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Jul 2015

Cruising Altitude Departure 12, 2014 October 25

July 1, 2015[GUEST POST]

Greetings, friends, Captain Halcyon checking in. It is now summer, the prime season, in my reckoning. Interminable daytime, nights without relief, inescapable drones--that's what it's all about. This "recurring" program, such as it is, would be nothing without it.

I have been working on "branding," and am wondering how this catchphrase strikes you: "music for breathing deeply and pretending the bad things aren't happening." The truth, I have always believed, is what people want to hear. Anyway, I am open to other suggestions.

This sound file is an autumnal program, literally; it seems the bad things were happening, as I seem to have had World War I on the brain. Mud and dead leaves will do that to me. There are some nice passages in here, though, and I'm not even talking about the "aesthetic beauty of death," whatever that might be.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2014 October 25, 1400-1500:

  1. "Eclipse" | Egokind & Ozean | Transition | Traum
  2. "Hanging On The Wire" | PJ Harvey | Let England Shake | Vagrant
  3. "Coney Storm Drain" | Call Super | Suzi Ecto | Houndstooth
  4. "Guelles cassees" | Tindersticks | Ypres | Lucky Dog
  5. "City Of Light" | Fennesz | Venice (10th Anniversary Edition) | Touch
  6. "Ozymandias" | Camera | Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide | Bureau B
  7. "Benares Crescent" | Cedric Stevens | Hanging In the Wires | Discrepant
  8. "Teil 2" | Monoton | Monotonprodukt 02 | Desire
  9. "Ostbanhof, Spatzen" | Maxim Wolzyn | Intercity Express | SVS
  10. "Alter LFO (Interlude IV)" | Chogori | Chogori | Modularfield
  11. "Meet Your Creator" | Oneohtrix Point Never | Commissions I | Warp
  12. "Lamptest" | Anjou | Anjou | Kranky

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