“I Gave You the Good Side”: Transmission 11, 2013 January 9


This week's commentary will take the form of a list of confessions.  You have to go where the information takes you.

  • I think Catharsis Junior might have more discerning taste than mine.
  • Phone calls unnerve me when I am on the air.
  • I goofed on the label that released the Jodis record; it is Hydra Head, not Hyper Head.  Hyperhead was the name of a band that, if I recall correctly, rose from the wreckage of Gaye Bikers on Acid, whose music somehow eluded me in its time, but--let's be honest--would probably have piqued the interest of Young Master Catharsis when he was expending too much effort on alternative cool.  I more or less enjoy the one Hyperhead song that I have heard, which features this guy on drums.
  • I feel no shame about the length or run-on quality of my sentences.
  • It gives me great pleasure to write "TT Shakin" no less than three times, that being this week's "label that we dare not announce."  Technically that probably does not qualify as obscenity, but who wants to argue that in court?  Not us.
  • I too enjoyed the Partridge Family.  When I was about six years old.  And we had that record in my house.  This song was a personal favorite.
  • A more substantive explication of the New Order thing must wait, as I don't currently have the energy.  When I do, it will probably be ad hoc anyway.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 January 9, 8:00 - 10:00 p.m.

  1. Zombie Nation: "Schoove" [Turbo]
  2. Xinobi: "(I Hate the Sound of) Guitars" [Discotexas]
  3. Debruit: "Ouest Wind's Seagulls (Mweslee Remix)" [Civil Music]
  4. Alex Gopher: "Hello Inc. (DJ Falcon Remix)" [GO4 Music]
  5. Kelpe: "Bags of Time" [Svetlana Industries]
  6. Vatican Shadow: "Peace Rage" [Hospital Productions]
  7. Konkoma: "Kpanlogo (Debruit Remix)" [Soundway]
  8. Talking Heads: "And She Was" [Sire] ***"Listening Parlour"
  9. Leslie Winer: "He Was" [The Wormhole]
  10. J. C. Davis: "The Splib, pt. 1" [TT Shakin]
  11. Jodis: "Corridor" [Hydra Head]
  12. Blind Idiot God: "Wise Man Dub" [SST]
  13. The Originals: "The Whip" [TT Shakin]
  14. Lincoln Chase: "Miss Orangatang" [Jazzman]
  15. Chico Mann: "Luz" [Soundway]
  16. Fela Kuti: "Zombie" [Celluloid]
  17. The Partridge Family: "Bandala" [Bell] ***"Listening Parlour"
  18. Yma Sumac: "Five Bottles Mambo" [Capitol]
  19. Sven Kacirek: "Narratives (Opiate Rework)" [Pingipung]
  20. The Frantics: "The Whip" [TT Shakin]
  21. Deetron: "Crave (Dub Mix)" [Music Man]
  22. Morgan Zarate: "BHC" [Hyperdub]
  23. Frikstailers: "Guacha (Los Reyes de la Milanga Remix)" [ZZK]
  24. Deux: "Everybody's Night" [Minimal Wave]
  25. Brassica: "Modern Magic" [Civil Music]
  26. New Order: "Ecstasy" [Factory / Qwest]

next time: epic durations. --kid catharsis

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