Cruising Altitude Departure 7, 2014 June 27


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Halcyon here. What a crazy six months it has been. I have been doing radio all too often, and too regularly. I should be singing as the birds do, but these "volunteer" situations have a way of roping you in.

Anyway, this program was the first time I had guests in the cockpit proper. They seemed to enjoy themselves. For my part, I improvised more than perhaps I should have, and that always seems to mean living in the past.

I hope this warm-weather program brings cheer to you in this cold-weather season. May all your dreams be "of the inmost light!"

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2014 June 27, 1900-2000:

  1. "Rhodes Viola Multiple" | Keith Fullerton Whitman | Antithesis | kranky
  2. "Critique of the Beautiful" | Steve Hauschildt | S/H | Editions Mego
  3. "Sediment" | Oval | Voa | EOVA
  4. "Lesser Than The Sum Of Its Parts" | Rafael Anton Irisarri | The Unintentional Sea | Room40
  5. "Premonition 34" | The Legendary Pink Dots | The Creature that Tasted Sound | self-released
  6. "Black & White Jesus" | Biting Tongues | Compressor | Factory
  7. "Moments of Being (Reprise)" | Dr. Calculus | Designer Beatnik | 10
  8. "A Dream Of TheInmostLight (For Christoph Heemann)" | Current 93 | Foxtrot | Chalice

more soon.

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