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Sep 2013

Bed Music: Transmission 58, 2013 August 31

September 4, 2013

trisomie21shiftaway.jpgThis program aired live at the end of a miserable, sticky day typical of Ithaca summer. Lady Catharsis and I raced over, full of meat from a barbecue party we had just attended. We proceeded to spin a dazzling collection of 45rpm records, although it could have been even more dazzling had we been a bit more careful.

I turned 45 this past week. This is not news--anyone could have deduced my age from the anecdotes I've left here and there on the site. Fellow Board Member Nicholas asked me, at the beginning of the week, "Are you going to do all 45s? I missed that chance." That sounded haunting, almost like the hammer and bell in The Magician's Nephew or something. I didn't want to go through life wondering what might have been. Of course, the week's regularly scheduled BOMBAST had been the A.R.Kane Hall of Legends induction. But there was "free airtime" Saturday night [aside--there's been way too much of that this summer], and LC actually wanted to do a show while Catharsis Junior was at a friend's slumber party, so there you are. The answer to the question I pose early on in the program is "definitely not sad."

Things we would have played, had they not turned out to be 33 1/3 RPM after all: two that I don't want to give away, since they will be "Listening Parlour" selections on the next regular program--have to use up that turkey somehow. Also, something by Lee "Scratch" Perry [btw thanks, Mojo Magazine, for giving your readers the worst vinyl format possible, that was almost as awesome as the time you didn't put James Brown on the cover when he died], and also this, by Hall of Legends inductees Dif Juz, which someone stashed away in the wrong record sleeve.

Anyway, what would the program be without crises, mistakes, and mistake-fueled crises?

BOMBAST playlist, 2013 August 31, 1900-2100:

format = "Song Title" | Artist | Release Title | Label

  1. "Baby I Love You So" | Colourbox | Baby I Love You So | 4AD
  2. "Rocket USA" | Loop | Wolf Flow | Reactor
  3. "What She Said" | The Smiths | Shakespeare's Sister | Rough Trade
  4. "Shift Away" | Trisomie 21 | Shift Away | Play It Again Sam | "Physical Evidence"
  5. "The Key" | Kristin Hersh | Your Ghost | 4AD
  6. "Don't Go (Remix and Re-Remix)" | Yaz | Don't Go | Sire
  7. "Waiting for the Man" | Bauhaus | Ziggy Stardust | Beggars Banquet
  8. "Dance Away" | Roxy Music | Dance Away | Atco
  9. "Jakarta" | Trisomie 21 | Shift Away | Play It Again Sam | "Physical Evidence"
  10. "Friday Night, Saturday Morning" | The Specials | Ghost Town | Two-Tone
  11. "Rocket USA" | Thin White Rope | Bottom Feeders | Zippo
  12. "Good Vibrations" | Psychic TV | The Magickal Mystery D-Tour EP | Temple
  13. "Give It To Me" | Rick James | Give It To Me | Gordy - Motown
  14. "Thieves Like Us (instrumental)" | New Order | Murder | Factory Benelux
  15. "Waiting for the Man" | Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark | Messages | DinDisc
  16. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" | Joy Division | Love Will Tear Us Apart | Factory
  17. "Ravishing Delight" | Trisomie 21 | Shift Away | Play It Again Sam | "Physical Evidence"
  18. "Nancy Sin" | Beat Happening | Nancy Sin | Sub Pop
  19. "We Got the Beat" | Poison Idea | Taken By Surprise | Sub Pop
  20. "Primitive Painters" | Felt | Primitive Painters | Cherry Red

next time: back to the usual Bombast hullabaloo, finally.