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Mar 2014

Don’t Try To Reach Me ‘Cause I’d Tear Up Your Mind: Transmission 100, 2014 February 18

March 11, 2014

akaisampler.jpgThese days, every fun time is a stolen moment, so here I am, committing petty theft. Society's loss is your gain, because I bring you a mixtape: the 99th. [CURSE YOU FOREVER, LOST EPISODE 19.] This was a Tuesday night "Test Pattern" slot, and therefore featureless, but still wall-to-wall awesome.

Numbers. What are they? Do they mean anything? I try not to place too much value on them, even when they indicate milestones, as "100" would seem to. For a while I thought something Special might happen for the 100th iteration of this program. When that fell through I was resolved to plow forward "as normal." And then, even better, a space opened up on short notice allowing me to do a "surprise" program. Many things in the history of this show have fallen into place in just the right way. The very first Bombast was one such thing. This one is another. With any luck there will be more.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 February 18-19, 2300-0100:

  1. "Supernaut" | 1000 Homo DJs | Supernaut | Purple Pyramid
  2. "Now" | Andy Fairley | Fishfood vs The Birth of Sharon | Bristol Archive
  3. "Boogie Chillen" | John Lee Hooker | The Ultimate Collection 1948-1990 | Rhino
  4. "The Creature that Tasted Sound" | The Legendary Pink Dots | The Creature that Tasted Sound | self-released
  5. "Al Qaeda" | Vatican Shadow | When You Are Crawling | Hospital Productions
  6. "Amor Fati" | Jakob Skott | Amor Fati | El Paraiso
  7. "Heard About You Last Night" | Mogwai | Rave Tapes | Sub Pop
  8. "Listen, The Snow Is Falling" | Galaxie 500 | This Is Our Music | Rough Trade
  9. "Laws and Habits (Milton Bradley Remix)" | Lucy | Churches, Schools and Guns Remixed | Stroboscopic Artefacts
  10. "IIII.IIII" | Papir | IIII | El Paraiso
  11. "Hotel Congress (Domenique A cover)" | AV | Mort a Vegas EP | Police - Modulor
  12. "Blue Eyed Hexe" | Pixies | EP2 | self-released
  13. "Clockout" | Devo | Duty Now For The Future | Warner Bros.
  14. "Boogie Chillen" | The Gories | The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit 5/27/88 | Third Man
  15. "Sleepwalking" | Cabaret Voltaire | Drinking Gasoline | Mute
  16. "A3" | Darkside (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington) | Darkside | Clown & Sunset
  17. "Sandalyon" | Dusty Kid | III | Isolade

next time: testing the gear. spoiler: it works. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis