Can Your Mind Travel Dimensions That Far: Transmission 329, 2017 March 10

• April 24th, 2017

the-naked-city-1000.jpeg It has been a while. It has always been a while; it will always be a while. But we return, with exactly what you demand from the internet: content. This program came a couple of days after a "regularly scheduled" one, which either excuses more sloppiness or unleashes an unusual degree of competence. Listening to this again, I think it is the latter. That is what feels like the truth, anyway.

Things "hung together" more than usual on this night, in both "content and technique." I remember receiving an in-show phone call from our general manager to discuss some unrelated things. He relayed some kudos, and we never look sideways at praise from Caesar. He was also concerned about some foul language in the program, but then remembered it was after 10pm, so all was "good." Whew!

I really did not want to talk much on this Friday night--basically life in microcosm these days. It means either something very good or very bad.

BOMBAST playlist, 2017 March 10, 2100-2300:

  1. "Glossolina" | Jaws | Object Dom | Hundebiss
  2. "Sawara" | Le Motel | The Gold Play | Tangram
  3. "Zombie Stomp" | OvO | Creatura | Dio Drone
  4. "Yelen" | Luka Productions | Fasokan | Sahelsounds
  5. "Lose My Breath" | Astral Lite | Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  6. "Baptism of Fire" | Zos Kia | Transparent | Cold Spring
  7. "As One" | Mustard Gas And Roses | Becoming | The Mylene Sheath
  8. "Das Haus" | Clemens K. | Reverie | Moody
  9. "The Village" | Leroy | Bambadea | Schamoni
  10. "Punctual Sleepy Soft Power" | Sendai | Ground and Figure | Editions Mego
  11. "Articles of Secession" | Ithaca Psychogeographic Liberation Front | Articles of Secession | Bandcamp self-release
  12. "Festus" | Camera | Phantom of Liberty | Bureau B
  13. "Motto" | Francois Virot | Marginal Spots | Born Bad
  14. "Sankt" | Vit Fana | Irrgang | Northern Electronics
  15. "Cloudless Climes and Starry Skies" | July Skies | The English Cold [reissue] | Caroline True
  16. "Sometimes" | Tonemirror | Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  17. "Koudedazamin" | Tinariwen | Live in Paris | Wedge
  18. "Dronz 2 - End" | Richard Pinhas | Reverse | Bureau B
  19. "Salamanders" | frank Hurricane | Mountain Brew Light | Feeding Tube
  20. "The State I'm In" | Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation | The State (I'm In) | Rocket
  21. "Bags" | Public Image Ltd | Album | Universal
  22. "Runaway" | Brian Harris | The Macaw In The Park | self-released
  23. "Gellow Mold" | The Prefab Messiahs | Colors Compilations - Orange "Psychedelic" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  24. "No More Dreams VII" | 1991 | No More Dreams | No More Dreams
  25. "Prologue" | Mirco Magnani + Ernesto Tomasini | Madame E. | Undogmatisch
  26. "Wyatt's Inspection" | Anthony Child | Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 2 | Editions Mego
  27. "40 Days" | The Cigarettes | Just for a Life, A Homage to Slowdive | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  28. "Observatorio" | Toilettes | CD16 | Impermeable
  29. "Turkey Girl" | Annie Anxiety | Soul Possession [reissue] | Dais
  30. "Two Voices" | K. Leimer | Land of Look Behind | Palace of Lights
  31. "Silicon Chip" | Basil Kirchin | Silicon Chip | Trunk
  32. "Broken and Bad" | Coldharbourstores | Wilderness | Enraptured
  33. "Dreaming of You" | Ivy's Void | Ivy's Void | Oraculo
  34. "The Sign (feat Halibab Matador)" | LoneBlue | The Gold Play | Tangram
  35. "Canopy Days" | You Still Have Friends | The Never Years | M.I.S.T.
  36. "Lost in Progress" | Simonn | Lost Journey EP | Night Tide

just when the thought occurs, the panic will pass

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I’m Barely Moving, I’m Steady Motion: Transmission -7, 1989 June 30

• April 10th, 2017

kdvs2W-1024x681.jpg Dear friends,

About a month ago it struck me that I was approaching the 30th anniversary of my first solo program on college radio. After consulting the college catalog and ye olde internet, I deduced that I must have debuted on April 10, 1987. So here we are.

I'll have more to say about that when I post the sound file of the program I'm doing tonight, but because I enjoy punishment, I went up to the attic this past weekend and found an old show tape. It isn't the debut program, or even one from that academic term, or EVEN one from that calendar year, but it seems to capture some of the spirit of "young me" and that time. At least it will have to, because it's the oldest show tape I have!

It's summer, 1989, and I am 20 years old. I sound it! (Though I think maybe the cassette is playing a tiny bit faster than normal speed.) I also sound nervous and out of breath every time I speak, and self-critical without the self-effacing humor which is my trademark. What was happening to me? I almost never had any kind of plan back then; I would usually bring a small handful of my own records (and it was all records--we didn't bring CD players on board until about 1991, I think)--always including a few compilations--and then make decisions on the fly, running back and forth between the library (a small, small part of it pictured here) and the console. It could have been that. Let's go with that explanation.

Musically, it seems to me that this program is just chestnuts, wall to wall. I am probably biased, but I do remember repeating myself a lot, which makes it a greater shame that I don't have an earlier tape, from a time when it wasn't repetition. I seem to have been much more interested in the past then (albeit the recent past, although a year or two felt like a lifetime back then) than I am now. I certainly wasn't adhering to the station's "currency" rules, at least not during the part of the program captured by these 84 minutes. Music "added" at the station within the prior 3 months was supposed to comprise 30% of our playlists, but the only "current" I know of for sure on this tape is "Into the White," which Discogs tells me was a mere 11 days old at the time of this broadcast (then-GF and I would see the Pixies in San Francisco 3 and a half weeks later; I walked up to Joey Santiago in the bar and strangely he was not delighted to speak to me!) It's possible that Pay It All Back Volume 2 was fairly new to us down in the basement of Freeborn Hall, but I doubt it.

tl;dr this tape finds me doing pretty much exactly what I'd expect me to do. TWO This Mortal Coil songs?! FIVE On-U Sound tracks in the first 45 minutes? Whatever. I am surprised we don't hear from Cocteau Twins, Durutti Column, or Section 25, but I guess even I knew when I was going over the line (or, more likely, I had played them in the first 90 minutes of the program, not captured here).

Other notes: I left in the promo and underwriting spots. We used to have some legendary ads. I miss Sharon MacKenzie (am I spelling that correctly?) and her program. If I recall, she was music director for a while (and never dragged me about my playlists!). She also cracked everyone up in a station meeting this one time when she said, "everyone knows how much I love 7-inches." Maybe you had to be there. Also: Woodstock's Pizza is still a thing! They had better be, as I and everyone I knew gave them so much of our money over the years. I would love to tell you that my program had a high profile sponsor that had chosen me specifically, but our underwriting arrangements did not work that way and everyone was subject to the "luck" of the draw (you're welcome, Woodstock's).

I almost forgot: who is this "Q-TIP" fellow? Why, it's me, of course, with an ill-chosen DJ handle dating from 1987 (TWO YEARS BEFORE A TRIBE CALLED QUEST BECAME FAMOUS, I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW). The name was based on some haircut I must have been sporting at the time, or recently. There was a DJ at the station named "Ridgewood Ray," a slightly older fellow (probably early 30s, which of course meant old to me) who objected to the name. We were a non-commercial radio station, you see, so he insisted that I should call myself "Cotton Swab." I didn't take his advice. Ray was great--he had been at Tower Records in New York City on the day in 1980 when they were giving out free copies of Joy Division's "Komakino" flexidisc. He gifted me his copy because he could think of no one else at the station who'd appreciate it more than I would. He was right about this--and still is!

"Ernst and Deborah" were a couple, these two classical DJs who hated--HATED--following my program, but the program directors, seemingly, would always arrange the schedule so that they did (hmm). They--or one of them, anyway--lived next door to my then-GF's place as well. They got to hear every fight we had, and every other sort of episode. What they would have given to hear Tackhead instead, at any of those times!

Almost certainly I headed out of this program for a sweltering 200-yard walk to my afternoon shift at the Cafe of Regret, which, no doubt, will be the setting of a future tale. Just trying to set the scene for you.

Listening to this yesterday afternoon was a somewhat therapeutic experience for me, good and bad. I hope you get something out of it!

playlist, 1989 June 30, 1330-1500:

  1. "Dju Ya Feza" | Zazou / Bikaye / CY1 | It's A Crammed, Crammed, Crammed World! | Crammed Discs
  2. "Bedward the Flying Preacher" | Singers and Players | Staggering Heights | On-U Sound
  3. "Dateline Miami" | Judy Nylon | Pal Judy | On-U Sound
  4. "Turn the Heater On" | New Order | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit
  5. "Throw It Away" | African Head Charge | Pay It All Back Volume 2 | On-U Sound
  6. "Reality" | Tackhead | Reality | On-U Sound
  7. "Pressure" | 400 Blows | The Good Clean English Fist | Dojo
  8. "Circular Motion" | Forehead Bros | Pay It All Back Volume 2 | On-U Sound
  9. "Ha (Original Mix)" | The Anti-Group | Audio-Visual | Sweatbox
  10. "Social Studies" | David Byrne | Music for the Knee Plays | ECM
  11. "Drugs" | Talking Heads | Fear of Music | Sire
  12. "Sixteen Days - Gathering Dust" | This Mortal Coil | Sixteen Days - Gathering Dust | 4AD
  13. "Kangaroo" | Big Star | Third / Sister Lovers | PVC
  14. "Kangaroo" | This Mortal Coil | It'll End In Tears | 4AD
  15. "Bangkok" | Alex Chilton | The Lost Decade | Fan Club
  16. "Into the White" | Pixies | Here Comes Your Man | 4AD
  17. "Youthful Immortal" | Flux | Uncarved Block | One Little Indian
  18. "When You're Sad" | A.R.Kane | When You're Sad | One Little Indian

emerging from a long dark tunnel

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Have I Hurt You, I Have No Choice: Transmission 328, 2017 March 8

• March 17th, 2017

do_you_believe_in_love.jpg This one went a little more smoothly, probably because I was in less of a mood to talk. Attached is a sound file from a "playlist reporting" period-show, during which I was doing more multi-tasking than usual. But surely you are here for the tunes, and not the chatter, and what tunes there are. This is the fourth in our series of Creation Compilation programs--admittedly an unfocused and sporadic series, like all of our series. In previous installments, I have tended either to Feel Things or Figure Things Out. Let's examine what happened on this night.

Apparently I am a big Ed Ball fan, because I played two of his tunes on this program. I feel like I have gotten a ton of mileage out of "Palatial," and I doubt that I am finished. "Vintage 1990," indeed. I have been marked from the start as That Kind of Guy. Maybe one day I will embrace it. "Snow": there's a graininess to the sound that brings to mind our beloved four-track recordings from that time--I did see a film about Creation at one point referencing the "cheap studios" that they preferred (namely Alaska) and I felt back in the day that this sound was accessible, reachable. "We could do this." (Ron Howard voiceover: "they could not.") The over-the-top vocal delay seems like exactly the sort of thing we would do on our recordings.

It also pleases me that I finally got around to featuring one of these records in its proper season (in my mind), indomitable winter notwithstanding. It is the sound of things coming to life.

BOMBAST playlist, 2017 March 8, 2100-2300:

  1. "Centigrade Duckfucker" | Zach Christ | Sonic Doucheclap | Husoptagelser
  2. "Palatial II" | Love Corporation | Do You Believe In Love? - A Creation Compilation | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "Floats Like Empty" | Zavala | Fantasmas | Fake Four
  4. "Intro 1994" | Behind The Name | Confession | Fauxpas
  5. "V.E.P.N." | Egyptrixx | Pure, Beyond Reproach | Halocline Trance
  6. "Acariciando tu Alma" | Quazares | Colors Compilations - Violet "Dreampop" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  7. "Gotta See My Baby Every Day" | Sandie Shaw | Sandie Shaw | Reprise | "Listening Parlour"
  8. "Saturns Return" | Swindle | Purple Walls | Butterz
  9. "Sunny Sundae Smile" | High Sunn | Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  10. "Ghost From The Coast" | Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards | Wreck His Days | Blackest Ever Black
  11. "Bad Habits" | Soft Error | Mechanism | Village Green
  12. "You're Just Dead Skin to Me" | Primal Scream | Do You Believe In Love? - A Creation Compilation | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  13. "Dizzy" | I Tpame I Tvrame | Colors Compilations - Grey "Post Punk" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  14. "Freak Outburst" | Something Pretty Beautiful | Do You Believe In Love? - A Creation Compilation | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  15. "Ground" | Emptyset | Borders | Thrill Jockey
  16. "Pokkit Pokitt!! (Dub) [feat. Ayakamay]" | In Flagranti | Kachi Kachi EP | Codek
  17. "Monkeys On My Roof" | L'Amour Fou | Psychic Advisor | Smallville
  18. "L'inconnu" | Kurzschluss | Sammlung (Elektronische Kassettenmusik, Dusseldorf 1982-1989) | Bureau B
  19. "Shrift" | Pacific | Do You Believe In Love? - A Creation Compilation | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  20. "Cigarette In Your Bed" | Li(f)e | Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  21. "Turn Your Head" | Stephen's Shore | CD16 | Impermeable
  22. "Little Drones" | The Cobra Lamps | The Cobra Lamps EP | A Records
  23. "Girl Go" | The Jazz Butcher | Do You Believe In Love? - A Creation Compilation | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  24. "Elegy, Part I" | Gidge | LNLNN | Atomnation
  25. "Snow" | The Times | Do You Believe In Love? - A Creation Compilation | Creation | "Physical Evidence"
  26. "Scarllet" | Apartamentos Acapulco | Colors Compilations - Red "Shoegaze" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  27. "Sacred Fire" | Kurl | Sacred Fire | Haunt
  28. "Bellow Organs Spine" | Ashtray Navigations | To Make A Fool Ask, And You Are The First | Blackest Ever Black
  29. "Outpour" | Dead Light | Dead Light | Village Green

seceding from entropy

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No Thoughts, No Dreams, No Wishes, and No Fear: Transmission 327, 2017 March 5

• March 13th, 2017

foxtrot.jpg We return to sloppiness and errancy with this fill-in broadcast. It is fitting, given the evening's material, and probably what I deserve. This Sunday night timeslot came open, and I seized it because it provided an opportunity for a birthday observance--David Tibet this time. (More on this momentarily.) The cold had returned, sort of, and I was featuring a record (cd, actually) that I'd been meaning to use as "Physical Evidence" for a while, so I should have been in my element. When I anticipate quality, though, it abandons me.

At some point in the program I mention the fact that the Foxtrot compilation was intended as a benefit, with the proceeds apparently funding Jhonn Balance's rehab. This always makes me sad--that he is gone, and that he suffered. I stopped drinking a couple of years ago because I was tired of being "past the point of discussion," as Peter Christopherson said of Balance on one particular night. I was tired of not feeling things--and now I'm in therapy trying to manage the feelings. I don't know, on "balance," how things are working out with me, but if online Harry Potter sorting quizzes are any indication, I have actually stopped being a Ravenclaw and have moved more firmly into Gryffindor / Hufflepuff territory. Like Dr. Johnny Fever, I am more quick-witted when on the hooch!

Related: on this night my mouth was doing weird things. At one point, when I wished David Tibet a happy birthday, I found myself sounding a bit like DJ Danelectro, which is...weird, and let's leave it at that. Also, when I mean to say "sexual assault," I instead blurt out, "sexual accounts." It is hilarious in a way, but I am clearly embarrassed by this. I go all quiet! I am an odd duck.

BOMBAST playlist, 2017 March 5, 2100-2300:

  1. "Too Far" | Whalo | CD16 | Impermeable
  2. "Heartworms" | Coil | Foxtrot | Chalice | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "Thorn" | SeeTheEye | Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  4. "A Quiet Time with Spaceman Sputz" | Pavo Pavo | Young Narrator In The Breakers | Bella Union
  5. "Blue Bird" | Manon Meurt | Manon Meurt | Label Obscura
  6. "Morning Birds" | Kristin Hersh | Crooked Beginnings EP | Yes Dear | "Listening Parlour"
  7. "Molasses" | Lazy Legs | Colors Compilations - Red "Shoegaze" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  8. "Resplash" | Camberwell Now | The EP Collection | Modern Classics
  9. "African Spacecraft (2092AD - Lift-Off, Journey and Landing)" | The Lay Llamas | Lay Llamas | Backwards
  10. "Crazy For You" | Space Waves | Just for a Life, A Homage to Slowdive | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  11. "Den of Sables" | Dyr Faser | Trio | Bandcamp self-release
  12. "Bone Frequency" | Inflatable Sideshow | Foxtrot | Chalice | "Physical Evidence"
  13. "The River" | Alpha Steppa Meets High Public Sound | The River (feat. I-Sarana) | Steppas
  14. "Performance (B Remix)" | Whispering Sons | Performance (B Remix) | Weyrd Son
  15. "Spooky Loop" | Nurse With Wound | Foxtrot | Chalice | "Physical Evidence"
  16. "To Here Knows When" | Celestial | Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  17. "Bonus Beat [feat. Ayakamay]" | Das Komplex | Kachi Kachi EP | Codek
  18. "In My Head a Crystal Sphere Of Heavy Fluid" | Peter Christopherson | Foxtrot | Chalice | "Physical Evidence"
  19. "The Wasp Factory" | Ben Frost | The Wasp Factory | Bedroom Community
  20. "Girlfriend" | I Saw You Yesterday | CD16 | Impermeable
  21. "Rescue" | Sonder | Gods Will Be Gods - A Reverence To The Bunnymen | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  22. "Breathe Again - Bonus 2" | Eraldo Bernocchi & Prakash Sontakke | Invisible Strings | RareNoise
  23. "A Dream of The Inmost Light (for Christoph Heemann)" | Current 93 | Foxtrot | Chalice | "Physical Evidence"

what I love, I bite

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Your Septic Heart, Your Deadly Hand: Transmission 326, 2017 March 1

• March 9th, 2017

l_orch.jpg This is more like it. I attach here a pantheon candidate among my broadcasts--at least that is how I feel at the moment, and I am going with it. For a couple of years I've been meaning to feature the L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes record, which 1) tells you how good it is and 2) gives you an idea of the alacrity with which I move, generally. As was not the case with the previous week's record, I have no ambivalence about this one whatsoever. Mono recording--as I am pretty sure this is--is kind of fascinating, and this is a clinic, and "tone lawyers" (or even tone paralegals such as myself) will love the guitar sound.

It's also terrific when there are no glaring errors in technique. The quest for excellence never ends! On some days it is hard to focus--this day was unusually warm, somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 degrees F (mid-May weather only a few short years ago) and people around here have a way of going crazy when it gets above 40. A brief moment of horror, it was quickly overpowered by cold and snow, as if winter were a Monty Python character reminding us that she is "not dead yet." One of the reasons for this show's existence is to keep horror at bay at least once a week.

BOMBAST playlist, 2017 March 1, 2100-2300:

  1. "Sidi Yassa" | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | Kindred Spirits | "Physical Evidence"
  2. "Love" | Question Mark | Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock, Vol. 2 (1972-1977) | Now-Again
  3. "Glo Day" | Beattie Cobell | Treatment Works | More than Human
  4. "No More Sorry" | Kosuke Oshima (The Earth Earth) | Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  5. "Werewerenci" | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | "Physical Evidence"
  6. "Shangri La" | Seashine | Colors Compilations - Red "Shoegaze" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  7. "Life Tends To Come And Go" | Roman Flugel | All The Right Noises | Dial
  8. "Dolphin" | Milkmustache | CD16 | Impermeable
  9. "Sebe Te Moyola" | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | Kindred Spirits | "Physical Evidence"
  10. "Remember the Chain" | The Skating Party | Colors Compilations - Violet "Dreampop" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  11. "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" | Thee Headcoats | Brother Is Dead...But Fly Is Gone! | M'Lady's
  12. "Can't Uncorrupt" | The Cobra Lamps | The Cobra Lamps EP | A Records
  13. "Hide and Scatter" | The Milkshakes | After School Session | Damaged Goods
  14. "Her Vowel No" | Burning House | Colors Compilations - Red "Shoegaze" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  15. "Laminas" | Teleseen | Family Album 2017 | Boomarm Nation
  16. "Lali" | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | Kindred Spirits | "Physical Evidence"
  17. "Fishing" | Public Image Ltd | Album | Universal
  18. "Sad Shadows" | Annie Anxiety | Soul Possession [reissue] | Dais
  19. "Penda (Jean Bitar)" | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes | Kindred Spirits | "Physical Evidence"
  20. "TellURudeBwoy (feat. wzrdryAV)" | Seekers International | Presents the RaggaPreservation Society EP | Diskotopia
  21. "Soft Gloss" | Kane Ikin | Sensory Memory | Echovolt
  22. "Blooz" | Naaahhh | Themes | Blackest Ever Black
  23. "Cielo" | Pure Morning | Colors Compilations - Violet "Dreampop" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself

If I said I'd lost my way

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Do What You Dare: Transmission 325, 2017 February 22

• March 6th, 2017
00:0000:00 I don't want to start a too-specific discussion of how the sausage is made around here, but as I write this I have listened to about a half-dozen terrible albums in a row. (No, I did not know beforehand that they were terrible! I am a pretty basic gentleman with pretty basic methods of self-flagellation.) I am writing this in a bad mood, you guys. Now: will this bad mood somehow embed itself in your experience of the attached mixtape? Do I impart any of my momentary energy into this act of sharing? If I understand a second-hand account of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge that a friend passed on to me, GBP's answer would be "yes." Apologies in advance!

You see, we were discussing--how shall I say it--the work of a certain musician who is a Dodgy Person (not Genesis!). And I wondered whether, shorn of any known background or context, did an instrumental piece "do the work" of said person's belief system? Apparently, the answer went, there is an energy, present in the time and space of the recording, that comes through. I like to tell myself that I'm not a person who believes in "woo," as the hip young rationalists call it, but then I do find more comfort in thinking the universe bears a specific antipathy toward me than in chalking my long trail of misfortunes up to random chance. So all of this seems plausible enough!

Truth: while I like the "Magickal Mystery D Tour" EP quite a lot, I am not a huge fan and have always enjoyed the other post-Throbbing Gristle bands a good deal more. But here I am, record in hand--NEVER SELL--and a birthday observance falls on my night of the week. I tried, really I did, but maybe some of this ambivalence transmitted, because this is a HOT MESS of a show for reasons that (on the surface) have nothing to do with Genesis. Sorry!

Then again, I may just misunderstand the magick altogether and be prone to sloppy nights on occasion.

BOMBAST playlist, 2017 February 22, 2100-2300:

  1. "Followed Path" | Karl Hector & the Malcouns | Beyond Addis Vol.2 (Modern Ethiopian Dance Grooves Inspired by Swinging Addis) | Trikont
  2. "Feed Me With Your Kiss" | Chilindrina | Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  3. "The Light Is Clear In My Eyes" | Moby & The Void Pacific Choir | These Systems Are Failing | Little Idiot - Mute
  4. "Roman P. (Fireball Mix)" | Psychic TV | The Magickal Mystery D Tour EP | Temple | "Physical Evidence"
  5. "Checkpoint Charlie" | The City Gates | Colors Compilations - Red "Shoegaze" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  6. "Sports" | Mark Feehan | M.F. II | Richie Records / Testostertunes
  7. "Isis and Osiris" | Brian Harris | Cyclops | self-released
  8. "All My Colours" | The Sensualists | Gods Will Be Gods - A Reverence To The Bunnymen | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  9. "When You Sleep" | Spirit System | Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  10. "Hex-Sex (Voodoo Mix)" | Psychic TV | The Magickal Mystery D Tour EP | Temple | "Physical Evidence"
  11. "Home" | Public Image Ltd | Album | Universal
  12. "Had Enough Of Love" | Yumi Yumi Hip Hop | CD16 | Impermeable
  13. "Raw and Unbleached" | Simonn | Lost Journey EP | Night Tide
  14. "Spor Tranquil" | Mulan Serrico | Tendres Tenebres | Crudites Tapes
  15. "Come Back" | Emeterians | The Journey | VP
  16. "Good Vibrations (Kundalini Mix)" | Psychic TV | The Magickal Mystery D Tour EP | Temple | "Physical Evidence"
  17. "Am I asleep and dreaming" | Space Blue | Tendres Tenebres | Crudites Tapes
  18. "Tune the System / Start Slow (Dry drums Motivation Vrsn)" | Gulls Rhythm Force | Family Album 2017 | Boomarm Nation
  19. "No Means No" | Alice Bag | Alice Bag | Don Giovanni
  20. "Currency Transfer" | Gross Net | Quantitative Easing | Touch Sensitive
  21. "Interzone" | Psychic TV | The Magickal Mystery D Tour EP | Temple | "Physical Evidence"
  22. "Trial of The Century" | Strategy | Family Album 2017 | Boomarm Nation
  23. "A Ultima Fonte" | Cubus | Colors Compilations - Grey "Post Punk" | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  24. "Seed" | Max Cooper | Emergence | Mesh
  25. "Lost In Neon" | Marconi Union | Tokyo+ | Just Music

sweet subservience

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Cruising Altitude Departure 28, 2016 October 30

• March 3rd, 2017

cruising_altitude_unused5.jpg[GUEST POST]

Dear friends, it's me again, Captain Halcyon, sharing a recording for one last time--"last," for now, anyway. There was some mumbling by Guy a few weeks ago about asking me to take over his time slot, as the darkness recedes; I considered it and for a while I thought I might jump back into the business of being a "broadcast personality." But life is full and I have things to do. What things, you ask? "Secret things." Now is not the time for full disclosure.

Anyway: this is a good mix, and--dare I say it--not a sad one. So I hope, if you're listening, you are not sad. I have a feeling we will see each other again. Nothing is forever.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2016 October 30, 1700-1800 EDT:

  1. "Shadow" | Jessica Bailiff | Brain in the Wire | Brainwashed
  2. "Mahler Remix 4" | Fennesz | Mahler Remix | Touch
  3. "Hall" | Automat & Max Loderbauer | Selekt 01 | Bureau B
  4. "I'm On Fire - Western Skies Motel Remix" | Graveyard Tapes | I'm on Fire (White Rooms Remixes) | Lost Tribe
  5. "Seagull's Flyway" | Rhucle | A Water Letter From You | Assembly Field
  6. "Changer Demain" | Adam Johnson | Chigliac | Merck
  7. "There Dub" | Flying Saucer Attack | Chorus | Drag City
  8. "Gulps" | Leafcutter John | Resurrection | Desire Path
  9. "Down 3" | Stars of the Lid | The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid | kranky
  10. "Whales Tails" | Cocteau Twins | Victorialand | 4AD
  11. "Les Preger's Tune" | The Durutti Column | Vini Reilly | Factory Once
  12. "The Cave" | Daniel Lanois | Goodbye to Language | Red Floor - ANTI-

changez l'avenir

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Cruising Altitude Departure 27, 2016 October 23

• February 27th, 2017

air_texture.jpg[GUEST POST]

Captain Halcyon, checking in with my penultimate show from last fall. Winter and the time change were approaching, making the 5 to 6pm hour progressively darker and unsuitable for these sonic flights. At least that is how I feel, and this is my time and space for self-expression. This particular program also happened to fall during the WRFI fundraiser; this week I was joined by the head honcho, the General Manager, Felix. For some reason he mistakenly referred to me as "Jim" --who on earth is that? I need hardly point out that we raised no money for the station. [Sigh.] I suppose I might have to dismantle my aircraft and sell it for parts at some point, which, I must say, is a more wholesome revenue-generating idea than the one kid catharsis has.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2016 October 23, 1700-1800 EDT:

  1. "Casual Encounter / Formal Encounter" | Pinkcourtesyphone | Sentimental Something | Important
  2. "Es. 30" | Carl Craig | More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art | SSR
  3. "Weiter" | Keith Fullerton Whitman | Peace (For Mom) | Brainwashed
  4. "Slo-Glyde" | The Durutti Column | Return of the Sporadic Recordings | Kooky
  5. "Closed Circuit" | Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani | FRKWYS Vol. 13: Sunergy | RVNG
  6. "Sectomy" | Best Available Technology | Air Texture Volume IV | Air Texture
  7. "Channel Skimming Spirits" | Ondness | Quase Driven | Seagrave
  8. "Dreams Are Like Water" | This Mortal Coil | Blood | 4AD
  9. "Distance" | Lake People | Purposely Uncertain Field | Permanent Vacation

tired sounds

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Cruising Altitude Departure 26, 2016 October 16

• February 24th, 2017

cruising_altitude_unused8.jpg[GUEST POST]

Happy Friday, Bombasticons! On this scorching February afternoon I have another recording to offer you. This, again, is from last fall, and that specific period of time that we call "fundraising." If listening to the human voice is your thing, today is your lucky day, because there is a lot of it here. I am joined in the "cockpit" by Drew Hoffmann, who also hosts a show on WRFI called The Slow Drift (it is a better show than mine!). We discuss the Room40 label, local merchants, warm feelings, and t-shirt collecting. And we manage to raise precisely zero dollars! It is a blessing that I am allowed to continue doing this. I'm not sure whom it benefits besides myself.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2016 October 16, 1700-1800 EDT:

  1. "MRI" | Norman Westberg | MRI | Room40
  2. "And The Morning After" | harbel Haber | Of Palm Trees and Decomposition | Discrepant
  3. "Storm for Steve" | The Durutti Column | Fidelity | Les Disques du Crepuscule
  4. "Celestial Ash" | Anna Homler & Steve Moshier | Breadwoman & Other Tales | RVNG
  5. "Pain P.M." | Nick Klein | Failed Devotee | Unknown Precept
  6. "Over and Out" | System 7 | System 7 | Ten

various encounters

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Cruising Altitude Departure 25, 2016 October 2

• February 22nd, 2017



It's Captain Halcyon, posting again, feeling like I should apologize for doing this so much. This is becoming a residency! It was never meant to be that. However, I have more programs to share with you, and this is one. This was a warm, wet October day; kid catharsis and I are agreed that such weather is the worst Ithaca has to offer. Good to be in the "cockpit" at the station and not airborne. And a good selection of tunes I brought with me--fewer "standards" and more spread out, I think. Natural Snow Buildings--I was wishing for something that was not going to happen, but what else is new?

Today, it struck me that I chose the right "career," because "flight" is my natural response to almost every kind of stress and tension! It explains a lot.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2016 October 2, 1700-1800 EDT:

  1. "Whisper to the Wind" | The Durutti Column | Idiot Savants | Artful
  2. "Disquiet, Pt. 3" | John Bence | Disquiet | Other People
  3. "Il Mare" | Architectural | Amour | Wolfskuil
  4. "April" | Anton Kubikov | Pop Ambient 2016 | Kompakt
  5. "Facing South" | Landing | Third Sight | El Paraiso
  6. "New Misfortunes" | K. Leimer | Re-Enact | Palace of Lights
  7. "Second December" | John Chantler | Which Way To Leave? | Room40
  8. "How To Bring a Blush to the Snow" | Cocteau Twins | Victorialand | 4AD
  9. "Next Door" | Deru | Trying to Remember | Merck
  10. "Milepost 4" | Strategy | Seeds of Paradise | Idle Hands
  11. "Forest of Doshi" | Asian Psilocybe Foundation | Water Vein EP | Mental Groove
  12. "The Rising Portal" | Natural Snow Buildings | Terror's Horns | Ba Da Bing!

is there anyone on the air

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