Cruising Altitude Departure 22, 2016 September 11


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Captain Halcyon here, with my weekly report (as is usual these days). I have brought with me a sound file that represents my (temporary) return to a regular time slot. My program began in late summer, four years ago, and if I stray from it, late summer reminds me of why I do it. This broadcast ranks as one of my favorites. Turns out, I am not as averse to words as it might seem (I have noticed that most of my shows seem to obey a "no words" / "no drums" rule).

Here is a secret I would like to share with you: like "Kid Catharsis," I am cursed with remembering the calendar date on which a really good or really bad thing happens in my personal life. If you don't suffer this curse, you are fortunate. The dates pile up to the point where it is just one observance after another. At any rate, I am embarking on a life project of reclaiming these calendar dates by doing something positive on the "bad" ones. Now, if I can only talk my gracious host into trying this along with me.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2016 September 11, 1700-1800 EDT:

  1. "Ready Let's Go" | Boards of Canada | Geogaddi | WARP
  2. "Words You Said" | Deru | Trying to Remember | Merck
  3. "Rising Waters (alone in the dark)" | Kate Carr | I Had Myself a Nuclear Spring | Rivertones
  4. "Irae" | Gonzo | Dies Irae [reissue] | Discrepant
  5. "Untitled" | Burial | Burial | Hyperdub
  6. "Hedera" | Lesley Flanigan | Hedera | Physical Editions
  7. "Surface de Glace" | Circles | Structures (Unreleased Material 1985-1989) | Bureau B

keep breathing

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