Cruising Altitude Departure 27, 2016 October 23


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Captain Halcyon, checking in with my penultimate show from last fall. Winter and the time change were approaching, making the 5 to 6pm hour progressively darker and unsuitable for these sonic flights. At least that is how I feel, and this is my time and space for self-expression. This particular program also happened to fall during the WRFI fundraiser; this week I was joined by the head honcho, the General Manager, Felix. For some reason he mistakenly referred to me as "Jim" --who on earth is that? I need hardly point out that we raised no money for the station. [Sigh.] I suppose I might have to dismantle my aircraft and sell it for parts at some point, which, I must say, is a more wholesome revenue-generating idea than the one kid catharsis has.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2016 October 23, 1700-1800 EDT:

  1. "Casual Encounter / Formal Encounter" | Pinkcourtesyphone | Sentimental Something | Important
  2. "Es. 30" | Carl Craig | More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art | SSR
  3. "Weiter" | Keith Fullerton Whitman | Peace (For Mom) | Brainwashed
  4. "Slo-Glyde" | The Durutti Column | Return of the Sporadic Recordings | Kooky
  5. "Closed Circuit" | Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani | FRKWYS Vol. 13: Sunergy | RVNG
  6. "Sectomy" | Best Available Technology | Air Texture Volume IV | Air Texture
  7. "Channel Skimming Spirits" | Ondness | Quase Driven | Seagrave
  8. "Dreams Are Like Water" | This Mortal Coil | Blood | 4AD
  9. "Distance" | Lake People | Purposely Uncertain Field | Permanent Vacation

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