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Sep 2016

A Cheap Affair, A Sordid Truth: Transmission 297, 2016 August 19

September 2, 2016

manon_meurt.jpg I mentioned in a recent post that the August 8 program, which maybe should not have happened, was a bookend. Here is the other, and again, this program maybe should not have happened. I was filling in for Conference of the Birds, feeling compelled because it was the 19th. You know, a lot of things have happened in my life on the 19th of this or that month. Almost all of them have been bad things. (Thankfully, this show was not a bad thing. It is quite good.)

Maybe some of you don't remember the era of handwritten correspondence, when bad news really did travel slowly. You couldn't get a text or an email or a DM or a "poke" or whatever the latest techno-horror is. Life as you know it might be over, only you wouldn't know it. The truth was on its way. I remember one August when I was blissfully unaware for five days that my heart had been cuisinarted. Is that a liminal state? It was certainly "death from above," I can tell you that.

Good thing I'm over it now.

Technical note: this program was recorded on our new auto-recording software at the station because I was so busy talking to DJ Drew about smartphone plans (there's me, being a luddite again) that I forgot to turn my own recorder on. I think it sounds pretty decent! ALSO there is a hilarious segment in here somewhere in which I give myself a real-time geography lesson. Not to be missed.

BOMBAST playlist, 2016 August 19, 2100-2300:

  1. "Rupture" | Oneirogen | Convivium | Denovali
  2. "Dislocation Is Only The Beginning" | Campbell Irvine | Infrastructure Facticity | Infrastructure New York
  3. "Londawi" | M.A.X. | Beating Heart - Malawi | Beating Heart
  4. "Another Witnessed by Resolution" | Dalhous | Run for the Shadows EP | Lapsus
  5. "Sea Slug" | David Toop | Entities Inertias Faint Beings | Room40
  6. "Lightyears" | Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald | Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald Present Borderland: Transport | Tresor
  7. "Amai Ndinlule" | Unknown Artists | Beating Heart - Malawi (Originals) - Recorded by Hugh Tracey | Beating Heart
  8. "Kulira" | Clap! Clap! | Beating Heart - Malawi | Beating Heart
  9. "Wrong 'Em Boyo" | The Clash | London Calling [reissue] | Columbia - Sony
  10. "Beautiful Daddy" | Ofo and Black Company | Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock, Vol. 1 (1972-1977) | Now-Again
  11. "Corre Riba, Corre Baixo" | Abel Lima | Space Echo (The Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed) | Now-Again
  12. "Time Leaves Us" | Tross | The Walrus EP | Hoga Nord
  13. "To Forget" | Manon Meurt | Manon Meurt | Label Obscura
  14. "Lovewasinme - feat. Kim Gordon" | Wild Style Lion | Wild Style Lion | I'm Single
  15. "She's Leaving" | Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark | Dazzle Ships (Live at the Museum of Liverpool) | White Noise
  16. "Morning Crisis" | Vaghe Stelle | The Full Steam Ahead: The Prologue | Other People
  17. "Leavin' Here" | The Fire Dept. | L'Oeuf D'Or | M'Lady's
  18. "State IIX_Interlude II" | Roger23 | Extended Play | Ilian Tape
  19. "The Change" | Baldo | The Change | Good Ratio
  20. "Eyes" | My Nu Leng | Beating Heart - Malawi | Beating Heart
  21. "God's Not A Dick" | 50footwave | Bath White | HHBTM
  22. "The Believers" | Jack Ketch and the Crowmen | Brimfull of Hate | M'Lady's
  23. "Bitching Song" | Little Annie | Trace | Tin Angel
  24. "Ildefons" | Camera | Phantom of Liberty | Bureau B
  25. "Lewasi Ndijarabasu" | Unknown Artists | Beating Heart - Malawi (Originals) - Recorded by Hugh Tracey | Beating Heart
  26. "KILL" | Brian Harris | Impossible Songs | self-released
  27. "Corralito" | Christian Naujoks | Wave | Dial
  28. "Your Cradle" | Trux | Trux | Office Recordings
  29. "Ceres" | ASC | The Farthest Reaches | Auxiliary

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