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Dec 2012

Let Us Have [a] Toast

The much-discussed video for last night's "Listening Parlour" selection.

See if you can spot the irony.  I admit I'm having a hard time.

Dec 2012

Keeping Promises, pt. 1

Yesterday I made a promise to play something by Daphni. Many things happened, but not this.

The first in a sure-to-be-long series of corrections and compensations.

Dec 2012

WRFI Fundraiser

In the vain hope that anyone is picking this up off their RSS feed [and if you aren't subscribed, what the hell people?], or visiting the podcast site randomly on this wintry afternoon [and it's about damn time]--

Tonight's BOMBAST program on WRFI [8 pm EST, 5 pm PST, 1 a.m. Dec. 6 GMT--I think that covers the time zones in which there are "friends" of the program] airs as part of our ongoing fundraiser for the radio station.  While we aren't doing a PBS / NPR style "pledge money specifically so that this show right here will survive" appeal, it sure would look nice for the program if people would call in and pledge whatever amount they can afford, large or small, or even call in to say that they enjoy the program.  The number is 607-441-WRFI [9734].  Thanks ever so much.

I would have written a funnier post, but I'm sober at the moment.  --kid catharsis

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