Cruising Altitude Departure 23, 2016 September 18


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Captain Halcyon here, pressed into service on a day when kid catharsis "can't get it together," as he is fond of saying, to post something. Well--I happen to sit on a backlog of radio broadcasts from late summer and early fall, and here is one. I listened to this today, and to my surprise, it made me a little bit sad. I cannot analyze this and don't want to. But it feels safe to speculate that perhaps my mind was elsewhere and this program is not the "downer" I initially felt it to be. Or, perhaps it is, if that is your thing. I don't wish to scare you away.

As I write this, the weather outside is "halcyonic," if I may be so bold as to say that. Blue skies, a bit of chill, thawing snow: a good day for this content, and since I am not scheduled to do a live program, perhaps a perfect day for a listen. Do be sure you take some kind of "Mindflight" or other.

More soon.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2016 September 18, 1700-1800 EDT:

  1. "The Process" | Dave Ball & Jon Savage | Photosynthesis | Cold Spring
  2. "Harmonics" | Fridge | Brain in the Wire | Brainwashed
  3. "Agnus Dei" | The Durutti Column | Keep Breathing | Artful
  4. "Zephyr" | Loscil | Plume | kranky
  5. "Eurene" | Matisse | Kairos | In Paradisum
  6. "O'cean Dream" | Matthewdavid's Mindflight | Trust the Glide and Guide | Leaving
  7. "Treefingers" | Radiohead | Kid A | Parlophone
  8. "Spread Your Arms" | Deru | Trying to Remember | Merck
  9. "Three Sided" | Sybarite | Brain in the Wire | Brainwashed

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