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Jul 2013

A Guy Called Destruction: Transmission 45, 2013 July 17

July 22, 2013

 Biff-Bang-Pow-Oblivion-291982.jpgOur return to Wednesday night is marked by the first appearance of Biff Bang Pow! on the program. Also, Lady Catharsis re-enters the picture, bringing with her a couple of "latin" -eqsue -ish tunes, sort of. Elsewhere, there's a bunch of Kenyan stuff--I told you that Kenya Special was great--as well as new tunes by Franck Roger, Part Time, H-SIK, and the "criminally underplayed" Survival.

It felt a little old-school as I botched a bunch of things--totally blanking on DJ Sean's name, identifying the band behind "So Many Times, So Many Ways" as "Mount Kimble," and mistaking "Thriller," a mere song on that John Hughes Daydream record, for the album title. At least I confessed to some "lazy research" on Cheick Hamala Diabate, so my incompetence is honest in spirit. Oh, and the 13 seconds of dead air prior to that Biff Bang Pow! track? Just a side-effect of how I earned my nickname for the evening. Nothing to see here.

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 July 17, 2100-2300:

  1. Franck Roger: "Calixto" [Circus Company]
  2. Biff Bang Pow!: "In a Mourning Town" [Creation] / "Physical Evidence"
  3. Nairobi Matata Jazz: Mapenzi Hayana Daktari - Frankie Francis Edit" [Soundway]
  4. Halo Halo: "Wooden Box" [Upset the Rhythm]
  5. Burial + Four Tet: "Moth" [Text]
  6. Rans Bol's Ghana Highlife Band: "Gbonimawo" [Honest Jon's]
  7. Bomba Estero: "Pa' Respirar" [Soundway]
  8. Mariachi El Bronx: "Everything Dies" [ATO] / "Listening Parlour"
  9. Sweet Breeze: "Miss Patience (Without Patience)" [Tembo]
  10. Biff Bang Pow!: "7 Seconds" [Creation] / "Physical Evidence"
  11. H-SIK: "No Promises" [Black Acre]
  12. Marty Robbins: "El Paso" [Columbia] / "Listening Parlour"
  13. Biff Bang Pow!: "A Girl Called Destruction" [Creation] / "Physical Evidence"
  14. Sophia Ben & The Eagles Lupopo: "See Serere" [Soundway]
  15. Sagat: "Port" [Vlek]
  16. The Rift Valley Brothers: "Mu Africa" [Soundway]
  17. Survival: "Original Pain" [Thrill Jockey]
  18. Biff Bang Pow!: "Baby Sister" [Creation] / "Physical Evidence"
  19. Slava: "Crazy Bout U" [Software]
  20. Cheick Hamala Diabate: "Fatou Kounkoun Sissoko (Sol Power All Stars Mix)" [Electric Cowbell]
  21. Andy Cato: " Palermo By Night" [R & S / Apollo]
  22. John Hughes Daydream: "7th Wave" [Cut Mistake]
  23. Mount Kimbie: "So Many Times, So Many Ways" [Warp]
  24. Biff Bang Pow!: "I'm Still Waiting for My Time" [Creation] / "Physical Evidence"
  25. Part Time: "I Want to Go" [Mexican Summer]

next time: if we carry on like this, we'll end up like King Crimson. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis