“A Work of (Pretty Close to) Genius”: Transmission 12, 2013 January 16


If I should ever do a "perfect" show, meaning one in which factual errors and malapropisms don't spill out of my mouth, and in which every track I play is the intended one, properly cued, I will be at a loss for a "topic" of weekly commentary. As you might guess, that hasn't happened yet. I will let you listen to this week's episode and see what happens, as I do realize I give too much away in these notes of apology. My tribute to John Peel was intended as a one-time thing back in December, not an ongoing weekly genuflection, but "fortune presents gifts not according to the book."

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The past two weeks have blended together somewhat, with repeat appearances by Konkoma, Chico Mann, Debruit, Kelpe, et. al.  What can I say?  These are terrific records.  "Grail overfloweth." Konkoma, in particular, is generating much positive feedback. Nevertheless, in what seems to be an ongoing dialectic of style, the electronica's been predominant lately, and I've flown solo for three weeks in a row, which, amazingly, hasn't happened before on WRFI. To address these myriad issues we hope to have a co-host next week, so stay tuned, literally.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 January 16, 8:00 - 10:00 p.m.

  1. Lapalux: "Forgetting and Learning Again" [Brainfeeder]
  2. Magit Cacoon: "Show Up Show Down (LaFleur Remix)" [Whatpeopleplay]
  3. Felipe Venegas: "Sueno Lucido" [Cadenza]
  4. SCNTST: "Rhythm Sticks" [Boysnoize]
  5. Joy Division: "Warsaw" [London Records Japan]
  6. Fun Boy Three / Bananarama: "It Ain't What You Do" [Chrysalis] ***"Listening Parlour"
  7. DeRobert and the Half-Truths: "Nashville Country Bump" [G.E.D. Soul]
  8. Kelpe: "City" [Svetlana Industries]
  9. Debruit: "Cri (Kelpe Remix)" [Civil Music]
  10. Konkoma: "Sibashaya Woza" [Soundway]
  11. Other Lives: "Dead Can" [TBD]
  12. Dan Friel: "Exoskeleton" [Thrill Jockey]
  13. Kumbia Queers: "Tropikalipsis" [Comfortzone]
  14. Terakaft: "Awa Adounia" [World Village]
  15. Joanna Newsom: "Emily" [Drag City] ***"Listening Parlour"
  16. The Perfect Disaster: "Where Will You Go With Me" [Fire]
  17. Moreno and L'Orch First Moja-One: "Aoko (Danger Girl)" [Stern's]
  18. Konkoma: "Sibashaya Woza (Chico Mann Remix)" [Soundway]
  19. Chico Mann: "Dilo Como Yo - Te Estan Llamando" [Soundway]
  20. Monokle: "Swan (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)" [Ki]
  21. Godspeed You Black Emperor!: "Strung Like Lights at Thee Printemps Erable" [Constellation]
  22. Boris Noiz: "Aurora" [Yellow Machines]

next week: more talking, probably, but less of it by me--kid catharsis

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