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Jan 2014

Amps, Drugs, Harmonium: Transmission 93, 2014 January 8

Bonjour. It seems like we were just here, and I guess we were. Anyway, here is another mixtape. This one represents the beginning of a nice little run [looks like, as I write this, four weeks and counting] of doing the program only as regularly scheduled. [The] BBC Sessions by The Specials serve as our "Physical Evidence" for the evening, and what took so long for that to happen, other than savage, meaningless incompetence, I have no idea. Also, there are birthday tributes to David Bowie and The King.

I never knew that I loved French music so much, but I seem to be playing a lot of it. I remember enjoying Trisomie 21 back in the day, and also Les Thugs here and there, but, mostly, no. However, this "Paink" is not at all bad rock and roll, if you ask me. Maybe it's the under-exposure? Who am I kidding? Of course it's the underexposure, especially the "not having been beaten over the head with the notion that it MEANS something" part of that. What do you know--Greil Marcus was right about something, at least in the abstract. I wonder if actual French people experienced this differently--received notions about the music, I mean, not Greil Marcus.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 January 8, 2100-2300:

  1. "Love Machine" | Space Art | Cosmic Machine | Because
  2. "Blank Expression" | The Specials | BBC Sessions | EMI | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "Batis" | Rovo & System 7 | Hinotori | G-Wave
  4. "Broken Windows" | Warm Gun | Paink: French Punk Anthems 1975-1982 | Born Bad
  5. "I'm Free" | Neo Boys | Sooner or Later | K
  6. "Ziggy Stardust" | Bauhaus | Ziggy Stardust / Third Uncle | Beggars Banquet
  7. "Stereotype" | The Specials | BBC Sessions | EMI | "Physical Evidence"
  8. "E.V.A. | Jean Jacques Perrey | Cosmic Machine | Because
  9. "Tear You Apart" | No Trend with Lydia Lunch | Heart of Darkness | Widowspeak
  10. "Pas vraiment mechant" | Sexe a Pile | Paink: French Punk Anthems 1975-1982 | Born Bad
  11. "Belfast" | Swindle | Forest Funk | Deep Medi Musik
  12. "Rude Boys Outta Jail" | The Specials | BBC Sessions | EMI | "Physical Evidence"
  13. "L'amour naissant III" | Sebastien Tellier | Confection | Record Makers
  14. "I Don't Wanna Be a Rich" | Guilty Razors | Paink: French Punk Anthems 1975-1982 | Born Bad
  15. "Longshot Kick the Bucket / Liquidator / Skinhead Moonstomp (A Skinhead Symphony in Three Movements) | The Specials | BBC Sessions | EMI | "Physical Evidence"
  16. "Ngwendeire Guita" | The Lulus Band | Kenya Special | Soundway
  17. "Threshing Ground" | J-Path | Threshing Ground | Trigram
  18. "The And" | Tigerskin | All Those Goodbyes | Dirt Crew
  19. "Sea Cruise" | The Specials | BBC Sessions | EMI | "Physical Evidence"
  20. "Tujala Tshibemba" | Joseph Kabasele | Le Grand Kalle: His Life, His Music | Sterns Africa
  21. "Incense at Abu Ghraib" / "Amps, Drugs, Harmonium" | Tim Hecker | Virgins | Kranky
  22. "Slack Tide" | Shlomi Aber | Slack Tide | Ovum
  23. "It's You I Hate to Lose" | Thee Mighty Caesars | Thee Caesars of Trash | Damaged Goods
  24. "Killer Man" | Gasoline | Paink: French Punk Anthems 1975-1982 | Born Bad
  25. "You're Wondering Now" | The Specials | BBC Sessions | EMI | "Physical Evidence"

next time: a night of multiple motifs. enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Jan 2014

Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted: Transmission 92, 2014 January 5

Today, we are all Belgians. At least, it would seem that way, if we follow the logic of an otherwise perfectly good compilation that gets a couple of spins on this program. I can live with it. There are worse things to be.

This broadcast was a bit closer to "normal" than the previous one. I had no songs of epic duration to offer, and even a couple of really short ones. And yet it was not even on account of this that I wound up with "extra" time enough for three additional songs near the end. I have no idea how that happened--incompetent math, radio magic, or a combination of both. However that happened, you're welcome.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 January 5, 1400-1600:

  1. "Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted" | Carlos Peron | The Sound of Belgium | La Musique Fait La Force
  2. "Starchild Is Dead" | No Joy | Pastel and Pass Out | Kemado - Mexican Summer
  3. "Hiders" | Burial | Rival Dealer | Hyperdub
  4. "A Promise" | Echo and the Bunnymen | Heaven Up Here | Korova Japan
  5. "Rocket Man (Instrumental)" | Rocket Men | Cosmic Machine | Because
  6. "Dianamo" | Debademba | Souleymane | World Village
  7. "Shake the Mind" | C Cat Trance | The Sound of Belgium | La Musique Fait La Force
  8. "Machinarium" | Mario Basanov | Machinarium | Best Kept Secret
  9. "Armed" | Ryan Davis & Pan/Tone | Two Armed Bandits | Areal
  10. "Assikal" | Tamikrest | Chatma | Glitterbeat
  11. "Bring It Don't Sing It, Pts. 1/2" | Leibniz | What Matters | Fourth Wave
  12. "Surinam" | Moon Wheel | For S.M.J | Wool
  13. "Generique (Debut)" | Cerrone | Cosmic Machine | Because
  14. "Landslide" | Schneider TM | Guitar Sounds | Bureau B
  15. "Leder" | Teeth of the Sea | Master | Rocket
  16. "Ride Safari" | Marc Antona | Ride Safari | Dissonant
  17. "Le Bracelet" | Alain Goraguer | Cosmic Machine | Because
  18. "Ditch Pig" | The Modern Deep Left Quartet | Ditch Pig | Wagon Repair
  19. "Galloping" | Steve Hauschildt | S/H | Editions Mego
  20. "All I Want" | Nadine Shah | Love Your Dum and Mad | R & S / Apollo
  21. "Sex Without Stress" | Au Pairs | The Sound of Belgium | La Musique Fait La Force
  22. "Downings Hill" | The Coombe | The Coombe | Mannequin
  23. "Le reve" | Patrick Juvet | Cosmic Machine | Because
  24. "Mothership Connection (Starchild)" | Parliament | Parliament's Greatest Hits | PolyGram

next time: immediately, I sense danger. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Jan 2014

Here It Comes, Goodnight: Transmission 91, 2014 January 4

I would like to tell you that Saturday nights used to mean something in my life, but they never did. So doing a radio program on a Saturday night is NOT AT ALL a sign that my life is going downhill. Here we found ourselves, called in on short notice, and in (surprising?) good form with a very international selection.

Having decided that if I were to host this program, I'd play as few songs as possible, I share with you some REALLY LONG ones. They are good ones, of course. No features this evening--not with the "Listening Parlour" on hiatus and not without having recorded Junior's voiceover for a "Physical Evidence" segment. Reissues notwithstanding, we don't spend much time "in the past" this evening, which is nice. I've been thinking a lot about the past lately, and good riddance, for the most part.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 January 4, 2000-2200:

  1. "Disco Computer" | Trans Volta | The Sound of Belgium | La Musique Fait La Force
  2. "Ghetto Nebula" | Reference | Ghetto Nebula | 200
  3. "Moko" | Debademba | Souleymane | World Village
  4. "Bamba" (with Mbete Diatta Seck, Ale & Khadim Mboup) | Jeri-Jeri | 800% Ndagga | Ndagga
  5. "Survol" | Francois de Roubaix | Cosmic Machine | Because
  6. "Data River" | Black Rain | Protoplasm | Blackest Ever Black
  7. "Reaper" / "The Servant" | Teeth of the Sea | Master | Rocket
  8. "Headhunter" | Front 242 | The Sound of Belgium | La Musique Fait La Force
  9. "Aqua" | DVWB | Cosmic Machine | Because
  10. "Signs of Dawn" | Klaus Schulze | The Sound of Belgium | La Musique Fait La Force
  11. "Fragrance" | Holger Czukay | On the Way to the Peak of Normal | Groenland
  12. "The Inkling" | Extrawelt | The Inkling | Traum
  13. "Fall on Yr Face" | Parquet Courts | Tally All the Things That You Broke | Wyr
  14. "Ombilic Contact" | The Atomic Crocus  | Cosmic Machine | Because
  15. "Happy New Year" | Edward Ka-Spel | Happy New Year | Beta-lactam Ring

next time: more French and Belgian stuff. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Jan 2014

Fashionable to Varying Degrees: Transmission 90, 2014 January 1

Our first episode of 2014 is the final installment in "the messed up episodes," a long string of mistake-prone shows that had something to do with something. As I write this, the insanity of holiday season has passed and I'm now more or less on a one-live-program-per-week schedule. My mental state is very different from what it must have been when I did this one. As with many shows between Thanksgiving and the first week of the new year, I find myself asking, "which one was this?"

Why, it was the broadcast featuring Alvin Lives in Leeds, an underrated comp from which I didn't play nearly enough. So sorry, 14 Iced Bears! Love you guys. It's also the last transmission featuring the "Listening Parlour"--for a while. Getting songs out of Lady Catharsis is sometimes like pulling teeth. She is a reluctant DJ on a good day, and the days aren't always good. Anyway, she'll be back whenever she wants. We've still got some BIG THANGS to do.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 January 1, 2100-2300:

  1. "New Energy (Live Through It)" | Daniel Avery | Drone Logic | Because
  2. "Summer Nights" | 14 Iced Bears | Alvin Lives (In Leeds) | Midnight | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "Revolution" | The Dub Club | Foundation Come Again | Stones Throw
  4. "No Respects Rev." | The Fall | Re-Mit | Cherry Red
  5. "Stacie" | Moin | Murphy | Blackest Ever Black
  6. "Earthen Gate" | Fuzz | Fuzz | In the Red
  7. "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" | Lush | Alvin Lives (In Leeds) | Midnight | "Physical Evidence"
  8. "Second Spine" | No Joy | Pastel and Pass Out | Kemado - Mexican Summer
  9. "Fantasy" | Earth, Wind & Fire | Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits | Columbia - Legacy | "Listening Parlour"
  10. "Mikroorgasmen im Morgentau" | Dominik Eulberg | Ein Steuckchen Urstoff | Traum
  11. "Simple Pleasures - Om Unit Remix" | Reso | Tangram Remixed | Civil
  12. "Wanderin' Star" | The Perfect Disaster | Alvin Lives (In Leeds) | Midnight | "Physical Evidence"
  13. "Chrome Duck" | Quasi | Mole City | Kill Rock Stars
  14. "Eliza" | Anna Calvi | One Breath | Domino
  15. "Lucarne" | Ozka | Tiny Pleasures - Part II | Wolfskuil
  16. "Hinotori - Single Edit" | Rovo & System 7 | Hinotori | G-Wave
  17. "Endourban" | Black Rain | Protoplasm | Blackest Ever Black
  18. "Delivered" | Raccoon Fighter | Zil | Papercup
  19. "Le Freak" | Corn Dollies | Alvin Lives (In Leeds) | Midnight | "Physical Evidence"
  20. "Flora" | Teen Daze | Glacier | Lefse
  21. "Stay Golden" | Tristesse Contemporaine | Stay Golden | Record Makers
  22. "Tears at the Grand Ole Opry" | Wanda Jackson | Early Wanda Jackson | Bear Family | "Listening Parlour"
  23. "I Feel Love" | Crocodile Ride | Alvin Lives (In Leeds) | Midnight | "Physical Evidence"
  24. "Medicine Man" | Baby Washington | Move On | Fryers
  25. "As Goes the Sun" | DJ Yellow & Flowers & Sea Creatures | Black Label 105 (No One Gets Left Behind) | Compost Black
next time: la musique fait la force. Enjoy la musique! --kid catharsis
Jan 2014

Blue Futurist Exterior: Transmission 89, 2013 December 29

'SUP, as the kids like to say. Please find attached another program, the last of 2013. This one, number 89, happened a day after number 88, but is no worse for all the exhaustion and burnout. I hope that doesn't indicate any deeper problem with the show in general. I know I screwed up with the cueing on that Metronomy song, and maybe with Anna Calvi as well--or was that a different episode?--but I'm not remembering any other major errors.

I've been having some feelings, you guys. This is a personal failing that I'm going to share with you, here, right now: I frequently don't have the sort of experiences that music [or art in general] is supposed to make me have. Take something like happy hardcore, for example. I don't hate it, by any means, but it doesn't make me happy, per se. Nor does it seem to be the musical expression of happiness. Does that make sense? We'll move on anyway.

Take saudade. There's a rich and ongoing tradition of awesome, beautiful music that assumes this name, but it does not evoke this feeling in me. Nor does it seem to be the musical expression of this concept. The name and the thing that takes the name don't connect for me. Again, a personal failing, I'm certain. But do you know--there is a small body of music that does take me to that place. Within that category are a couple of songs from Movement, "Chosen Time" being one. And--to bring it all together--the extended set in the second hour of this program, going all the way from Acid Mothers Temple to Burial, and containing the aforementioned song, is some good stuff, you guys. That's the dream.

What else produces unintentional saudade for me? That's for another time.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 December 29, 1400-1600:

  1. "Stealth Dub" | Blind Idiot God | Blind Idiot God | SST
  2. "Protoplasm" | Black Rain | Protoplasm | Blackest Ever Black
  3. "The Truth Will Set You Free - Gagarin Mix" | Suns of Arqa | Ancient Temples EP | Mariko
  4. "First Aspect of the Same Thing" | The Durutti Column | The Return of the Durutti Column | Factory Benelux
  5. "Broken Dreams" | Special Request | Soul Music | Houndstooth
  6. "I'm Aquarius" | Metronomy | I'm Aquarius | Because
  7. "Loose Sutures" | Fuzz | Fuzz | In the Red
  8. "Circle of Fifths - Tool" | Holden | Circle of Fifths | Border Community
  9. "One Breath" | Anna Calvi | One Breath | Domino
  10. "Manon" | Aebeloe | Manon | Farver
  11. "Planet Golden Love" | Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno | Doobie Wonderland | Parallax Sounds
  12. "Breedle" | Extrawelt | The Inkling | Traum
  13. "Blues Is Loss" | Polvo | Siberia | Merge
  14. "Beyond the Drone" | Saint Rich | Beyond the Drone | Merge
  15. "Interlude I" | §un §pells | βunβet - Live at the Chanticleer 5/30/13 | Bandcamp self-release
  16. "Chosen Time" | New Order | Movement | London - Rhino
  17. "Come Down to Us" | Burial | Rival Dealer | Hyperdub
  18. "You Can Stay But You Gotta Go" | Quasi | Mole City | Kill Rock Stars
  19. "Tundra" | Teen Daze | Glacier | Lefse
  20. "Pyramid Scheme to Heaven" | Raccoon Fighter | Zil | Papercup
  21. "Cryo" | Oneohtrix Point Never | R Plus Seven | Warp

next time: why "Leeds?" Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Jan 2014

There Is A Real Program Coming Up Later: Transmission 88, 2013 December 28

Here, you guys, have a conflicted and technically flawed program. It's on me. No, don't thank me, it's my pleasure to offer you things like this.

A confluence of several tainted waterways led to this broadcast. First, Michael Hansen, who regularly hosts "The Living Room," was stuck in an airport, meaning that something had to get on air in a hurry. Second, the year was nearly at an end, so a retrospective* seemed in order. Third--and here is a radio truth--I often use these fill-in appearances to get work done at the station, and I haven't managed to learn that improvising on-air and multitasking off-air don't go together.

*I don't like "looking back" in general and would feel bad for my program to do something that a listener would expect from Rolling Stone or Pitchfork, if these were radio stations. If it actually matters to you what I think the "best of 2013" is--and what would inspire me to presume that it matters?--you have probably sussed it out, or can suss it out, by listening to my 2013 programs. If you haven't been listening, or don't want to listen, I figure you don't care what I think about this, which is probably as it should be.

ON THE OTHER HAND--often when I feature a release as "Physical Evidence" there are perfectly good tracks from it that don't make it onto the program, because of time limitations, or difficulty of segue, or whatever. Over time, these pile up to the point where I have enough for a good program--NOT a reprise of content, because what would be the point, but an "odds and ends" program, perfectly valid in light of my previous discovery that an overflow BOMBAST is no worse than a regular BOMBAST, whatever that might indicate. Hence the first FESTIVAL OF EVIDENCE, shoddy as it was. I'ma do this again, maybe at the end of 2014, maybe sooner, and I won't be sorry then, either.

What is regrettable is the litany of glitches in this program. Sweet mother. It does get better in the second hour, I assure you, but...yeah.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 December 28, 1400-1600:

  1. "Low Fi" | Stereolab | Low Fi | Too Pure
  2. "Wild Suspense Dub" | Wailing Souls | Dub Masters Volume 1 | Mango UK
  3. "Tall Dark Stranger" | "Chop" Walker & Brenda "Beachball" Kenny | Bugs on the Wire | Leghorn
  4. "Hotel Bronco" | Michelle Gun Elephant | Gear Blues | Alive
  5. "Brujo Magic" | Suns of Arqa with Prince Far-I | Bugs on the Wire | Leghorn
  6. "Seven Days" | The Milkshakes | Fourteen Rhythm and Beat Greats | Wall City
  7. "Greetings to the New Brunette" | Billy Bragg | The Peel Sessions Album | Dutch East India Trading
  8. "Hope Against Hope" | Band of Susans | Peel Sessions | Dutch East India Trading
  9. "All Souls" | Opal | Early Recordings | Rough Trade
  10. "Good Lovin' Gone Bad" | Killdozer | For Ladies Only | Touch & Go
  11. "Charlotte's Remains" | Strawberry Alarm Clock | In Fuzz We Trust | Stag-O-Lee
  12. "Cha-Ris-Ma" | Singers & Players | Revenge of the Underdog | On-U Sound
  13. "Body Blow" | A Primary Industry | Ultramarine | Sweatbox
  14. "The Vulture" | Ronny Ray's Playboys | Beat from Badsville Vol. 2 | Stag-O-Lee
  15. "Hummingbird" | Caribou | Peace (for Mom) | Brainwashed
  16. "Money Dub" | U Roy | Serious Matter Dub | Walboomers
  17. "Caribou" | Pixies | At the BBC | 4AD - Elektra
  18. "Luger 9m/m Auto" | The Revolutionaries | Revival Dub | Well Charge
  19. "Please Give Me Something" | The Riverside Trio | Bugs on the Wire | Leghorn
  20. "Moni Mon Amie" | Julia Holter | Maria | Human Ear
  21. "Mr. Eliminator" | The Mono Men | Shut Up! | Estrus
  22. "Psalm 95" | Prince Far-I | Psalms for I | Carib Gems
  23. "You've Got Nothing" | My Bloody Valentine | Ecstasy and Wine | Lazy
  24. "Then When I Scream" | Biff Bang Pow | Oblivion | Creation
  25. "Ghetto In the Sky (Version)" | Aswad | Dub Masters Volume 1 | Mango UK
  26. "Woven Clouds" | Carter Tutti | Peace (for Mom) | Brainwashed
  27. "Wild Party" | Dickie Doo & The Don'ts | Beat from Badsville Vol. 2 | Stag-O-Lee
  28. "Digital Rasta" | Cabaret Voltaire | Micro-Phonies | Some Bizarre - Virgin
next time: an otherwise dismal afternoon. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Jan 2014

Cruising Altitude, Transmission 3: 2013 December 4


Greetings, friends and lovers of Bombast. It's Captain Halcyon, once again. Do you remember me? Hopefully you do, but it's alright if you don't. I am but an occasional presence.

This is a thing I do: I disappear for long periods, and then return, as if nothing has happened. Usually nothing has happened. This appears to be one of those times.

Daylight ambience is my thing, and I love December ambience. "Do While" is one of my all-time favorites, and I attach it to this time of year, for reasons I can no longer clearly remember. Due to my inability to "get it together," this act of paying it forward may attach it to January for you. Sorry--or, should I say, you're welcome?

I am now set to disappear again, at least from this platform. Until next time!

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2013 December 4, 1500-1600:

  1. "The Devil Is in the Details" / "A Is to B As B Is to C" / "Over the Horizon Radar" | Boards of Canada | Geogaddi | Warp
  2. "Do While" | Oval | 94diskont | Thrill Jockey
  3. "Biding the Storm with Gaze" | Fear Falls Burning | Irritating Music for Discerning Snobs Desperate to Impress Their Jaded Friends | Soleilmoon
  4. "The Indian Summer of Benazir Bhutto" | Muslimgauze | Zul'm | Extreme
  5. "Dominic Sunset" | Ken Camden | The Space Mirror | Kranky
  6. "In 'D'" | The Durutti Column | The Return of the Durutti Column | Factory Benelux

bye for now

Jan 2014

Boink Boink! Transmission 87, 2013 December 25

Please find attached our Christmas program, and I mean that quite literally. I was joined by Lady Catharsis and Catharsis Junior on the night of the 25th, because what else are you going to do at 9pm on Christmas night? Esquivel, Gene Autry, James Brown, The Fall, and Orbital provide some holiday cheer, at least nominally. Otherwise, it's just our ordinary extraordinariness at work.

I particularly found the voiceovers for this program to be high-quality stuff. Concise and thought-provoking. When DID irony die? I still don't know. What IS proper yuletide music? If not "Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops" and "Tarantula," then what?*

Apologies to Fuzz, whose "Sleigh Ride" [not an actual Christmas song] was firmly rejected by the cd player at the station. That was indeed exciting, and triggered an avalanche of improvisation and error. As always, it felt terrible at the time, but sounds not so bad. This is an important lesson for me, or could be, if only I could keep it in mind, which I know I won't.

*the answer is most definitely not this, because it never happened--could not have happened, because that band stopped making music in 1986 LALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 December 25, 2100-2300:

  1. "Jingle Bells (Greetings from Esquivel!)" | Esquivel | Merry X-Mas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad | Bar / None | "Physical Evidence"
  2. "Santa's Coming in a Whirlybird" | Gene Autry | The Christmas Cowboy | Laserlight | "Listening Parlour"
  3. "Hunted by a Freak" | Mogwai | Happy Songs for Happy People | Matador
  4. "Tarantula" | Colourbox | Breakdown | 4AD
  5. "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" | Esquivel | Merry X-Mas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad | Bar / None | "Physical Evidence"
  6. "Wonderful Land" | The Shadows | Yule Cool | Virgin
  7. "Winter Moonness" | RVDS | Moon on Milky Way | Smallville
  8. "Jingle Bell Rock" | The Fall | The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 | Castle - Sanctuary
  9. "I Feel Merely Marvelous" | Esquivel | Merry X-Mas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad | Bar / None | "Physical Evidence"
  10. "Running Away" | Toby Tobias | Messing with My Mind | Burek
  11. "Sleigh Ride" | Fuzz | Fuzz | In the Red
  12. "Reggae Sounds" | Linton Kwesi Johnson | Reggae Greats | Mango
  13. "De System" | Mutabaruka | Check It! | RAS
  14. "Frosty the Snowman" | Esquivel | Merry X-Mas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad | Bar / None | "Physical Evidence"
  15. "Go Power at Christmas Time" | James Brown | Funky Christmas | Polydor
  16. "Love of My Life" | Anna Calvi | One Breath | Domino
  17. "The Dream Is Just Beginning (acoustic)" | Twink and the Technicolour Dream | You Reached for the Stars | Sunbeam
  18. "Versions" | Moderat | II | Monkeytown
  19. "The Christmas Song" | Esquivel | Merry X-Mas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad | Bar / None | "Physical Evidence"
  20. "Skanking Dub" | Augustus Pablo | King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown | Shanachie
  21. "Par Avion" | Pell Mell | Rhyming Guitars | SST
  22. "And Then?" | Miracle Legion | Me and Mr. Ray | Rough Trade | "Listening Parlour"
  23. "Measure" | §un §pells | βunβet - Live at the Chanticleer 5/30/13 | Bandcamp self-release
  24. "Last Boss" | No Joy | Pastel and Pass Out | Kemado - Mexican Summer
  25. "Blue Christmas" | Esquivel | Merry X-Mas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad | Bar / None | "Physical Evidence"
  26. "Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops" | Cocteau Twins | The Spangle Maker | 4AD
  27. "Christmas Chime" | Orbital | Christmas Chime | ACP
  28. "Happy Birthday" | The Wedding Present | John Peel Sessions 1987-1990 | Strange Fruit
  29. "Auld Lang Syne (Adios from Esquivel!)" | Esquivel | Merry X-Mas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad | Bar / None | "Physical Evidence"

next time: This is me, not talking about my mistakes. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

Jan 2014

U_D_M Transmission 2, 2013 September 6


Bonjour. I, Guy Lebatard, return with another audio file. This one dates back to September of 2013. That I post this on "Throwback Thursday" fills me with nauseating embarrassment, but I do not control time. Yet.

Newer transmissions are still available elsewhere, but the spectacular brogrammers at soundcloud will only allow 2 hours' worth of audio before demanding coin, so the "backcatalogue" of U_D_M episodes will reside here, no doubt improving upon what this site otherwise contains.

Kid Catharsis, who allows me to post on this page, demands bon mots instead of cash, so I will oblige. WHAT ARE THE POLITICS OF BOREDOM? Two words: Sylvia Plath. Thank goodness Jack Dangers finally put her words to good use, I say.

And now, I have to run. The old world is behind me.

U_D_M Playlist, 2013 September 6, 1900-2000:

  1. "Altitude" | System 7 | System 7 | Ten
  2. "Speed" | James Priestley & Marco Antonio | Speed | SecretSundaze
  3. "3 A.M. Eternal (Klonk Blip Every Trip)" | The KLF | 3 A.M. Eternal | Blow Up
  4. "Palatial II" | The Love Corporation | Do You Believe in Love? | Creation
  5. "Ultrabass Mix (Stella)" | Ultramarine | Stella | Dancyclopaedia
  6. "Es.30" / "Televised Green Smoke" | Carl Craig | More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art | SSR
  7. "Fantastique (Carl Craig Mix)" | Chris & Cosey | Twist | T & B
  8. "God O.D." | Meat Beat Manifesto | God O.D. | Wax Trax!

    next time: small doses, etc.

    Jan 2014

    Autumnal, And Isn’t It? Transmission 86, 2013 December 22

    This set finds me in full snark--bitching about unseasonably warm weather and dropping obscure references to behind-the-scenes kerfuffles. Vintage stuff. And a nice, current set--as I am figuring out, I really do prefer these over the short-notice "retro" programs. I enjoy sensing that a given show could only have happened right about now, which probably explains why I've avoided pre-recorded or "evergreen" episodes.

    Doing this program produces some emotional peaks and valleys, which seems predictable enough--at any rate, someone should have been able to predict it. Happily, this transmission feels like a peak. I played this through a proper hi-fi, just now, and thought: "the person who did this show was good." So I have that going for me.

    I did manage to disappoint a friend of Lady Catharsis, though, who tuned in at 6pm under the mistaken impression that she would hear a little Chilean-American girl and instead got Echo & The Bunnymen (as best I can figure)--"it might not have been metal, but it was some scratch masculine angry music." Similarly, Carlos of the "Alcance Latino" crew and I were chatting during the waning minutes of my show--his program, beginning at 7pm, would play host to the aforementioned youngster, by the way. Carlos looked up at the speakers for a moment as "Hittite Man" played, and asked, "Who is this?" If you enjoy these podcasts, I think I can safely presume that your life in music has been somewhat like mine, and you can guess at his tone of voice. You've heard this question, and that tone, thousands of times. [Sigh.] Kristin Hersh was right--good music isn't for everyone.

    BOMBAST playlist, 2013 December 22, 1700-1900:

    1. "Superconductor" | Gregor Tresher & Petar Dundov | Cocoon 100 | Cocoon
    2. "Pablo's Lament - Youth Dub Mix" | Suns of Arqa | Ancient Temples EP | Mariko
    3. "Night City.Tokyo - London Version" | Black Rain | Protoplasm | Blackest Ever Black
    4. "Nightvision" | §un §pells | βunβet - Live at the Chanticleer 5/30/13 | Bandcamp self-release
    5. "Joachims Kalimba" | Dapayk & Padberg | Smoke | Mo's Ferry
    6. "Pulse Locker" | John Tejada | Pulse Locker EP | Palette
    7. "Autumnal" | Teen Daze | Glacier | Lefse
    8. "Peppermint Pig" | Cocteau Twins | Peppermint Pig | 4AD
    9. "All That Jazz" | Echo & The Bunnymen | Crocodiles | Korova
    10. "Lost Methods" | Etch | Old School Methods | Keysound
    11. "Egyptian Shumba - Alternate" | The Tammys | Egyptian Shumba | Jazzman
    12. "Elefantenhaut" | Schneider TM | Guitar Sounds | Bureau B
    13. "Conduct" | The Durutti Column | The Return of the Durutti Column | Factory Benelux
    14. "Dewsbury Severance" | Call Super | Black Octagons | Houndstooth
    15. "The Quarterdrawing of the Dog" | Siouxsie & The Banshees | Tinderbox | Geffen
    16. "Light, Raking" | Polvo | Siberia | Merge
    17. "Capsize Recovery" | Senking | Capsize Recovery | Raster-Notion
    18. "Hittite Man" | The Fall | Re-Mit | Cherry Red
    19. "The 'Priest' They Called Him" | William S. Burroughs / Kurt Cobain | The "Priest" They Called Him | Tim / Kerr | "Physical Evidence"

    next time: zoo zoo dweet. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

    ps How does one get through the 80s without knowing Echo & The Bunnymen?

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