Senses Take Over As We Start To Float: Transmission 109, 2014 March 23


tambalashaw.jpgAppearances notwithstanding, I am not on the air "90 percent of the time" [sheesh] and only occasionally do I have an "itch" to do something aside from the regular Wednesday night "mothership" program. My life outside of radio is a full and imaginative one (alright, perhaps not imaginative), and BOMBAST takes work (again, appearances notwithstanding). I don't always have a specific thing to do with extra airtime, so these extra programs tend to happen after failed attempts to give it away.

Happily this program is a whole 'nother thing. The day prior, I was just living my "full and imaginative" life when what should appear in my inbox but a couple of audio files sent by Rudy Tambala? He should require no introduction, but in case you need one, he was effectively one-half of Hall of Legends inductees A.R.Kane. He also had a hand in M|A|R|R|S, Inrain, and Sufi. The audio files were unreleased demos, recorded with Alison Shaw of Cranes fame, as well as...ugh, linking makes me tired. Anyway, HEY LOOK, a collaboration between good musical people.

So this was an occasion, you see--and I was just about to put out a call for someone to fill this time on Sunday afternoon, but instead decided to hoard it all to myself, which I think is what some of my colleagues imagine I do in every case anyway.

Welcome, then, to the premiere of "Open Attachments," another hastily-named feature on the program, although I think this one might stick.

ps yes I know these are not exclusive but still.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 March 23, 1600-1730:

  1. "Behind the Hourglass - Alex Smoke Remix" | Avatism | Adamant Remixes #1 | Vakant
  2. "For Delia" | Sun Spells | not on album | Soundcloud self-release
  3. "Biology3 (demo)" | Tambala / Shaw | unreleased | "Open Attachments"
  4. "Holidays" | Colo | UR | KI
  5. "The Speed of Fear" | Gallon Drunk | The Soul of The Hour | Clouds Hill
  6. "Move Along" | Cranes | Worlds | Dadaphonic
  7. "Nobody Knows the Trouble Us People Had Seen" | Rufus Harley | Re-Creation of the Gods | Transparency
  8. "Stratosfear" | Seven & Dubtek | Live from the Future | Uprise
  9. "Such a Little Girl" | Nikki Sudden & Jacobites | Texas | Creation
  10. "Johnny B Goode" | The Spiders | Big Lizard Stomp - Teen Trash from Psychedelic Tokyo 1966-1969 | Bamboo
  11. "Fool (demo)" | Tambala / Shaw | unreleased | "Open Attachments"
  12. "The Day I Come Alive" | Michael A Grammar | Random Vision | Melodic
  13. "Blackmail" | Altarboy | Slow Ghost | Wonder Wet
  14. "Better Days" | Thor's Hammer | If You Knew: Icelandic Punk & Beat '65-'67! | Ugly Pop
  15. "Enoemos" | Sixth June | Pleasure | Mannequin
  16. "Wishing Well (feat. Barbarossa)" | Mario & Vidis | Undercover | Silence Family
  17. "Up" | A.R.Kane | Up Home! | Rough Trade

next time: a Medway night. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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