Cruising Altitude Departure 25, 2016 October 2




It's Captain Halcyon, posting again, feeling like I should apologize for doing this so much. This is becoming a residency! It was never meant to be that. However, I have more programs to share with you, and this is one. This was a warm, wet October day; kid catharsis and I are agreed that such weather is the worst Ithaca has to offer. Good to be in the "cockpit" at the station and not airborne. And a good selection of tunes I brought with me--fewer "standards" and more spread out, I think. Natural Snow Buildings--I was wishing for something that was not going to happen, but what else is new?

Today, it struck me that I chose the right "career," because "flight" is my natural response to almost every kind of stress and tension! It explains a lot.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2016 October 2, 1700-1800 EDT:

  1. "Whisper to the Wind" | The Durutti Column | Idiot Savants | Artful
  2. "Disquiet, Pt. 3" | John Bence | Disquiet | Other People
  3. "Il Mare" | Architectural | Amour | Wolfskuil
  4. "April" | Anton Kubikov | Pop Ambient 2016 | Kompakt
  5. "Facing South" | Landing | Third Sight | El Paraiso
  6. "New Misfortunes" | K. Leimer | Re-Enact | Palace of Lights
  7. "Second December" | John Chantler | Which Way To Leave? | Room40
  8. "How To Bring a Blush to the Snow" | Cocteau Twins | Victorialand | 4AD
  9. "Next Door" | Deru | Trying to Remember | Merck
  10. "Milepost 4" | Strategy | Seeds of Paradise | Idle Hands
  11. "Forest of Doshi" | Asian Psilocybe Foundation | Water Vein EP | Mental Groove
  12. "The Rising Portal" | Natural Snow Buildings | Terror's Horns | Ba Da Bing!

is there anyone on the air

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