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Dec 2018

U_D_M Detour 34, 2018 November 17

udm_furry.jpg[GUEST POST]

Guy LeBatard checking in once again. Kid Catharsis tells me, with no subtext whatsoever, that I am "clogging the pipeline" of new episodes he wants to post. Never mind that said episodes are barely "newer" than this one, but it is true, I must be shamed or whipped into productivity. So here, please find attached a sonic excursion I made just prior to Thanksgiving. The last time out, I did promise another outing. You can call me a flake, but I am no liar.

In retrospect this episode starts off a bit rhythm heavy, even for me. But I am resolved never to be disappointed, so it is just an observation. For those of you who love melodic techno, things get "sweeter" toward the end of the program. "More Sugar," indeed. I even manage to rep Montreal in this broadcast. I must have been full of the holiday spirit.

But that's all finished. I am off to new adventures, for now.

U_D_M playlist, 2018 November 17, 1900-2000:

  1. "Zhivago Zhivago - Khidja Dub" | Jonny Sender | Jonny Sender EP | Codek
  2. "Fantasy" | John Heckle | Cocoon Compilation R | Cocoon
  3. "Into the Wild - Black Loops Remix" | Ponty Mython | Tropic of Capricorn (The Remixes) | Wewillalwaysbealovesong
  4. "Dawn" | Locked Groove | Kompakt: Total 17 | Kompakt
  5. "Last Minute Man" | Axefield | Pressure Drop | Atomnation
  6. "Forgive Me" | Gui Boratto | Kompakt: Total 18 | Kompakt
  7. "Red" | Robert Babicz | Red EP | Selador
  8. "More Sugar" | Physical Therapy | More Sugar | Sounds of Beaubien Ouest


Dec 2018

Daddy Goes Dancing with Mommy-O: Transmission 433, 2018 November 14

Wanda_Jackson.jpgThis is better, and worse. Lady Catharsis finally makes it to the studio, where we are joined by pitching co-host Jeff and the criminally uncredited Kristi, who did not have the benefit of a microphone. We actually earned money on this night, which is novel. My mother was Mrs. Moneybags, though other listeners pitched in on that front as well, to save me a bit of embarrassment. There was a good feeling on the night, as opposed to the barely contained desperation of the previous week.

I can't help but feel that this episode is a bit unfocused, musically, though. Granted, when I invite Lady Catharsis into the studio, we are always in the Listening Parlour, and I generally feel like the more I get my way, the better my show is (hmm). It certainly wasn't a wall-to-wall "Legends Night" like last week's episode, and it definitely sounds less exciting than the "flutes and synthesizers" Jeff promises on his own program, "Radio Nomadics." I have to say I simply don't like Mariachi El Bronx, that Jeff embarrasses me (without meaning to) by pronouncing "toque" "correctly," and that "Metronomic Underground" is not a happy song. ("Thieves Like Us" is.) All that said, the "ragged segues" I predicted really didn't come to pass, and for the most part things went more smoothly than planned. "Striving for Excellence in Content and Technique?" Sometimes we get there.


BOMBAST playlist, 2018 November 14, 2100-2300:

  1. "Anar (Instrumental)" | Mdou Moctar & Elite Beat | Mdou Moctar Meets Elite Beat In a Budget Dancehall | Boomarm Nation
  2. "You Know I'm No Good" | Wanda Jackson | The Party Ain't Over | Third Man
  3. "Let's Have a Party" | Psychotik Tanks | Natures Mortes - Still Lives | 4AD
  4. "Daddyo Loves Mommyo" | Tommy Duncan | The Other Side of Bakersfield, Vol. 1 | Bear Family
  5. "No Bulbs" | The Fall | The Wonderful and Frightening Escape Route to... | Beggars Banquet
  6. "Jack The Ripper [Acoustic Version]" | Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | B-Sides and Rarities | Mute
  7. "You Don't Know What Love Is" | Little Annie | Trace | Tin Angel
  8. "Birdie Song" / "Dreams and Light" | The Wolfgang Press | Queer | 4AD
  9. "Revolution Girls" | Mariachi El Bronx | Mariachi El Bronx | ATO Records / White Drugs
  10. "Si Firmi O Grido" | A Certain Ratio | Mickey Way (The Candy Bar) | Factory
  11. "Buzz" | Throwing Muses | The Season Sessions: Fall | CASH Music
  12. "All Fall Away" | Lost Girls | Lost Girls | 3 Loop
  13. "Tarantula" | Colourbox | Breakdown (Second Version) | 4AD
  14. "Metronomic Underground" | Stereolab | Serene Velocity: A Stereolab Anthology | Rhino
  15. "Thieves Like Us (Instrumental)" | New Order | Murder | Factory Benelux

I always have a smile for you

Dec 2018

Feels Like Murder But That’s Alright: Transmission 432, 2018 November 7

This_Mortal_Coil_-_Filigree_and_Shadow_new_.jpgCan you feel the excitement in the air? It's alright, I can't either. This is a fundraising program, and if it isn't obvious from my voiceovers on this episode, let me tell you that I hate fundraising. I truly believe that people should just give their money freely to WRFI, year-round, without our having to ask for it. Is that unrealistic? There are some "inside baseball" stories I could tell, but I don't want to upset anyone. It is Christmas, after all.

To compound the "issue," I wasn't in a great mood on this night. Lady Catharsis had a "family obligation" (though I don't remember what it was, probably a rehearsal for Junior) and couldn't make it to the studio like we planned. Plus, the Ithaca Vegans had done their normal bit and complained about our social media postings having to do with "Ithaca Sheepskin," the donors of this evening's prize. Vegans! You are free to support the station and then we will post nice things about you one day! Another thing that aggravates me, after the fact: apparently I mispronounced "toque," saying "toke" instead of the "correct" "took." But at the risk of doubling down--Canadians! Surely you are wrong about this. Someone please explain to me the rule of pronunciation that brings us to this awful place.

Anyway, about the music--it is tough to go wrong with "Legends Night," though circumstances did their best to take me there. That Durutti Column record is "well-loved," and there is a bad skip in the Singers and Players record, though it went well with the song's tempo and I handled it deftly, I have to say. On the plus side--that This Mortal Coil record is truly wild (and for the most part doesn't even sound like a 4AD record to me anymore). I will never understand why their reception was as poor as it was.

Co-host Josh and I do our best on this demoralizing evening where we didn't happen to make any money. At least we didn't refer to the WRFI hat as a "beanie." We have that going for us. There's a very convoluted discussion of the concept of "local," after which Josh admits that he is slipping (transparency is part of WRFI's mission statement). "Anything goes...pretty much," I offer. Sigh. I am not an anarchist and, let's face it, I have stopped pretending.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 November 7, 2100-2300:

  1. "Hu / Re" | Dif Juz | Huremics | 4AD
  2. "Green Hazed Daze" | A.R. Kane | Love-Sick | Rough Trade
  3. "Happy Cycling" | Boards of Canada | Peel Session | WARP
  4. "The Snow" | Coil | Love's Secret Domain | Threshold House
  5. "Spanish Reggae" | The Durutti Column | Obey the Time | Factory
  6. "Ravi Shankar" / "The Show Is Coming" | The Dub Syndicate | Tunes from the Missing Channel | On-U Sound
  7. "Quante Jubila" | Singers and Players | War of Words | On-U Sound
  8. "Alone" / "Mama K II" / "The Horizon Bleeds and Sucks Its Thumb" / "Drugs" / "Red Rain" / "Thais II" | This Mortal Coil | Filigree & Shadow | 4AD
  9. "Behind the Light" | Breathless | Behind the Light | Tenor Vossa
  10. "Animal or Vegetable [A Wonderful Wooden Reason...]" | Stereolab | Refried Ectoplasm [Switched On Volume 2] | Drag City

Green means go

Dec 2018

Cruising Altitude Departure 29, 2018 November 3

Altars_Altars_-_Small_Hours.jpg[GUEST POST]

Surprise! Do you remember me? It's Captain Halcyon, just checking in at holiday time with a program I did a little over a month ago. It stunned me to realize that it had been just over two years since my most recent audio departure. So I felt I had to rectify it when I had the chance, and the chance is now (or then).

This program gave me good, happy feelings, particularly the Easychord piece, which comfortably goes on nearly forever without changing. I even received some positive feedback in real time, though the caller (actually texter) mistook me for someone else. It happens. I hope Kid Catharsis won't mind my telling you that the kudos made him jealous! This sort of thing never happens to him, he says, though he apparently has other things that drive him.

I promise we'll meet again soon (and I do mean sooner than two years from now!).

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2018 November 3, 1000-1100:

  1. "Third Site" | Landing | Third Sight | El Paraiso
  2. "Kaskelot - offthesky Remix" | Tobias Hellkvist | Kaskelot: Reissue + Remixes | Home Normal
  3. "Small Hours" | Altars Altars | Small Hours | Home Normal
  4. "Want We" | Max D | Air Texture Volume V | Air Texture
  5. "Sonido Espanol" | Leandro Fresco | Pop Ambient 2017 | Kompakt
  6. "I Wasn't There For Goodbye" | Easychord | Air Texture Volume V | Air Texture
  7. "Looped" | Bowery Electric | Beat | kranky
  8. "Good Life" | Thore Pfeiffer | Pop Ambient 2017 | Kompakt
  9. "C6 81 56 28 09 34 31 D2 F9 9C D6 BD 92 ED FC 6F 6C A9 D4 88 95 8C 53 B4 55 DF 38 C4 AB E7 72 13" | TCF | Mono No Aware | PAN
  10. "Home" | The Legendary Pink Dots | The Maria Dimension | Play It Again Sam


Dec 2018

No More Worlds Like This, No More Days Like That: Transmission 431, 2018 October 31

Current_93_-_I_Have_A_Special_Plan_For_This_World.jpgWith this episode we enter the nostalgic period of the year--you'll find that between Halloween and New Year's I am playing mostly things that I have played before. (If you haven't heard it, it's new to you!) Things get a bit softer--planning is easier, mistakes seem more forgiveable, and so on. It's nice. Accordingly, we begin with a fairly competent program, for some values of "competent."

Admittedly, I meant to play a third song with the title "Halloween," that being Mudhoney's heavy cover of Sonic Youth. Whenever this time of year rolls around there is a ton of stuff I mean to play but don't have room for; New Order and Bauhaus also didn't make the cut on this night, though we will hear from them soon enough. Apologies to Mudhoney. Another program note: that Breathless piece is a little bit less "ambient" than I remember, and I was tricked upon rehearing it into wondering what I had sprung upon my listeners. Legends are never easy.

Another admission: I have to say that I don't "get" Halloween, or whatever it has become. As a theatre person I put myself at risk by saying this. But "sexy nurse" costumes, and the like, don't really capture what this day seems to me to be about, which is not mere dress-up. I feel like it's about coming to terms with horror, specifically the prospect of death, but I will accept a more general definition of the concept. So we have some downerish tunes, including a ghost story and a gun story that got me in some trouble with station management (that "BBF3" certainly has a pottymouth!). Finally, I (re-) share with you a bedtime story, to which I don't recommend listening by yourself. Since it's Christmas as I write this, I hope you have someone close, whom you can hold onto.

Enjoy nostalgia season!

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 October 31, 2100-2300:

  1. "Halloween" | Siouxsie and the Banshees | Voices on the Air (The Peel Sessions) | Polydor - UMC
  2. "All Night Party [John Peel Session]" | A Certain Ratio | Early | Soul Jazz
  3. "Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain" | DJ Shadow | Endtroducing... | Mo Wax - FFRR
  4. "$ixxx Harmonie$ Version" | Killing Sound | $ixxx Harmonie$ Version | Blackest Ever Black
  5. "Reunion of Two Bodies" | Campbell Irvine | Reunion of Two Bodies / Terms of Propaganda | Infrastructure New York
  6. "The Space for Waste" | The Legendary Pink Dots | The Legendary Pink Dots' Hallowe'en Special 2018 | Bandcamp self-release
  7. "Badge of Evil" | Cabaret Voltaire | The Crackdown | Virgin
  8. "Halloween" | Sonic Youth | A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse | Giorno Poetry Systems
  9. "How Ghosts Affect Relationships" | His Name Is Alive | Livonia | 4AD
  10. "Porno Base" | 23 Skidoo | Seven Songs | Ronin
  11. "Hellraiser" | Coil | The Unreleased Themes From Hellraiser | Solar Lodge
  12. "BBF3" | Godspeed You Black Emperor! | Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada E.P. | Constellation
  13. "I Have a Special Plan for This World" | Current 93 | I Have a Special Plan for This World | Durtro

It'll be over in a minute or two

Dec 2018

U_D_M Detour 33, 2018 October 27

ne_travaillez_jamais.jpg[GUEST POST]

Guy LeBatard here, and pace my most recent signoff, I did not wind up in prison. Of course we are "always already" imprisoned by dead time, try as we might to escape it. So as we approach the "dark" time of year, the likelihood of my appearance increases. Here I am, drifting through Ithaca once again, stealing airtime from the ongoing WRFI concern and hopefully putting it to good use with (still!) the only program of this kind. This program felt so good that I decided to lay in wait for another opportunity. But that is another story for another day. Perhaps we can read it together from the giant almanac of stories, over a nice bottle of wine. Which will, of course, also be stolen.

U_D_M playlist, 2018 October 27, 1900-2000:

  1. "Everybody" | Obas Nenor | Warm Yellow Stickers | Nenorion
  2. "Camouflage" feat. Ann Weller | Fabian Dikof | Who | Best Works
  3. "Disco Puff" | Signal St | Late Night Games EP | House-Puff
  4. "Moving In This Way" | Gene Tellem | Who Says No | Sounds of Beaubien Ouest
  5. "Time As a River" | Voiski | Dekmantel 10 Years 07 | Dekmantel
  6. "Always Disko" | Jurgen Paape | Kompakt: Total 17 | Kompakt
  7. "Circular Verisimilitude" | Ugly Drums | Hold Back to Block EP | Le Petit Zoo
  8. "Over Water" | Fort Romeau | Compilation 05 | Correspondant
  9. "Affetto - Gerd Janson Precious Hall Remix" | Stijn Sadee | Affetto | Kitjen

into the wild

Dec 2018

People Differ in an Absolutely General Way: Transmission 430, 2018 October 24

serpentwithfeet_-_soil.jpg"We have been 'cataclysmic' tonight," I remark toward the end of this broadcast, though I think I may be exaggerating. Now firmly on the familiar ground of "long backannouncements over quieter tunes," we march onward, at this point a "mere" two months behind in our online postings. It's a sad and lonely feeling, being unprepared to post the more recent programs and knowing that they are even more off the wall and somehow better. But it's not like we ever really play "Christmas" music on this program per se, so I don't see why this late October program wouldn't warm the heart of...someone, sometime. With that hope in mind, I say, voila.

Program notes: I have found that I now prefer listening to myself in the car, as opposed to listening at the gym. But that might have to do with my recent struggles at the gym, which put me in a bad mood generally. But also...while this program generally rewards headphone listening, I have to say that headphones suck, even decent ones. Plugging something directly into my earhole provides too much...presence. [Sigh--is feeling this way a symptom of depression?] Anyway, try this with speakers, I think you will like it better.

There are things about this transmission that no listening scheme will help. The Wire segues were bad at both ends; I started "Rage" too late (a phrase which should be more loaded than it is); I cannot pronounce "Kaniama." At least I am laughing at my mistakes on air--is that to keep from crying, I wonder?

As I say on the air, "thanks for sticking with me!"

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 October 24, 2100-2300:

  1. "Cogged" | Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs | YMFEES | Bokeh Versions
  2. "Daydream Distortion" | Sonic Apparitions | The New Adventures of TBTCI | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  3. "Mutant Moog" | Maceo Plex | Mutant 1 | Correspondant
  4. "Our Day Will Come" | Sunny & The Sunliners | Mr. Brown Eyed Soul | Big Crown
  5. "Help Yourself" | Bur | Fuzzy Feelings Collection | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  6. "Yemaya" | MAKU Soundsystem | 5 Fuegos | Peace & Rhythm
  7. "On Levels" | Talons | We All Know | Holy Roar
  8. "Intro" | D.A.L.I aka Deadly Avenger / Luke Insect | WHEN HARO MET SALLY | Burning Witches
  9. "Of Freedom" | Matchess | Sacracorpa | Trouble In Mind
  10. "Footsteps" | A Broken Sail | The New Adventures of TBTCI | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  11. "A.D. - Long Version" | Pseudocode | Next One's Called... | Sub Rosa
  12. "Factory Girl" | Little Axe | London Blues | Echo Beach
  13. "Fridge Magnets" | Tim Reaper | Pony / Fridge Magnets | Foxy Jangle
  14. "Straight Line" | Wire | Pink Flag | Pink Flag
  15. "Wear Me Down" | Ross from Friends | Family Portrait | Brainfeeder
  16. "Tropisme - Start-up" | Baloji | 137 Avenue Kaniama | Bella Union
  17. "Walking with a Killer" | The Breeders | All Nerve | 4AD
  18. "Jack Hills" | Barry Walker | Diaspora Urkontinent | Driftless Recordings
  19. "Synthetic Thoughts" | Astral TV | Chrystal Shores | El Paraiso
  20. "A Strychnine Kiss" | The Legendary Pink Dots | Any Day Now [reissue] | Metropolis
  21. "Sawtooth" | Blind Idiot God | Undertow [reissue] | Indivisible
  22. "Second Nature" | Ulterior Motive / Future Cut | GDNCE003 | Guidance
  23. "The Blue Sleep" | Blaine L. Reininger | The Blue Sleep | Les Disques du Crepuscule
  24. "Rage" | Seaside Caves | The DarkSide of TBTCI, II | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  25. "Multifoiled" | Cocteau Twins | Head Over Heels [reissue] | 4AD
  26. "waft" | serpentwithfeet | soil | Secretly Canadian
  27. "You Give and Give" | Dorian Concept | The Nature of Imitation | Brainfeeder
  28. "Gum" | A Certain Ratio | Sextet [reissue] | Mute
  29. "Proper" | Outside Air | The DarkSide of TBTCI, II | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  30. "cataclysmic outtro" | Captain Wardrobe | Kronosphere | self-released

I do aim to please, it doesn't always sound like it

Dec 2018

A Love Like Ours Is Rare: Transmission 429, 2018 October 17

Anohni_-_paradise.jpgIt has been a recurring blessing in my life that the timing of things just sort of works out. This has held true even (or maybe especially) in cases of ignorance or negligence--finding about this or that thing too late has led to some other opportunity, procrastinating on something has ensured that it is consummated at just the right time, etc. It is the latter case that I am considering here--just in time for Annual Gifting Day, almost as a present to myself, my program suddenly turns good again. Had I gotten around to editing and posting this October transmission in a timely manner, who knows how it would have struck me, what I would have felt?

I was surprised, listening back to this, that at first I continued in my recent, awful habit of punctuating every segue with my voice. But at some point I just sort of abandoned this tactic and "found" the truer path of doing extended backannouncements over ambient or dance tracks (apologies, ambient and dance content creators). It is so much better when I just let the segues speak for themselves. Don't get me wrong; there are still plenty of clunkers here. But it seems to me like I carry these off with more humor and aplomb than I have exhibited recently. YMMV.

Admittedly, it would be nice if I could learn to pronounce things correctly, if I could avoid getting tongue-tied, and if I could properly and consistently distinguish between band names and song titles. But there's still time to develop those skills. Isn't there?

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 October 17, 2100-2300:

  1. "Zamboling" | Druk 11000 | Zamboling / Sibsoo Bazaar | Hoga Nord
  2. "Model 48" | P.J. Philipson | Linotopia | Little Crackd Rabbit
  3. "Only Old" | Ben Hauke | Only Old | Far Out
  4. "Ensemble (Wesh)" | Baloji | 137 Avenue Kaniama | Bella Union
  5. "Machete" | MAKU Soundsystem | 5 Fuegos | Peace & Rhythm
  6. "Armado" | PTTRNS | Material Und Geschichte | Altin Village & Mine
  7. "Monotony" | Miss Ludella Black | Till You Lie In Your Grave | Damaged Goods
  8. "Brazil" | Wire | Pink Flag | Pink Flag
  9. "Fsmooth3" | Tapeworms | The New Adventures of TBTCI | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  10. "Make Me You" | Secret Shine | There Is Only Now | Saint Marie
  11. "Talk About Bones" | Seeming | Sol: A Self-Banishment Ritual | Artoffact
  12. "Ricochet" | ANOHNI | Paradise | Rough Trade
  13. "Junghof Love Star" | Ingo Boss | Cocoon Compilation R | Cocoon
  14. "Twenty Something" | Jesu Sun Kil Moon | 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth | Caldo Verde
  15. "Inkstain" | Chris Carter | Chemistry Lessons Volume 1 | Mute
  16. "Where Is It Going?" | Orbital | Wonky | ACP
  17. "I've Got a Conflicted Mind (Alt. Version)" | Wild Billy Childish / CTMF | I've Got a Conflicted Mind | Damaged Goods
  18. "Break the Glass" | Superchunk | Break the Glass / Mad World | Merge
  19. "For Every Flaw" | Japan Suicide | The DarkSide of TBTCI, II | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  20. "Transmitting Illicit Logic" | Cosmic Force | Transmitting Illicit Logic | Something Happening Somewhere
  21. "I Want To Be Alone" | oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls | Faminine Mystique | Nihjgt Feelings
  22. "All Featureless Corridors" | G.S. Schray | Gabriel | Last Resort
  23. "Botanical Garden" | BLNDR | L'Observatoire | Hypnus
  24. "The Melody - Henrik Schwarz Remix" | Carl Craig | Versus Remixes, Vol. 2 | Infine
  25. "The Plasma Twins" | The Legendary Pink Dots | Any Day Now | Metropolis
  26. "Wodwo" | Black Lodge | Bitter Blood (A Collection of Archival Recordings) | Disciples
  27. "Cutthroat (Lena Willikens Remix)" | S U R V I V E | RR7387 | Relapse
  28. "The Great Escape" | Natureboy Flako | Theme for a Dream | Five Easy Pieces

No one can tell me that I'm too young to know

Dec 2018

We’ll Be the Pirate Twins Again: Transmission 428, 2018 October 14

Thomas_Dolby_-_The_Golden_Age_of_Wireless.jpg As promised, the healing begins here. It takes a fill-in appearance and a semi-divine intervention from Lady Catharsis, but we will accept a good program on any terms. As was the case with UB40 a couple of weeks ago, it definitely helps that the broadcast is anchored by a good long-playing record. But, as one of us remarked at some point in the episode, "it [was] a night of good segues"--and unplanned ones at that.

I'm struck by my remark about Section 25--"another synth-pop classic," or something like that. What was the first, I wonder? Could it have been The Golden Age of Wireless? Though it must have struck me as "synth pop" back in the day, when "one synth" seemed to be sufficient, it strikes me as simply "pop" now (and that's--shockingly--not an insult. This is very good pop).

It is somewhat hilarious (perhaps an insult in this case) how our understanding of the actual record we are playing changes in real time. It turns out we are playing an American pressing, not Canadian and not English, and not the original tracklisting. But any time your record has 68 pressings, that's a good sign, no matter what clowns like us have to say about it.

[aside--just had a major case of deja vu typing that last sentence. I hope it isn't something I have actually said before--I can't imagine what the context might have been.]

I hope it comes across that we love The Golden Age of Wireless, because we do.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 October 14, 2100-2300:

  1. "Nation" | Colourbox | Colourbox [MAD 315 CD] | 4AD
  2. "Biti Six" | Bamba Pana | Poaa | Nyege Nyege Tapes
  3. "Without Mercy II (Face 2)" | The Durutti Column | Without Mercy | Factory - Airea
  4. "Europa and the Pirate Twins" / "Flying North" / "Weightless" / "Leipzig" / "Windpower" / "Commercial Breakup" / "Urges" / "Airwaves" / "Radio Silence" / "Cloudburst at Shingle Street" | Thomas Dolby | The Golden Age of Wireless | Harvest
  5. "Beneath the Blade" / "Inspiration" | Section 25 | From the Hip | Factory
  6. "Changer Demain" | Adam Johnson | Chigliak | Merck

My plasma lady fair

Dec 2018

There’s Always Danger in Your Dreams: Transmission 427, 2018 October 10

Pariah_-_Here_From_Where_We_ARe.jpg I can't possibly guess whether you'd want good news or bad news first, but since I have to choose one, I'll begin with the bad. Without the crutch of topicality or a full album to play on that (or some other) basis, I lapse back into the incoherence and annoyance of recent episodes. Sorry about that. Lady Catharsis would probably tell me I am more irritated than anyone else would be, but I can't be certain. I find myself listening to an episode like this and shaking my head at times, approaching every segue hoping that I will keep my mouth shut and being somehow disappointed but unsurprised when I don't. There may be a passage in the middle where I manage to stay out of the way, and that may make you smile--at least it did me. But the whole thing falls apart toward the end, a terminus for which I cannot wait.

The good news is that I think this episode ends this terrible run of form. Better things are coming, just in time for the holidays! Brace yourself.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 October 10, 2100-2300:

  1. "Common Dominator" | Shlomi Aber | Whistler | Figure
  2. "Wolf Eats Wolf" | Tony Allen | The Source | Blue Note
  3. "No Further Ahead Than Today" | Ulrich Schnauss | No Further Ahead Than Today | Scripted Realities
  4. "C'est Chaud" | Amadou & Mariam | La Confusion | Because Music
  5. "Bright" | Landing | Bells In New Towns | El Paraiso
  6. "Sticks and Stones" | Thee Headcoatees | Punk Girls [reissue] | Damaged Goods
  7. "Der Schimmelreiter ruckwarts" | Station 17 | Blick | Bureau B
  8. "The View from Here" | Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark | The Punishment of Luxury | 100%
  9. "Hadjiatou" | Mamadou Kelly | Politiki | Clermont
  10. "Sobrevolar" | Lasitud | The New Adventures of TBTCI | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  11. "All This Has Always To Be Filmed." | Coil with Black Sun Productions | The Plastic Spider Thing | Rustblade
  12. "Seed Bank" | Pariah | Here From Where We Are | Houndstooth
  13. "Unexpectedly" | Megumi Acorda | The New Adventures of TBTCI | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  14. "The Vortex" | Alaska | Hold On / The Vortex | Arctic Music
  15. "Blasted Heath" | EOD | Named | BBBBBB
  16. "We're Makin' a Hell" | Rock Town Express | Funky Makossa | Comb & Razor
  17. "Skin and Bones" | The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Something Else | A Recordings
  18. "Underwater" | Hugo LX | Desiderata EP | Motor City Drum Ensemble
  19. "P.S. Goodbye" | The Chameleons | What Does Anything Mean? Basically [reissue] | Blue Apple
  20. "Passing By" | The National Jazz Trio of Scotland | Standards Vol. IV | Karaoke Kalk
  21. "Dawn" | DJ Khalab | Black Noise 2084 | On the Corner
  22. "Analogue Test Oct 16" | Orbital | Monsters Exist | ACP
  23. "Tchakoulate" | Hamad Kalkaba and The Golden Sounds | 1974-1975 | Analog Africa
  24. "Sudden Move" | Phil Gerus | Sudden Move | True Romance
  25. "The Drop" | Causa Sui | Vibraciones Doradas | El Paraiso
  26. "All This And More" | The Wedding Present | George Best 30 | Scopitones
  27. "Structures and Behavior (Intrepid)" | The Mayhem Lecture Series | Structures and Behavior | Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda)

Fruit juice everywhere

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