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Apr 2019

She Understands There Are Problems: Transmission 454, 2019 March 17

Wanda_Jackson_0.jpgAlright, we're really out of date now. Familiar ground--feels good! Anyway, this is a fill-in program from about a month ago, executed in partial daylight, which Lady Catharsis and I both found somewhat confusing. I'll just make a blanket statement that this basically didn't work, for a number of reasons. Mostly it came down to me.

There were conflicting "concepts" of this program, and usually it works best when there is no concept. The "physical evidence" aspect of the show--the Wanda Jackson record--was alright. My "green" idea was lazy and bad, though in my defense I have heard people do entire "themed" programs based on entering a search term in Spotify (like, I don't know, "peace" and things like that) and playing an entire two-hour "playlist" based on songs with that term in the title. I'm reminding myself and you that I could be much worse.

Also, I biffed a bunch of segues and got very mad at myself behind the scenes. My foray into "sober history" wasn't great. But I stand by what I said about Carl Craig: you should definitely follow him!

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 March 17, 1900-2100:

  1. "The Presence" | Crispy Ambulance | Live On A Hot August Night (Comprising The Presence And Concord Square) | Factory Benelux
  2. "Everything's Gone Green" | New Order | Everything's Gone Green | Factory
  3. "If You Don't Somebody Else Will" | Billy Gray & Wanda Jackson | Early Wanda Jackson | Bear Family
  4. "Green Eyed Loco-Man" | The Fall | The Real New Fall LP (Formerly 'Country On The Click') | Action
  5. "I Cried Again" | Wanda Jackson | Early Wanda Jackson | Bear Family
  6. "Greenfingers" | The Camberwell Now | Meridian / Greenfingers | Modern Classics
  7. "Green Light" | Sonic Youth | Evol | DGC
  8. "Wasted" | Wanda Jackson | Early Wanda Jackson | Bear Family
  9. "Es 30" / "Televised Green Smoke" | Carl Craig | More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art | SSR
  10. "Soyoyo" | Kings Aigbologa Bucknor & His Afrodisk Beat Organisation | Katakata | Hot Casa
  11. "I'd Rather Have a Broken Heart" | Wanda Jackson | Early Wanda Jackson | Bear Family
  12. "Arithmetic" | Ultramarine | Signals into Space | Les Disques du Crepuscule
  13. "Tears At The Grand Ole Opry" | Wanda Jackson | Early Wanda Jackson | Bear Family
  14. "Forever Sunshine" | Karl Hund | Karl Hund | Violette
  15. "Love on a Pale Green Post Stamp (Live)" | The Legendary Pink Dots | The Dice Are Rolling: A Play It Again Sam Records Sample | Play It Again Sam
  16. "Lovin' Country Style" | Wanda Jackson | Early Wanda Jackson | Bear Family
  17. "Evergreen Dazed" | Felt | Absolute Classic Masterpieces | Cherry Red
  18. "Dhyana" | Efficient Refineries | Terahertz | No.

Ours is a nocturnal program

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