Black Holes Are Eating Up The Light, Big Deal: Transmission 161, 2014 October 25


shriekbackjamscience.jpegOur station's computer needed some TLC on a Saturday night--I don't know how that phrase turned out, but that's about as succinctly as I could render it. As usual, when I have to do some such thing, I like to do a show as well, so here is my gift to the world. The newly-reissued [on CD, of all things--how retro!] Jam Science by Shriekback is our "Physical Evidence"--I brought in my vinyl copy of an album which, for years, topped my "wish it were on CD" list. Thank you, Ironic Fairies of Time, for making this happen, I guess?

At the moment of writing, I have logged 90 programs since the one-year anniversary of this show last November. That is a lot of programs, you guys. Assuming a one-show-per-week schedule, it means that I'd do nearly 40 shows a year if I adopted the "pop-up only" idea I had a few months ago [co-program director Nicholas talked me down from that ledge]. It does make one think existentially. What am I doing, hanging out at the station by myself on a Saturday night? "You know how I feel about it," says Lady Catharsis, "but it is nice to see a grown man smile." I totally agree! If only we could find a grown man somewhere around here.

In other, more personal news, I'm a little upset. A little bird tells me that according to one person at the station I am one of three "white guys who squash everyone's good ideas." In fairness, this person was apparently hammered while sharing this opinion, and we all know how alcohol makes you say a bunch of things you've never actually thought. I don't know where to start with that except to point out that until roused by anger I don't have the energy to squash much of anything. But as it is my best, most creative energy, I suggest you strap in for a run of good programs. This could fuel me for a while.

Also, as I was writing this, I just received a phone call from a MUSICAL LUMINARY, so big things are in the offing, which is smile-worthy no matter how mature you are.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 October 25, 2200-0000:

  1. "O/A" | Future 3 | With & Without | Morr
  2. "Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years" | Half Man Half Biscuit | Saucy Haulage Ballads | Probe Plus
  3. "Ombele (Makossa)" | Karl Hector & The Malcouns | Unstraight Ahead | Now-Again
  4. "Light Realms" | Egokind & Ozean | Transition | Traum
  5. "Partyline" | Shriekback | Jam Science | Arista | "Physical Evidence"
  6. "Shaman Champagne" | Second Storey | Double Divide | Houndstooth
  7. "Traps" | Roberto Clementi | Bonton, Pt. 2 | Echocord Colour
  8. "Kawanga" | Los Straitjackets | Deke Dickerson Sings The Great Instrumental Hits | Yep Rock
  9. "SM Revelation" | King Champion Sounds | Songs For The Golden Hour | Louder Than War
  10. "Chapullers Revenge" | Anomie | Permanent Revelation | All In Your Mind
  11. "Cemetery At St. Edaccur" | You Still Have Friends | Close EP | Transition
  12. "Newhome" | Shriekback | Jam Science | Arista | "Physical Evidence"
  13. "Meva" | Vaudou Game | Apiafo | Hot Casa
  14. "Rosso Dew" | Call Super | Suzi Ecto | Houndstooth
  15. "skip blush" | Felicita | Frenemies | Gum
  16. "Black Metal" | Soft Pink Truth | Why Do The Heathen Rage? | Thrill Jockey
  17. "Under The Lights" / "My Careful Hands" | Shriekback | Jam Science | Arista | "Physical Evidence"
  18. "Scent" | Boska | Santa Cruz EP | Studio Barnhus
  19. "Bwameawe" | Ngozi Family | Day of Judgement | Now-Again
  20. "Believe This Dub" | Lee "Scratch" Perry | Back On The Controls | Rolling Lion - Upsetter
  21. "True Love Will Find You In The End" | Raz Ohara | Moksha | Album Label
  22. "His Family Has Been Informed" | The Nightingales | For Fuck's Sake | self-released
  23. "One Kiss" | Ravioli Me Away | The Inevitable Album | Good Job
  24. "Rendez-vous" | Conforce | Depth Over Distance | Delsin
  25. "Reggae Fi Radni" | Linton Kwesi Johnson with the Dennis Bovell Dub Band | Di Eagle An Di Bear | Righteous Reggae
  26. "What's Fruit" | Schlammpeitziger | What's Fruit? | Pingipung
  27. "The Other Face" | Fennesz | Venice | Touch

next time: let all the bells in whoredom ring. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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