lots of programs, so many that even with my newly-expanded monthly storage here at the site [sincere thanks to Podbean], I may not be able to upload everything until things settle down, hopefully next month, when I am back down to 1 show per week. Usually. BUT the regular weekly program will appear without fail--by "without fail" I mean "with the usual delay caused by business and sloth, but eventually."

Thanks for your patience.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 July 31, 2100-2300:

  1. X: "I'm Comin' Over" [Rhino]
  2. Toiling Midgets: "Faux Pony" [Matador] / "Physical Evidence"
  3. 17 Pygmies: "By the Sea" [Les Temps Modernes]
  4. Public Service Broadcasting: "ROYGBIV" [Test Card]
  5. Bomb the Bass: "Just This Universe?" [O Solo]
  6. Thee Headcoat Sect: "Strychnine" [Hangman's Daughter]
  7. College: "Teenage Color" [Invada]
  8. Wild Nothing: "Hachiko" [Captured Tracks]
  9. Beachwood Sparks: "Sleeping Butterfly" [Bomp]
  10. The Fall: "Strychnine" [Secret]
  11. Toiling Midgets: "Process Words" [Matador] / "Physical Evidence"
  12. Ryan Davis & Pan/Tone: "Bandits" [Areal]
  13. Ritornell: "Urban Heartware" [Karaoke Kalk]
  14. Virginia Wing: "Creation" [Critical Heights]
  15. Toiling Midgets: "Fabric" [Matador] / "Physical Evidence"
  16. AM & Shawn Lee: "Special Disco" [Park the Van]
  17. The Sonics: "Strychnine" [Mojo Magazine]
  18. Valentin Stip: "Hiathaikm" [Clown & Sunset]
  19. Toiling Midgets: "Clinging Fire / Clams" [Matador] / "Physical Evidence"
  20. John Hughes Daydream: "Thriller" [Cut Mistake]
  21. The Grips: "Tennessee Strut" [G.E.D. Soul]
  22. Toiling Midgets: "Listen" [Matador] / "Physical Evidence"
  23. Otis G Johnson featuring Jan Milledge: "Lord Make Me Over" [Numero]

next time, songs by "some London band or other." Enjoy the music! --kid Catharsis