All DJ Pretense and Radio Magic: Transmission 71, 2013 November 10


It's ten days after Halloween, but I offer you a "fun-size" edition of the program. We were having a studio party last night, and people were taking short shifts in the "captain's chair." This is a recording of mine.

My co-pilots are DJ Jahman (?!), DJ Leon, and Dusty Visions [who came prepared with a math fact]. The ratio of music to chat was higher than it had been the other night, which was a good thing. I still don't know how long (or how briefly) one must pitch in order to maximize the odds of a phone call, but the duration must be shorter than what we've been trying for the past week or so. My .02.

Anyway, "good vibes" were plentiful last night.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 November 10, 2300-2330:

  1. "Momplays" | Zombie Nation | RGB | Turbo
  2. "This Generation" | The Lions | This Generation | Stones Throw
  3. "Mid Century Modern Nightmare" | Neon Neon | Praxis Makes Perfect | Lex
  4. "The Precinct of System" | Andy Fairley | System Vertigo | On-U Sound
  5. "Dimension of Sound" | Harry Axt | Dimension of Sound | Arms & Legs

next time: our extraordinary ordinariness. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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