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Jan 2014

There Is A Real Program Coming Up Later: Transmission 88, 2013 December 28

January 14, 2014

Here, you guys, have a conflicted and technically flawed program. It's on me. No, don't thank me, it's my pleasure to offer you things like this.

A confluence of several tainted waterways led to this broadcast. First, Michael Hansen, who regularly hosts "The Living Room," was stuck in an airport, meaning that something had to get on air in a hurry. Second, the year was nearly at an end, so a retrospective* seemed in order. Third--and here is a radio truth--I often use these fill-in appearances to get work done at the station, and I haven't managed to learn that improvising on-air and multitasking off-air don't go together.

*I don't like "looking back" in general and would feel bad for my program to do something that a listener would expect from Rolling Stone or Pitchfork, if these were radio stations. If it actually matters to you what I think the "best of 2013" is--and what would inspire me to presume that it matters?--you have probably sussed it out, or can suss it out, by listening to my 2013 programs. If you haven't been listening, or don't want to listen, I figure you don't care what I think about this, which is probably as it should be.

ON THE OTHER HAND--often when I feature a release as "Physical Evidence" there are perfectly good tracks from it that don't make it onto the program, because of time limitations, or difficulty of segue, or whatever. Over time, these pile up to the point where I have enough for a good program--NOT a reprise of content, because what would be the point, but an "odds and ends" program, perfectly valid in light of my previous discovery that an overflow BOMBAST is no worse than a regular BOMBAST, whatever that might indicate. Hence the first FESTIVAL OF EVIDENCE, shoddy as it was. I'ma do this again, maybe at the end of 2014, maybe sooner, and I won't be sorry then, either.

What is regrettable is the litany of glitches in this program. Sweet mother. It does get better in the second hour, I assure you, but...yeah.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 December 28, 1400-1600:

  1. "Low Fi" | Stereolab | Low Fi | Too Pure
  2. "Wild Suspense Dub" | Wailing Souls | Dub Masters Volume 1 | Mango UK
  3. "Tall Dark Stranger" | "Chop" Walker & Brenda "Beachball" Kenny | Bugs on the Wire | Leghorn
  4. "Hotel Bronco" | Michelle Gun Elephant | Gear Blues | Alive
  5. "Brujo Magic" | Suns of Arqa with Prince Far-I | Bugs on the Wire | Leghorn
  6. "Seven Days" | The Milkshakes | Fourteen Rhythm and Beat Greats | Wall City
  7. "Greetings to the New Brunette" | Billy Bragg | The Peel Sessions Album | Dutch East India Trading
  8. "Hope Against Hope" | Band of Susans | Peel Sessions | Dutch East India Trading
  9. "All Souls" | Opal | Early Recordings | Rough Trade
  10. "Good Lovin' Gone Bad" | Killdozer | For Ladies Only | Touch & Go
  11. "Charlotte's Remains" | Strawberry Alarm Clock | In Fuzz We Trust | Stag-O-Lee
  12. "Cha-Ris-Ma" | Singers & Players | Revenge of the Underdog | On-U Sound
  13. "Body Blow" | A Primary Industry | Ultramarine | Sweatbox
  14. "The Vulture" | Ronny Ray's Playboys | Beat from Badsville Vol. 2 | Stag-O-Lee
  15. "Hummingbird" | Caribou | Peace (for Mom) | Brainwashed
  16. "Money Dub" | U Roy | Serious Matter Dub | Walboomers
  17. "Caribou" | Pixies | At the BBC | 4AD - Elektra
  18. "Luger 9m/m Auto" | The Revolutionaries | Revival Dub | Well Charge
  19. "Please Give Me Something" | The Riverside Trio | Bugs on the Wire | Leghorn
  20. "Moni Mon Amie" | Julia Holter | Maria | Human Ear
  21. "Mr. Eliminator" | The Mono Men | Shut Up! | Estrus
  22. "Psalm 95" | Prince Far-I | Psalms for I | Carib Gems
  23. "You've Got Nothing" | My Bloody Valentine | Ecstasy and Wine | Lazy
  24. "Then When I Scream" | Biff Bang Pow | Oblivion | Creation
  25. "Ghetto In the Sky (Version)" | Aswad | Dub Masters Volume 1 | Mango UK
  26. "Woven Clouds" | Carter Tutti | Peace (for Mom) | Brainwashed
  27. "Wild Party" | Dickie Doo & The Don'ts | Beat from Badsville Vol. 2 | Stag-O-Lee
  28. "Digital Rasta" | Cabaret Voltaire | Micro-Phonies | Some Bizarre - Virgin
next time: an otherwise dismal afternoon. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis