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May 2019

Cruising Altitude Departure 31, 2019 March 23

May 6, 2019

cruising_altitude_2019_march_23.jpg[GUEST POST]

Good day to you, traveler. I bring you greetings from some seven weeks after this program aired. If I recall correctly, which is never a safe bet, this was a wet, gray, somewhat cold morning in the Ithaca area. It was "Spring" by the slimmest of technicalities, though winter never seems far away here. "Sunlit but Shivering?" Maybe a little of that. "Partly sunny" is a local specialty. In any case it was a reasonable day for flying, and apparently I was needed. I rose to the challenge as I sometimes do.

This program was book-ended by two long and lovely pieces. I received a compliment on the Michael Morley tune, which made me feel nice even though I didn't create the music! What is the psychology of that, I wonder? I did not receive any praise for playing Becoming Animal, but then again it was not required. I am happy to play just about any fruit of the Cindytalk tree.

Again, this was a "surprise" program, and I have done yet another one in the meantime. I will write a report at some point, I am sure. When time allows, when it allows.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2019 March 23, 1000-1100:

  1. "Cease The Four Winds" | Michael Morley | Heavens Idleness Awaits | Thin Wrist
  2. "Sky" | SLV | Berlin. Portrait In Music | Soma Quality Music
  3. "Toward a Boundless Uncertainty, Sunlit But Shivering" | Benoit Pioulard | Toward a Boundless Uncertainty... | Mellotron
  4. "4(E+D)4(ER=EPR)" | William Basinski | On Time Out of Time | Temporary Residence Ltd.
  5. "The Courtesan Jigokudayu Sees Herself as a Skeleton in the Mirror of Hell" | Black to Comm | Seven Horses For Seven Kings | Thrill Jockey
  6. "The Sky Is Ever Falling - Abul Mogard Remix" | Becoming Animal | And We Are Passing Through Silently | Houndstooth

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