“It’s My Thing?”: Transmission 10, 2013 January 2


[UPDATE: audio restored 2014.08.07.]

Most Light in the Attic releases, except for those by The Black Angels, don't sound "like BOMBAST" to my ear, idiosyncratic though they may be.  I said as much to Lady Catharsis after the program--"it didn't sound like me"--despite feeling that it was a good show. Shades of "I Feel Merely Marvelous" by Esquivel!

As Dale the Exterminator says on a King of the Hill episode, sometimes things are done through you and not by you.  It was that kind of week.  That 10th-anniversary series of 7-inch singles is quite good, even though I elected to play a mere 9 out of the 10 sides.  Speaking of "10s" and orders of magnitude, this week marked a couple of BOMBAST milestones.  This was our 10th program, a point I thought I might not reach, and somehow this website has cracked the "1000 visitors" mark.  Thanks to all who listen and visit: who are you?  Sometimes, as when I play Magnetophone for 17 minutes and no one calls to complain, I wonder whether anyone is paying attention at all.  Internet counters wouldn't lie, though, would they?

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 January 2, 8:00 - 10:00 p.m.

  1. The Breeders: "New Year" [4AD / Elektra]
  2. Betty Davis: "If I'm in Luck I Might Get Picked Up" [Light in the Attic]
  3. Hortense Ellis: "Mark My Words" [Attack]
  4. Iggy Pop and Zig Zags: "If I'm in Luck I Might Get Picked Up" [Light in the Attic]
  5. DeRobert and the Half-Truths: "I Got Burned" [G.E.D. Soul]
  6. Town Hall: "Mississippi Heavy Water Blues" [Mason Jar]
  7. The Black Angels: "You on the Run" [Light in the Attic]
  8. Ernest Wilson: "I Know Myself" [Digikiller]
  9. Sweet Tea: "After Laughter Comes Tears" [Light in the Attic]
  10. Wendy Rene: "After Laughter Comes Tears" [Light in the Attic]
  11. No Regular Play: "Birdfeathers" [Wolf and Lamb]
  12. Donnie & Joe Emerson: "Baby" [Light in the Attic]
  13. Elmore Judd: "Wires 2" [Honest Jon's]
  14. Propaganda: "Femme Fatale - The Woman with the Orchid" [ZTT] ***"Listening Parlour"
  15. The Invisible: "LDN GRL" [Ninja Tune]
  16. Karen Dalton: "Same Old Man" [Light in the Attic]
  17. Sam Willis: "Twirled with Your Slight Fingers" [Half Machine]
  18. Mark Lanegan: "Same Old Man" [Light in the Attic]
  19. Spacemen 3: "Repeater" [Munster]
  20. Magnetophone: "Benny's Trip [A Sonic Boom Remix]" [4AD]
  21. Uncle Tupelo: "No Depression" [Rockville] ***"Listening Parlour"
  22. Lucius: "Wayfaring Stranger" [Mason Jar]
  23. Rodriguez: "I'll Slip Away" [Light in the Attic]
  24. Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band: "I'll Slip Away" [Light in the Attic]
  25. Marva Whitney: "It's My Thing" [Polygram]
  26. Lightnin' Hopkins: "Happy New Year" [Rhino]

Next time we will require more electronics. --kid catharsis

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