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Jul 2015

Drawing a Crowd and Threatening Everything: Transmission 222, 2015 July 22

July 28, 2015

blindidiotgod.jpgA week or two ago I made a "generational" comment to our GM. He and I were born at around the same time and share a learned distaste for self-promotion. I remarked how differently people just a decade younger seem to behave: "They don't hide their light under a bushel," I said, "however dim it may be."

In my never-ending struggle not to grow up, I'm going to try that on for a minute. This was a good show. I have been on a run of them. You should be listening. You probably won't regret it.

Now, back to acting my age: I was young, for real, when Blind Idiot God was released. The SST affiliation does not carry the same prestige as, say, 4AD or Factory Records [though there is an SST Facebook group, god help me] but we certainly added everything that label put out, and it all wound up in "heavy rotation" though we were too cool to call it that. It was a long time ago, so my memory might be scrambled, but I think it was late 1987, sophomore year; the novelty of college was wearing off, I was ready for fall term to end, being in California I would fantasize about winter weather I had never experienced and try to will our "cold" 60-degree days into being something that looked like the photos on the back cover of this record. I think of this, randomly, as wintry music.

But enough from me. There are just too many words written about music, this website being a prime example. Another age reference--back in the pre-internet era, it was hard to find anything written about bands or records you liked, unless you were into some real dinosaur-ish acts. The Trouser Press Record Guide was something I treasured. I have three editions of that thing. Here's what they have to say about the Blind Idiot God record: "Simultaneously leaning towards heavy metal (with less ego) and reggae (with more voltage), these demonic decibel gluttons are having the time of their lives in hammer-of-the-gods territory." Sounds like fun, although "hammer of the gods territory" seems like a phrase that would make an older artist wince and one that a younger band would write about itself. So it goes.

BOMBAST playlist, 2015 July 22, 2100-2300:

  1. "Dino" | Harmonia | Musik von Harmonia | Universal
  2. "Deep Field" | Rob Clouth | Deep Field | Leisure System
  3. "German Haircut" | Flying Lotus | Cosmogramma | Warp
  4. "A Safe Haven from the Problems of the Real World" | House ov Leaves | Void Transcripts | Parachute
  5. "Speed Display - Richard Fearless Metal Box Mix" | Moebius, Plank, Neumeier | Speed Display | Bureau B
  6. "Dark & Bright" | Blind Idiot God | Blind Idiot God | SST | "Physical Evidence"
  7. "Dedication" | The Dead Heat | Void Transcripts | Parachute
  8. "Swim" | Nicolas Jaar | Nymphs III | Other People
  9. "CD Girl" | La Casa al Mare | This Astro | Bandcamp self-release
  10. "Wide Open Spaces" | Blind Idiot God | Blind Idiot God | SST | "Physical Evidence"
  11. "River of Longing" | Blank Realm | River of Longing | Fire
  12. "Take One" | Front 242 | Back Catalogue | Wax Trax!
  13. "Landscape" | Satoshi Tomiie | New Day | Abstract Architecture
  14. "Subterranean Flight" | Blind Idiot God | Blind Idiot God | SST | "Physical Evidence"
  15. "The Days of Wine and Roses" | The Dream Syndicate | The Days of Wine and Roses | Omnivore
  16. "Draygo's Guilt" | The Fall | The Wonderful and Frightening Escape Route To... | Beggars Banquet
  17. "Kerosene" | Big Black | Atomizer | Touch & Go
  18. "He Has Plans for You" | Blue Mountain Club | Void Transcripts | Parachute
  19. "The Savage Bush Hotel" | Felix Laband | Deaf Safari | Compost
  20. "Picasso" | John Beltran | Safardic EP | Silhouette Noir
  21. "Shifting Sand -> Tired Blood" | Blind Idiot God | Blind Idiot God | SST | "Physical Evidence"
  22. "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" | Funkadelic | Motor City Madness | Westbound

don't waste valuable research.

"Savage Bush Garden," oof. I regret it, truly, madly, deeply