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Sep 2013

Rudy Tambala Interview, Part One

September 7, 2013

rudytambalaillustration.jpegHere is the first part of an interview I conducted with Rudy Tambala of A.R.Kane. Portions of this conversation appeared in the Hall of Legends special featuring A.R.Kane's music. Here's the "full" recording, with everything in its proper context.

This is the basic "music interview" material--how the band formed, label intrigue, recording processes, and so forth. However, it does reveal the importance of Janet Jackson and Jellybean Benitez as "influences" (don't take my word for it, just listen) and Rudy shares with us a humorous incident brought on by the band's move to 4AD.

Just so you know, listeners--I passed up a trip to look at eagles, for goodness' sake, and eat delicious local ice cream, so this conversation could happen. Do you see what sacrifices I make in order to bring you this stuff? Rudy, for his part, was late for dinner, which is why we had to cut this off and agree to speak another time--he too deserves your special thanks, for this and of course for the music. Part Two coming soon is available here.

Yes I know I can look at eagles whenever, but still.