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Dec 2012

Bombast meets Sapsquatch: Transmission 4, 2012.12.08

December 13, 2012

[UPDATE 2013 Feb 17: Realized that final track of show was actually a repeat of "Real Gone Crazy Dub." This program is archived now, so a golden moment lives forever.]

At times, it was difficult to get people to commit to airtime during the WRFI fundraiser.  We were / are a bit understaffed, not everyone has programming ideas or a "concept" for an ongoing program, others have ideas for programs but aren't ready to roll them out yet, people have better things to do with their Saturday afternoons [not me, of course], and so on.  This is one of two instances in which I stepped in to fill a void.  I just loaded up my case with a bunch of random reggae and ska collections.  Naturally, the lack of planning led to a great show.

"Sapsquatch" is not a person but a side venture undertaken by Josh, who is now a friend of the program.  We had a really good conversation, both on and off-air.  He'll be back on the show, and we're hoping he also gets a show of his own.

Meanwhile: if you're living in the Ithaca / Watkins Glen / Odessa area, consider "liking" Gardens 4 Humanity and attending their Pop-Up Kitchen series.  I really do miss the ABC Cafe, despite how deadpan I sound at the moment I say it.

Lots of mistakes during this show--playing the wrong track on a cd, etc.  "No show would be complete," and all that.  No "Listening Parlour" selections this time out due to short notice.  Sorry, peeps, you're stuck with me.

BOMBAST playlist, 2012 December 8, 4-ish-6 p.m.

  1. Little Roy: "Bongo Nyah" [Heartbeat]
  2. King Tubby and the Aggrovators: "Real Gone Crazy Dub" [Blood and Fire]
  3. Nana McLean: "Don't Worry About Me" [Heartbeat]
  4. The Gladiators: "Know Yourself Mankind" [Front Line / Caroline]
  5. The Heptones: "Book of Rules" [Mango]
  6. Keith Hudson: "Michael Talbot Affair" [Blood and Fire]
  7. Dub Specialist: "Banana Walk" [Heartbeat]
  8. U Roy: "Runaway Girl" [Mango]
  9. I Roy: "Black Man's Time" [Music Club]
  10. Lord Tanamo: "I'm in the Mood for Ska" [Trojan]
  11. Prince Buster: "Judge Dread" [Dojo]
  12. The Cables: "Baby Why" [Heartbeat]
  13. Little Joe: "Tradition Skank" [Blood and Fire]
  14. Lee "Scratch" Perry: "Satan Dub" [ROIR]
  15. Prince Far I: "Message from the King" [Front Line / Virgin]
  16. The Ethiopians: "Reggae Hit the Town" [Mango]
  17. Leroy Smart: "Ballistic Affair" [Mango]
  18. Ini Kamoze: "Trouble You A Trouble Me" [Mango]
  19. The Maytones: "Money Worries" [Palm]
  20. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation Upsetters: "The Tackro" [Attack]
  21. Horace Andy: "Problems" [Pressure Sounds]
  22. Harry J All Stars: "Liquidator" [Music Club]
  23. The Untouchables: "Tighten Up" [Trojan]
  24. Prince Philip and the Musical Intimidators: "Falling Dub" [Blood and Fire]

next time: a visit from the Goddess of the Underworld.  Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis