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Jan 2017

Cruising Altitude Departure 19, 2016 March 13

January 25, 2017

cruising_altitude_20160313.jpg[GUEST POST]

Dear Bombasticons, I am back! Momentarily, at least. Here, as my colleague "kid catharsis" would say, a program from a universe that has now closed down. I need hardly point out that I don't remember the exact background circumstances, be they political or cultural or emotional. Clearly, though, this was a springtime broadcast, and it is unnaturally warm right now, as it probably always will be, "going forward," so it seems appropriate enough.

All that said, it sounds to me like this was an almost playful program, and I especially enjoyed the shortness of the playlist and the duration of the tunes. One of these days we will do a program that is just one hour-long tune--at least if I am permitted on the air in the future. There have been other broadcasts since this one, but I don't have a regular airtime at the moment.

Personal note: in real and virtual life the past few days (and indeed our entire new epoch) have been characterized by panic and disc(h)ord. It is important that we hang on to the friends we have, and forgive our trespasses while there is still time.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2016 March 13, 1500-1600 EDT:

  1. "Buddha Machine 5 loop 02" | FM3 | Buddha Machine 5 | CVMK
  2. "Watertowers" | Steve Hauschildt | Air Texture Vol. IV | Air Texture
  3. "Mahler Remix 2" | Fennesz | Mahler Remix | Touch
  4. "The Byte of Spring Parts 1-4" | Edward Ka-Spel | The Byte of Spring | Bandcamp self-release

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