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Jul 2018

Maybe Heaven Is All That’s There: Transmission 415, 2018 July 15

July 31, 2018

In_Camera_Fin.jpg An opportunity arose for me to do a stand-in appearance, so in I stood. Not only that, but it was an early-evening show, despite the fact that I've been telling myself for years that I don't work in daylight (that would be Captain Halcyon's role, but he has flown off to "bluer skies," whatever that means). So on at least three levels this was a "throwback" kind of program, the third being that, like the previous outing, I played some stuff I'd played before, and notably long pieces. What can I say? This summer is making me want to regress.

On that note--I thought long and hard about it while the track was playing, and awesome though it is, I don't think I can hear "The Fatal Day" anymore, given some things that are happening. That is rough. I remember first hearing it--of course--in the studio at KDVS, loud enough to make the walls shake. (If you aren't blown away by that experience, there is something wrong with you; there was a Godflesh tune with which I had a similar experience.) It was one of those 4AD summers, of which there seem to have been many. I suspect that multiple people did with favorite records what I proceeded to do with this one--surreptitiously "borrowing" the record from the station's library (a state crime over which you could lose any financial aid you were receiving) so I could tape it at home. Good times! Whatever happened to that stupid, fearless kid? Only the stupid remains, I think.

Should I confess to a criminal offense every time I post a program? That seems like a good journey to embark on.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 July 15, 1900-2100:

  1. "Rocket USA" | Thin White Rope | Bottom Feeders | Zippo
  2. "The Fatal Day" | In Camera | Fin | 4AD
  3. "Flood" | Pell Mell | Flow | SST
  4. "Archimedes" / "Parellelogram" / "Radio Wolna" / "Porpoise" | UBEK | Ubek | Sucata Tapes
  5. "Video 586" | New Order | Video 586 | Touch
  6. "Daily Disco" / "Swing" / "The Evening's Young" / "Pin Ball Cha Cha" | Yello | 1980-1985 The New Mix In One Go | Vertigo
  7. "Ase" | King Sunny Ade | Aura | Mango
  8. "Fire-Eater" | The Wolfgang Press | The Legendary Wolfgang Press and Other Tall Stories | 4AD
  9. "The Gospel Comes to New Guinea" | 23 Skidoo | The Gospel Comes to New Guinea | Fetish
  10. "The Dance #2" | Laraaji | Ambient 3: Day of Radiance | Glitterbeat

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