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Jul 2018

Astonishing Empathy, or So It Says Here: Transmission 411, 2018 June 6

July 13, 2018

23215865_1716405128378676_2729871260342253206_o.jpg Finally healthy, I deliver another well-executed program on this night. I might also say "well conceived," but there is a solid ROCK BLOCK in the middle of it. "There was an hour where I was really enjoying your show," Lady Catharsis tells me. I have no doubt what part she means. Nor do I have any idea how that happened. Admittedly, it's a decent hour.

Doing standard commercial dj things ("rock blocks," "two-fer Tuesdays," "gettin' the Led out," etc.) has never really interested me, though I have been fascinated with deejaying since I was young, and I wouldn't mind if one of these days I managed to get a satin jacket or something like that out of it. One time when I was a kid my family was eating in a pizza parlour and I spotted some grown up wearing an honest-to-goodness satin jacket with a local radio station's logo emblazoned on the back. These things really existed. I went up and talked to the guy--I was maybe 11 or 12--and sure enough he was an on-air personality that I knew. Strangely, though he was not what I would call unfriendly, he was more interested in playing "Asteroids," or whatever, than in talking to me. I wonder whatever happened to the guy, whose name I of course don't remember. And I wonder whatever happened to me, that I am now deejaying for no money and not even really any swag, and not terribly interested in talking to the kids.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 June 6, 2100-2300:

  1. "Untitled Three" | Tlim Shug | Untitled | Bobby Donny
  2. "A Paddle Around the Drowned World" | Other Lands | Pattern Transform | Firecracker
  3. "Undress" | Somewhen | AFL | Ostgut Ton
  4. "Spotlight" | Baloji | 137 Avenue Kaniama | Bella Union
  5. "ceremony" | Captain Wardrobe | Kronosphere | self-released
  6. "Moths" | 14 Iced Bears | 14 Iced Bears [reissue] | Optic Nerve
  7. "The Machine" | Helios Creed | On the Dark Side of the Sun | Klanggalerie
  8. "obviously gone" | Brian Harris | Washed Up Man | self-released
  9. "You Should Always Keep in Touch with Your Friends" | The Wedding Present | Marc Riley Sessions Volume 2 | Hatch
  10. "Tire Eyes" | Post Animal | When I Think of You in a Castle | Polyvinyl
  11. "Smile" | The Fall | Perverted By Language | Superior Viaduct
  12. "Cosmic Rupture" | Mythic Sunship | Upheaval | El Paraiso
  13. "We & We in Azawad" | Mdou Moctar meets Elite Beat | FAMILY ALBUM 2018 | Boomarm Nation
  14. "When I Die" | The Autumn Sighs | Lovelife, A Homage To Lush | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  15. "Solitude" | Up High Collective | Solitude | Tangram
  16. "Scarlet" | Blackpool Astronomy | Lovelife, A Homage To Lush | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  17. "Red Indians" | Felt | The Splendour of Fear [Reissue] | Cherry Red
  18. "Wildschweinbraten" | Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet | Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet | Purple Pyramid
  19. "Withdrawal" | Sicayda | Fuzzy Feelings Collection | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  20. "Roy's Garage" | Trux | Orbiter | Avenue 66
  21. "Audax" | Answer Code Request | Gens | Ostgut Ton
  22. "Today I" | Trudge | Negative Spaces | Lost Palms
  23. "Slowly Descend into Madness" | Stillhead | Copenhagen | Brightest Dark Place
  24. "Transmission - LAPB Extended Version" | Tilbury | Execution | Radio Bongo

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