A Place in Space-Time Where It Is Still and Always 1987: Transmission 264, 2016 February 24


Cb_M-ahUMAEwChojpg-large.jpeg Technical notes: there were some well-conceived segues in this dynamic broadcast. The airplay computer was doing a new and weird thing wherein it was squelching the beginning of all of Junior's voiceovers. It sounds really, really dumb, and doesn't get better. Sorry about that.

Diary: in the early days of the internet, before Discogs was a thing, I probably spent more time hunting a copy of the Nightlands compilation than any other record I own. It's not even on "heavy rotation" in my life--it was and is simply a core memory. At least that is what I decided at some point, so I had to have it. I owned an old issue of Music From the Empty Quarter, in about 1991 or 1992, which contained a mail-order listing including this record. "Fool, you should have bought it then," I would tell myself. I don't speak nicely to myself.

I finally found a copy on the now defunct GEMM.com. Its owner was this weird but nice lady in Montreal who took FOREVER in getting it to me--she wanted my assurance that this record would be getting a good home. She wanted correspondence. I had never before, and have not since, auditioned to own a recording. [Wait, that is not exactly true, but I will get in trouble for discussing it here.] Anyway, Lady Catharsis can testify that every morning before sunrise, on our walk to the bus stop, I would grumble incessantly about this record and how it wasn't in my hands yet even though I had paid for it. It was getting depressing. I was losing my ability to function. This is one of my many failures as a professional.

She can also testify that I am just "like that" when it comes to mail order. It may not be for me. I want things RIGHT DAMN NOW. I am currently awaiting about a half-dozen "gifts" that have been so long in coming that I'm not even sure I will be able to enjoy them when they arrive.

By comparison, the new 2XLP of Blue Moon got here in a hurry, and it is thoroughly enjoyable!

BOMBAST playlist, 2016 February 24, 2100-2300:

  1. "Ethiopia Land" | Peter & Paul | Mr. Perry I Presume | Pressure Sounds
  2. "Half Deepmen" | Biting Tongues | Nightlands | Final Image | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "Snadne Ziti" | Fat | Citron | Cat Dog Mouse
  4. "From Russia with Love" | Byron Lee & The Dragonaires | Uptown Top Ranking | VP
  5. "POP" | Aardvarck | CO IN CI | Skudge
  6. "Do This" | Pump | Nightlands | Final Image | "Physical Evidence"
  7. "Missing in Action" | The Comsat Angels | Waiting for a Miracle |  Edsel
  8. "Go" | The Replacements | Stink | Twin/Tone
  9. "New York, 1940" | Gush | Nightlands | Final Image | "Physical Evidence"
  10. "Grundig" | Deepchord | Ultraviolet Music | Soma
  11. "In the Shade" | AOU | Gordo Laika | Soft Touch
  12. "Barbara Castle Festival Hall" | Volcano the Bear | Commencing | Miasmah
  13. "First Soundtrack" | Human Flesh | Nightlands | Final Image | "Physical Evidence"
  14. "Cause I'm Freezing" | Die Goldenen Zitronen | Flogging a Dead Frog | Altin Village & Mine
  15. "Permanent Defeat (Alter Echo Dub Mix)" | El Mahdy Jr. | Family Album 2016 | Boomarm Nation
  16. "Placid" | Recondite | Placid | Acid Test / Absurd
  17. "Marshland (for KB)" | Brian Harris | Behind the Mask | self-released
  18. "Green Is the Colour of the Prophet" | Muslimgauze | Nightlands | Final Image | "Physical Evidence"
  19. "Thorium" | M.E.S.H. | Piteous Gate | PAN
  20. "Sight of You" | Pale Saints | Still in a Dream - A Story of Shoegaze | Cherry Red
  21. "Hail! Mary" | The Devil and the Universe | Benedicere | Rustblade
  22. "Zone" | Mute Calm | Nightlands | Final Image | "Physical Evidence"
  23. "Unemployed" | Black Wing | ...Is Doomed | The Flenser
  24. "Where the Bees Come To Die" | Boy From The Crowd | Where the Bees Come To Die | Public Pressure
  25. "Glued" | Guzzard | The Color of Noise | Robellion
  26. "Thing Called Love (Don't Fight)" | Singers & Players | Revenge of the Underdog | On-U Sound
  27. "Blue Line" | Best Available Technology | Family Album 2016 | Boomarm Nation
  28. "Flowers from the Lake" | Underspreche | Split | Optimo Trax
  29. "Green Finger Swinger" | Breathless | Blue Moon | Tenor Vossa

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