Cruising Altitude Departure 8, 2014 August 8


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Halcyon here, still chronicling the summer. I see that six weeks had passed between my previous flight and this one. It is reassuring that I refused to conform to the schedule I was assigned. No one can miss me if I don't go away.

It looks like I borrowed some of Kid Catharsis's records for this particular program. I see a lot of things on this playlist that I had been meaning to spin, at some point, but did not get to until this particular departure. "Liquid Light Forms," indeed. They are in my line of vision all the time.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2014 August 8, 1900-2000:

  1. "M'Bondo" | Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe | Timon Irnok Manta | Type Vinyl
  2. "Heroic" | Oval | Voa | EOVA
  3. "Straβenlanterne" | Takeshi Nishimoto | Lavandula | Sonic Pieces
  4. "Prism Buzzard" | Edvard Graham Lewis | All Over | Editions Mego
  5. "Labrum" | Sean Pineiro | Saved Once Twice | KI
  6. "Mille Viviers" | Opera Mort | Dedales | Alter
  7. "Popol Vuh III" | Flying Saucer Attack | Chorus | Drag City
  8. "Hoosick" | Koen Holtcamp | Liquid Light Forms | Barge
  9. "Vapourware 05" | Donato Dozzy | Plays Bee Mask | Spectrum Spools

unusual interest in terrain.

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