Cruising Altitude Departure 16, 2015 April 1


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Captain Halcyon reporting. This is an April Fools' program that caught everyone by surprise. Listeners were meant to hear a local program about making "abundance," or something like that, but were treated to another kind of vacuity altogether. I did what I could--I was working on short notice.

It pleases me to listen back to this program, nearly a year later, in another sunlit time. The "dream" of this program, as it were, is herein realized--this is not the only instance, just the most recent one. Kid Catharsis, my gracious host at this podcast site, tells me that he thinks my show is better than his. From him it's a rare compliment--he never seems to have nice things to say about anyone.

A guest graced the studio during this broadcast--I don't think you can hear the extra person, but through some kind of magic an extra presence should nevertheless influence this outing.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2015 April 1, 1200-1300:

  1. "Absorb" | Jonas Munk | Absorb / Fabric / Cascade | El Paraiso
  2. "66 and Fading" | OMD | Dazzle Ships | Virgin - Telegraph
  3. "Just Like Everybody" | 23 Skidoo | Tearing Up the Plans | Pineapple - Fetish
  4. "Sendme" | Brighton | Air Texture Volume IV | Air Texture
  5. "Candy Bullets and Moon" | Meredith Monk | Better an Old Demon Than a New God | Giorno Poetry Systems
  6. "Invocation" | Cabaret Voltaire | Eight Crepuscule Tracks | Giant
  7. "Vanished in Tromso" | Legowelt | Air Texture Volume IV | Air Texture
  8. "19 Headaches" | Autechre | Peel Session 2 | Warp

matching interiors.

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