Cruising Altitude, Departure 1: 2013 September 1


captainhalcyon.jpg[GUEST POST]

Hello to all lovers of BOMBAST. I have a podcast I'd like to share with you. This won't be a regular feature, just a thing that happens now and again.

My DJ handle is Captain Halcyon. "Halcyon" is made up, but "Captain" is real. I was booted from the Air Force for a series of...let's call them indiscretions. In the flight simulator. That, and a general unwillingness to complete my mission logs. Let's just say that strange stuff happens up there.

At any rate I spend most of my time in a reverie, pondering blue skies and puffy clouds. Occasionally Kid Catharsis will drag me out of it and I'll do a show. This is the first one.

I apologize for lacking Guy LeBatard's philosophical insights, and for lacking--whatever Kid Catharsis's strengths are! Thanks for reading, and for listening.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2013 September 1, 1600-1700:

  1. "The Morality of Altitude" | 400 Blows | Look | Concrete Productions
  2. "Shatter" | Liz Phair | Exile in Guyville | Matador
  3. "Come Here My Love" | This Mortal Coil | Come Here My Love | 4AD
  4. "Walking Field" | Peals | Walking Field | Thrill Jockey
  5. "Celestial Flutes" | 23 Skidoo | The Gospel Comes to New Guinea | Ronin
  6. "Otterley" | Cocteau Twins | Treasure | 4AD
  7. "Trembling" | Windy & Carl | Brain in the Wire | Brainwashed
  8. "Be Still" | Felt | Space Blues | Creation
  9. "Always" | Flying Saucer Attack | Chorus | Drag City
  10. "Southern Orchards" | July Skies | Dreaming of Spires | Rocket Girl
  11. "Deep Journey" | Suns of Arqa | Land of a Thousand Churches | Arka Sound
  12. "Dark Melt" | Simon Turner | A Palace in the Sun | Creation

There's been one other program so far; I'll post it when time allows!

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