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Oct 2018

If Your Heart’s Strong, Hold On: Transmission 421, 2018 August 22

death_in_vegas_-_honey.jpg Good evening, music lovers, or morning, or afternoon, or whenever it is you are reading this. Whatever time it is, it's early for an aside, but I must point out that I have "Dissidents" by Thomas Dolby stuck in my head due to its repetition of the phrase "my writing." That's been my hangup of late. "The old writer couldn't write anymore because he had reached the end of words," or whatever it was that William S. Burroughs said--I am feeling that. Nevertheless, here I am, trying.

I promise, I am almost but not quite as tired as you of programs that mark the beginning or end of this or that. We've had a lot of mileposts in recent months. But here's an existential one--this program marks 5 years, nine months during which I've been on the air at WRFI, which is the same length as my original radio tenure, at KDVS all those years ago. I wondered when this current adventure began how long it would last, and what it would "mean" as and if it outgrew my initial, "real" radio experience. I have to say, it feels pretty real at this point! Which means maybe I need to grow up and sharpen my technique a bit. We could begin with learning to say "Miss Ludella Black"; that seems as good a starting point as any.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 August 22, 2100-2300:

  1. "Afro Sirene - Original Mix" | Hardway Bros | The Laser | Throne of Blood
  2. "Lucky Number 13" | Detroit Swindle | High Life | Heist Recordings
  3. "Honey" | Death in Vegas | Honey | Drone
  4. "Seven Peaceful Deities" | Surgeon | Luminosity Device | Dynamic Tension
  5. "Manila" | Sinister X | Future Sound of Leipzig | Defrostatica
  6. "Midnight Resurrection" | The Hunt | Beyond the Gate of Hell | Bordello a Pangi
  7. "Intro" | Snail Mail | Lush | Matador
  8. "Wait" | Miss Ludella Black | Till You Lie In Your Grave | Damaged Goods
  9. "Barbed Wire" | Rodney Cromwell | Rodney's English Disco | Happy Robots
  10. "Giddim" | Alza 54 | Future Sound of Leipzig | Defrostatica
  11. "Ninja Schwert" | Gunter Schickert | Labyrinth | Marmo
  12. "Overwhelmed" | Near Future | Ideal Home | Blanc Check
  13. "Grande" | James Dole | Ex | Bergerac
  14. "Hubble" | Actress | LAGEOS | Ninja Tune
  15. "Anywhere" | Centrefold | The New Adventures of TBTCI | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  16. "A Mechanical Eye" | The Advisory Circle | Ways of Seeing | Ghost Box
  17. "I Want to Tell You Something" | Jenny Hval | The Long Sleep | Sacred Bones
  18. "Gold He Said" | No Swoon | The New Adventures of TBTCI | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  19. "Dawn Said" | The Buff Medways | Steady the Buffs [reissue] | Damaged Goods
  20. "Dreams" | Athlete Whippet | Hands Only | Squareglass
  21. "Soft Hoop" | Metro Area | Metro Area (15th Anniversary Edition) | Environ
  22. "Musica Enterrada - Strategys Recombinant Mix" | William Selman | Interpretations Vol 2 - Musica Enterrada | Mysteries of the Deep
  23. "Should I Take You Home (Keyloc Version)" | Sunny & The Sunliners | Should I Take You Home (Keyloc Version) | Big Crown
  24. "Thinking Sweet Fusion" | Jubl | Thinking Sweet | self-released
  25. "Frames And Letters" | Hooray for Humans | The New Adventures of TBTCI | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  26. "Gunshot Riddim" | SKRS | Paradise Magic Traxx | Ancient Monarchy
  27. "Party Theme" | Anemone | Baby Only You & I | Fat Possum
  28. "Memories" | Loom | The New Adventures of TBTCI | The Blog That Celebrates Itself

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