Cruising Altitude Transmission 6, 2014 June 13


air-bahama-201406123.jpg[GUEST POST]

Halcyon here. Such drama and upheaval this life offers. After a 6-month absence, which happened for no reason at all, I returned to the WRFI airwaves, also for no reason. Alas, my "program" is no longer a "pop-up" but a regularly-scheduled excursion for the summer. I refuse to take off before sunrise or to land after sunset, so I can endure this regularity...for now.

I tried to post this on Soundcloud, but was thwarted by their auto-detection software and presented with a copyright claim. I was surprised and hurt by this, not to mention embarrassed that I had shared with you the work of some artist who actually cares about such things. No good can come from such a person, I am sure of it. However, I will follow the lead of Kid Catharsis, my host on this webpage, and upload a complete sonic "document," shameful inclusions and all.

CRUISING ALTITUDE playlist, 2014 June 13, 1900-2000:

  1. "Signals" | Seefeel | Quique | Modern Classics
  2. "Passing Cars" | Steve Hauschildt | S/H | Editions Mego
  3. "Nurse" | Basic House | Oats | Alter
  4. "Over And Out" | STL | At Disconnected Moments | Smallville
  5. "-ada" | Oval | Voa | EOVA
  6. "Monarch" | Ethernet | Opus 2 | Kranky
  7. "Sub-Atlantic" | Mika Vainio | Kilo | Blast First Petite
  8. "The Witness" | Rafael Anton Irisarri | The Unintentional Sea | Room40
  9. "Sun & Ice" | The Field | From Here We Go Sublime | Kompakt
  10. "Enter the Vortex" | Petar Dundov | Sailing Off The Grid | Music Man
  11. "Alleluia" | Sounds & Silence | Classroom Projects | Trunk

fly us again, and recommend us to your friends.

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