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Aug 2018

Past Lives in Warmer Climates: Transmission 419, 2018 August 11

Remain_in_Light_-_Adventure_Time.png Here is a (now) rare birthday observance, one that I could only execute because DJ Penelope was out of town. Strangely, these impromptu rituals often turn out to be some of my best shows--something to consider. Anyway, it was Jah Wobble night, so as "promised," I took one of his records and played the whole darn thing. Since we're no longer doing Physical Evidence, I wasn't constrained by what was in print or out of print or streamable / not streamable. I think Without Judgement is streamable but I don't know and don't care. It's a great record.

I can tell you how I first came across Without Judgement. I was working at a record store during the first Bush Recession, and we were going out of business. Our clearance sale coincided with end-of-fiscal-year inventory, on the basis of which the soon-to-be-defunct business would be taxed. In order to reduce inventory (and maybe as a going-away present?), the store's assistant manager told us to pick out what we wanted, charge ourselves whatever price we wanted, and get it out of the store.

Without Judgement was one of the things I chose. It was the CD version, which has more tracks on it than the LP. I remember "Burger Bar" with particualr fondness, but alas, I was karmically repaid when someone broke into my apartment a year later and stole most of my cds [leaving my computer untouched--the 90s were such a weird time]. It would be a while before I got around to tracking down copies of the things I lost, and by the time I got another copy of Without Judgement the zeitgeist was about vinyl again, so here we are.

This episode continues my tradition (?) of closing the program with a chill-out piece, with better results this time than last, I think.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 August 11, 2000-2200:

  1. "Live Jam - 1" | E.E.K. | Live At The Cairo High Cinema Institute | Nashazphone
  2. "The Great Curve" | Talking Heads | Remain in Light | Sire
  3. "I.T.T. (International Thief Thief)" | Fḛlá Anikulapo Kuti | Black-President | Capitol
  4. "The Message" | Gyedu Blay Ambolley | The Message | Analog Africa
  5. "Bungalow Park" / "What the Problem Is" / "Anything Can Happen" / "A13" / "Drowned and the Saved" / "So Many Years" / "Message from Our Sponsors" / "Coypu" / "Good Ghosts" / "Saracen" / "Eternal Vendor" / "Invisible Cities" / "Inferno" / "Location" / "Uncommercial Road" / "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" | Invaders of the Heart | Without Judgement | KK
  6. "Night Driver" | Blind Idiot God | Before Ever After | Indivisible
  7. "Ornamentation" | Yann Novak | Ornamentation [excerpt] | Touch

Be absolute

Aug 2018

Still Life with Ample Parking: Transmission 418, 2018 August 8

Benjamin_Frohlich_-_Remixes_from_memory.jpg Between the last program and this one, I (and maybe you) survived a visit from Guy LeBatard. At last report, by the way, he has not been jailed. (And neither have I!) While he was here, he delivered one of his better programs IMHO. I often wish that my own program's concept were more...coherent, like his. But then I remind myself that he has good and bad programs just like I do, which seems like a coping strategy befitting a normal, well-adjusted person. I wonder where it came from.

Anyway, this program mostly resembles what I think Bombast would be if it were, like U_D_M, genre-specific. It's mostly "downtempo electronics," as I would describe it the following week, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I say "mostly" because Samara Lubelski is in here somewhere, as are Ride and Captain Wardrobe. Even when I try for consistency I...can't quite manage it. No wonder I have been described in writing as a disaster.

It probably wasn't a great idea to end with Existente, but I figured I had to put it somewhere, so there it goes.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 August 8, 2100-2300:

  1. "Zuul Passage" | Ghost Vision | Saturnus | Kompakt
  2. "Keuthonymos" | Fango | GEA | Degustibus
  3. "Frieze Relief" | Chris Carter | Tone Science: Module No. 1 Structure and Forces | DiN
  4. "Genesis Dub" | Inhmost | TRIP 004 | Short Trips
  5. "Calma" | Starcount | Calma/Jeraldine | Echovolt
  6. "The Measure, The Decline" | Samara Lubelski | Flickers at the Station | Drawing Room
  7. "Fuxa" | Kagami | Kagami | Root Strata
  8. "Smile" | Boothroyd | Pure Country | Fnord Communications
  9. "Sweet Romancer" | Iron Curtis | Sweet Romancer | Uncanny Valley
  10. "i dreampt" | Captain Wardrobe | Kronosphere | self-released
  11. "Tromb Horn" | Ringard | Lacrima rossa | Les Yeux Orange
  12. "No Famous Actors" | Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs | YMFEES | Bokeh Versions
  13. "Flash" | La Marine | Speicher 102 | Kompakt
  14. "Big" | The Analogue Cops | Racoon City | Hot Haus
  15. "Drawn from Memory - Chinaski Remix" | Benjamin Frohlich | Remixes from Memory | Permanent Vacation
  16. "Pulsar" | Ride | Tomorrow's Shore | Wichita
  17. "Timanfaya" | Pablo Fierro | Timanfaya EP - Compost Black Label #142 | Compost Black
  18. "The Melody - Ishmael Ensemble Remix" | Carl Craig | Versus Remixes, Vol. 2 | Infine
  19. "Chapel Perilous Closed" | Other Lands | Pattern Transform | Firecracker
  20. "Ooooh Baby In The Chorus" | Death and the Maiden | Wisteria | Occultation
  21. "Theta v4 (Repetir)" | Existente | Theta Series | Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda)

I want to forget destiny

Aug 2018

U_D_M Detour 32, 2018 August 4

method.jpg[GUEST POST]

Ah well ah well ah well ah well. Husker du? It is I, Guy, having changed my mind about never doing this radio thing again. I am drifting through the "strongman" countries this summer and it is the United States's turn, so here I am in "lovely" Ithaca and crashing into the lives of the Catharsis family. If you ask me, they could use a bit more chaos, and I am just the man. Don't get used to this--a regular program is an "anchor" to Kid C and it is to me--the difference is that we feel differently about anchors. Do try to savor this brief time we have together, but for goodness' sake don't do it passively. Make use of this soundtrack--as an alarm clock, a gift to your downstairs neighbors, a soundtrack to lovemaking or some other kind of mindless hedonism. Don't disappoint me and work out to it or something like that. I am counting on you, dear listener.

Until next time, assuming I don't wind up in jail somewhere.

U_D_M playlist, 2018 August 4, 1900-2000:

  1. "Esperanza - David Morales Red Zone Mix" | Luciano & David Morales | Esperanza | Cadenza
  2. "Put On Your Red Shoes and Trance" | Deadbeat | Our Rotten Roots | Echocord Colour
  3. "1-4 Doctor C'est Chouette" | Laurent Garnier | Speicher 95 - Tribute EP | Kompakt
  4. "The Phoenix Part 1" | Marquis Hawkes | The Phoenix | Aus Music
  5. "Objective" | Patrick Vano | Industrealized | Mo's Ferry
  6. "008A" | Pattern Repeat | Pattern Repeat 08 | Pattern Repeat

turn off your mind

Aug 2018

We’ll Keep Heaven Rolling Along: Transmission 417, 2018 August 1

Kiwi_Mountains_of_Dew.jpg When last we left our narrator, he was getting very emotional and personal. Sometimes, at those moments, people choose to leave; at other times I drive them away. I've been in dialogue with a friend lately and have been wondering when this podcast site "transitioned" from mere liner notes to a diary. I started looking for the answer, but it's too daunting a task. There have been so many of these programs! If I look into the mess, I find the mess staring back.

Since I don't want to be obscure and solipsistic (and, by the way, I never mean to be, except to protect the feelings of specific people), I guess I will say some things about this particular episode. It was the first after my exhausting summer gig ended, and it sounds a bit like collapse. There are several good moments, and I would say the segues are consistently good. But "the tunes between the segues," as I call them? In all honesty a handful of them should not have made the cut, so this program is less than what it could or should be.

At least I still have standards, right?

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 August 1, 2100-2300:

  1. "Pleasure Moment" | Cosmic Garden | Pleasure Moment | Clone Royal
  2. "Heaven Knows" | The National Jazz Trio of Scotland | Standards Vol. IV | Karaoke Kalk
  3. "V1" | Epoch | V1 | Innamind
  4. "Aspects Withdrawn" | Theo Alexander | Broken Access | Luau
  5. "Butterflies" | C. Diab | Exit Rumination | Injazero
  6. "Walking on the Water" | CTMF | Something's Missing Inside | Damaged Goods
  7. "Awake" | Midas Fall | Evaporate | Monotreme
  8. "Magic 88" | Strategy | FAMILY ALBUM 2018 | Boomarm Nation
  9. "Muanago Yeye" | Mushapata | Saba-Saba Fighting | Akuphone
  10. "Awai ni" | Sugai Ken | tele-n-tech-da | Discrepant
  11. "Pine Marten" | Kiwi | Mountains of Dew | Disco Halal
  12. "Chrome Together" | Tross | The Overview Effect | Hoga Nord
  13. "Space Bubbles" | Madben | Frequence(s) | Astropolis
  14. "Mambo Egipcio" | Sonido Gallo Negro | Mambo Cosmico | Glitterbeat
  15. "One of Your Own" | Lake Ruth | Birds of America | Feral Child
  16. "Oscollo" | Elysia Crampton | Elysia Crampton | Break World
  17. "Tiny Foldable Cities" | Orbital | Tiny Foldable Cities | ACP
  18. "The Millionth Council" | Phono Ghosts / Sferro | Alive in the Timeless Void | Fonolith
  19. "Vision Sequence II" | Joakim Hellgren | Treebank | Beachy Head
  20. "Fugitive Drummer" | Phuture-T | Fugitive Drummer / Cold Sweat | Inperspective
  21. "Rabid Ibrahim" | Prairie | After the Flash Flood | Denovali
  22. "Mellow" | Hidden Aspect | New Blood 018 | Med School Music
  23. "down the line" | Captain Wardrobe | Kronosphere | self-released
  24. "Echo Walk" | Losoul | Island Time | Hypercolour
  25. "Deep Blue" | Mountain | New Blood 018 | Med School Music
  26. "Korg DS-8" | In Bloom | One Instrument Volume 01 | One Instrument
  27. "Quiet Weekend" | Amoss | Everything Is Temporary | Dispatch Recordings
  28. "Singlestick" | Rumore | Life in the Cloud | Hot Haus
  29. "Chord Cluster" | Steve Bug & Langenberg | Paradise Sold | Poker Flat

I know you're trying to have a quiet one

Aug 2018

Lost in a Permanent Dream: Transmission 416, 2018 July 18

Buff_Medways_-_This_Is_This.jpg I write often, it seems, about the "end of" this or that "universe," of a program closing a chapter without my knowing it at the time. Consider this the latest instalment, as we say goodbye to the recurring feature known as "Physical Evidence." It is dead; long may it live! And indeed, I didn't know at the time, but learned soon hereafter, that it was making Junior uncomfortable to record the voiceover. Without Junior, this feature is nothing, so away it goes. One of the "wrongs" with my undergraduate show which I set out to "right" with this one (shall we call it "post-doctoral?") is that I was always so deeply into myself and my own thing; this is, whatever it may seem, a family program.

On account of that, I have been wondering how much gas Bombast as a whole has left in the tank. Sometimes I feel that Physical Evidence was the program, though I am reminded that I've done many episodes that didn't include it, and that the show began without it, during a long period of unemployment, as something that was supposed to keep me connected to the world of people so that I didn't go completely feral, as I was threatening to do. So Bombast doesn't need Physical Evidence, but I also no longer need this radio thing in the same way. Why the existential dilemma, then? As I wrote back when Physical Evidence began under another, unfortunate, name, I wanted a way of dealing with the past, a way not to be doing "Today's Aberration, Tomorrow's Fashion" with the Forced Exposure catalog (that's an inside joke, sorry).

But one of my problems is that my head is frequently in the past and I have trouble "Being Here Now." So I am also thinking that a present-focused program may be a thing I need at the moment, and that maybe quitting this gig because my kid hit puberty isn't the most coherent course of action. Maybe. Also, it strikes me now (sorry if you've already realized this) as pretentious and condescending to think the present doesn't acquit itself perfectly well, or that I need to add value or focus to it.

I am guessing this will always feel like unfinished business: I have a list of about 100 things I was meant to play as part of this feature, but didn't get to. That will make me a little bit sad unless I find a way of folding those releases in somehow. I suppose I could do something like "playing the whole damn record," as I did with Lonely Is An Eyesore that one time, and which I didn't do often enough with the Physical Evidence releases. Or, you know, maybe I could just "sit with" my sadness and see how that goes. I'm doing the latter for the time being.

I come to bury Physical Evidence, not to praise it. And not even to eulogize it properly--this is a diary, not a collection of essays or even a proper blog. PE was truly the essence of the program in that it featured in some of my best shows, some of my worst, and a lot in the middle. But its absence is mostly a hole in my heart. Is that a tear rolling down my cheek as I write this? Yes, yes it is. Alright, we've both done enough work here for now.

So the "crime of the week" feature in these commentaries will have to wait for another time.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 July 18, 2100-2300:

  1. "Railing" | Roni Size & Reprazent | New Forms (20th Anniversary Edition) | UMC
  2. "Don't Hold Me Back" | The Buff Medways | This Is This | Vinyl Japan | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "The Start" | Moon Gangs | Earth Loop | Village Green
  4. "Avlemonas" | Melquiades | Blue Caves | Scissor & Thread
  5. "Gradients" | Chris Carter | Chemistry Lessons Volume 1 | Mute
  6. "Last Night" | Life on Venus | Lovelife, A Homage To Lush | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  7. "Till The End of Time" | The Buff Medways | This Is This | Vinyl Japan | "Physical Evidence"
  8. "My Right Hand" | Pete Astor | Spilt Milk | Slumberland
  9. "Blue Hill feat. Sandek - Pophop Remix" | Zigan Aldi | 20 Jahre SOS - Jubilaums Compilation | 3000 Grad
  10. "Hometime" | Kwes. | Songs for Midi | WARP
  11. "Natalie's Aquarium Lab" | Mokona | Love in Restricted Areas | Templar Sound
  12. "Space Before Wake" | Aera | The Sound Path | Permanent Vacation
  13. "unother" | Terekke | Improvisational Loops | Music From Memory
  14. "Wind" | Zombie Girlfriend | Fuzzy Feelings Collection | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  15. "Cross Lines" | The Buff Medways | This Is This | Vinyl Japan | "Physical Evidence"
  16. "Sweet Dreams" | Jubl | Thinking Sweet | self-released
  17. "2.3" | Nicklas Sorensen | Solo 2 | El Paraiso
  18. "Find Your Saint" | Pinkshinyultrablast | Miserable Miracles | Club AC30
  19. "May Flowers" | The Sueves | R.I.P. Clearance Event | HoZac
  20. "Teach Me What You Know" | The Buff Medways | This Is This | Vinyl Japan | "Physical Evidence"
  21. "One Evening in July" | Chevel | Always Yours | Different Circles
  22. "Penny Arcade" | Eric Random | Two Faced | Klanggalerie
  23. "Men-an-Toi" | Mark Pritchard | The Four Worlds | WARP
  24. "Castle" | Post Animal | When I Think of You in a Castle | Polyvinyl
  25. "look busy" | Captain Wardrobe | Kronosphere | self-released
  26. "This Is This" | The Buff Medways | This Is This | Vinyl Japan | "Physical Evidence"
  27. "The One with the Emoticon - Yu Su Remix" | Seb Wildblood | The One With (Remixes) | Omena
  28. "Austerity Robbery" | Brian Harris | Red Cow | self-released
  29. "Don't Give Up on Love" | The Buff Medways | This Is This | Vinyl Japan | "Physical Evidence"
  30. "Camminando Qui" | Blaine L. Reininger | The Blue Sleep | Les Disques du Crepuscule
  31. "Permanent Dream" | The National Jazz Trio of Scotland | Standards Vol. IV | Karaoke Kalk
  32. "Intro" | Amen Dunes | Freedom | Sacred Bones
  33. "Away by Fire" | Still Circles | 27 : 36 | Killtone
  34. "After the Dark - Kombinat100 Remix" | Tito & Tarantula | 20 Jahre SOS - Jubilaums Compilation | 3000 Grad
  35. "This Won't Change" | The Buff Medways | This Is This | Vinyl Japan | "Physical Evidence"
  36. "Miss Lucy" | Liz Phair | Girly-Sound to Guyville | Matador
  37. "White Worms Outro" | Weirdest Dream | White Worms | Dopeness Galore

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