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Jan 2020

Despite All My Rage, We Still in a Daze: Transmission 488, 2019 October 13

January 28, 2020

nnyz.jpgHere we are again. I am scrambling to write something in the pre-dawn hours, and you are probably asleep and oblivious. You have no idea how I envy you! Last night I dreamed that I was being bullied; waking up from this at 1 a.m., I decided to go back to bed, only to find myself in a classroom. I was the present version of myself, that is, not a teacher and not the teacher, but of course it was a theatre classroom and worst of all a dramatic literature classroom. "I haven't thought about Angels in America in ten years," I remember myself saying (it's true!), but I'm pretty sure that the text we were discussing, and which I had not read, was not Kushner's play--but we were behaving as though it was. I think I'd rather dream about being punched.

Since this program was broadcast, 107 days ago now, I've gone on the air 19 times. I'm currently editing a sound file from 41 days ago--6 shows ago.

A weak, incoherent idea is starting to form, and it's that existing in "multiple times" like this is maybe not good for my brain? I don't know.

Whatever. This Sunday-night fill-in occasion prompted me to try some pre-planning (seems weird) and to use the station's computers again. Guy was right--we are constantly under duress. You need to bring a Plan B and a Plan C. Maybe one day we'll have reliable equipment, but we have not acquired it in ~7 years of my doing radio here, and October 13 was not going to be the day either.

It's a shame because for the first hour or so the program is pretty good. Stupidly, when the distortion began I tried to ride it out because it actually sounded "good" during Kelman Duran and Carter Tutti Void. Felix made me reboot the computer--I don't think I've felt this way since one of the program directors at KDVS ordered me to apologize to my listeners for playing a certain Cure song! (Who was saying something about living in multiple times at once?) Apologies to Ivan Black for my use of his music to cover up technical difficulties. He deserves better. We all do. Sleep well.

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 October 13, 2100-2300:

  1. "Indo" | NNYZ? | Automation | Kahvi Collective
  2. "You're the One I Idolise" | CTMF | You're the One I Idolise | Damaged Goods
  3. "Buildings" | The I-Burnettes | The Sound of Leamington Spa | Firestation Records
  4. "Billy the Bastard" | The Grief Brothers | Thirty Five Years on Woodfield Street | Country Mile
  5. "Bus Stop Bravado" | The Irony Board | Unfinished Business | The Beautiful Music
  6. "Took the Train Alone (Macerator Remix)" | Diane Marie Kloba | D.M.K vs S.K.1.2.3 | self-released
  7. "Tomorrow Never Knows" | Brian | Idiolect | self-released
  8. "Tokatoka" | Kaiamba Orchestra | Alefa Madagascar ! Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984 | Strut
  9. "Wire - Leaping Dub" | Massive Attack | Massive Attack V Mad Professor Part II (Mezzanine Remix Tapes '98) | UMC / Virgin
  10. "Zaka Tiako Mamolaka Keriko" | Atrefy Andriana | Alefa Madagascar ! Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984 | Strut
  11. "ECTODUB" | Velvet Negroni | NEON BROWN | 4AD
  12. "Pretoria" | Tonton David | Le blues des racailles | Because Music
  13. "Vimana Shastra" | elAstrum | Summer Vacation | Kahvi Collective
  14. "Izahay Mpamita" | Mahaleo | Alefa Madagascar ! Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984 | Strut
  15. "Suabala" | Bantou Mentale | Suabala | Glitterbeat
  16. "Rapela" | Falafa | Alefa Madagascar ! Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984 | Strut
  17. "Far Reaching Shadows" | Nots | 3 | Upset the Rhythm
  18. "Mitamiyo" | Mendes & Mendes | Radio Verde: Cape Verdean Dancefloor Music (Compiled By Americo Brito & Arp Frique) | Rush Hour
  19. "Rumble On Arab St (Kitsch Kub Remix)" | Rude Audio | Street Light Interference | Zirkus
  20. "Untitled VI" | Kelman Duran | Two Suns | Point Records
  21. "Imagine a Place" | transmission 13 | The Edge Of The World | self-released
  22. "T 3.5" | Carter Tutti Void | Triumvirate | Conspiracy International
  23. "Jade Fade" | James Clarke Five | Parloursounds [reissue] | The Beautiful Music
  24. "Let Love In" | Breakwater | Release the Beast | Be With
  25. "Rhythm Machine (excerpt)" | Ivan Black | Modern City Scapes | vanguardista
  26. "In a Cage (feat. Moor Mother)" | Zonal | In a Cage | Relapse Records
  27. "Rhythm Machine (excerpt)" | Ivan Black | Modern City Scapes | vanguardista
  28. "Truth (2019 Remaster)" | Goldie | Saturnz Return (2019 Remaster) | London
  29. "The Emergency Kisses" | Stereolab | Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in The Milky Night (Expanded Edition) | Duophonic / WARP
  30. "You Never Know Suzuko's Vice" | Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. | Hallelujah Mystic Garden Part Two | Important

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