Cruising Altitude Departure 14, 2014 November 22


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I have been watching too many TED talk videos of late. Granted, often "too many" can mean "one," but I have been on a sort of kick. Trying to make oneself feel better through video is not a thing I have found to work, in any situation. So I thought I would maybe share a few tunes, you know, do something halfway outgoing, and see how that turned out.

This program dates from a long, long, long time ago, but as Kid Catharsis has tried to explain to me in his secondhand way, there is no universal "now." To fast-forward through the argument, I am relieved of guilt related to negligence. There is no way in this particular universe that this program could post at another time.

On the other hand, I suppose I should not take encouragement from the compliments I received when this program first aired, one from a teacher of experimental music. These listeners had no choice in the matter either.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2014 November 22, 1400-1500:

  1. "The Friend I've Lost" | Ernesto Ferreyra | Some Kind of Sign | Cadenza
  2. "4" | Conrad Schnitzler | Gelb | Bureau B
  3. "IX" | Raspberry Bulbs | Privacy | Blackest Ever Black
  4. "HTH020 - The Haxan Cloak's Cloud of Witness" | Akkord | HTH030 | Houndstooth
  5. "Warm Bodies" | Herva | Instant Broadcast | Delsin
  6. "Berth" | BNJMN | Coil | Delsin
  7. "Stara Rzeka" | Stara Rzeka | Stara Rzeka | Infinite Greyscale
  8. "Diploid" | Nurse With Wound & Graham Bowers | Diploid (Parade Epilogue) | Red Wharf
  9. "En Masse" | Locsil | Sea Island | kranky

heavy dose of HB

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