Dust Will Clear, Birds Will Sing: Transmission 162, 2014 October 28


beltran-faux.jpgI told you we would embark on a good run. This regular, Tuesday evening program featured some good segues, some crazy segues, and some segues that were a little bit of both. Also, we took some unusual departures into both metal and the oeuvre of Taylor Swift. Times have changed, apparently. I remember when well-timed unofficial releases would get you sued. But I digress. This was a quality program.

Lately the existential considerations have seemed a bit heavy. Haven't I done enough of this, I ask myself; what's left? What if it ended tomorrow? What would you do with yourself in that case? That sort of thing. At this time of writing I've done 164 of these hullabaloos, and preserved all of them, safely, forever, in the heaven of the spectacle internet. You know, I only have, like, seven cassettes of my old program from the 80s and 90s, and I probably did 300 shows back then. I'm never getting those other experiences back, no matter how many I do now. Where is this going?

Oh, screw it, there's another show next week. We both knew this.

BOMBAST playlist, 2014 October 28, 2100-2300:

  1. "Bury Me With My Money" | Oozing Wound | Earth Suck | Thrill Jockey
  2. "We Are Never Getting Girl/Boygether" | David Rees | APHEX SWIFT | soundcloud self-release
  3. "Kumanda Kwa Bambo Wanda" | Ngozi Family | Day of Judgement | Now-Again
  4. "Skysailing" | Anomie | Permanent Revelation | All In Your Mind
  5. "Komakino" | Joy Division | Komakino | Factory US
  6. "Whats It About" | Ravioli Me Away | The Inevitable Album | Good Job
  7. "Faux" | John Beltran | Faux | Text | "Physical Evidence"
  8. "Back Talk" | Larry Achiampong | Glitterbeat: Dubs and Versions | Glitterbeat
  9. "Di Eagle An Di Bear" | Linton Kwesi Johnson | Di Eagle An Di Bear | Righteous Reggae
  10. "III (Part 5)" | Heat Leisure | III & IV | Thrill Jockey
  11. "Fruit Is Ripe" | Cut Hands | Festival Of The Dead | Blackest Ever Black
  12. "Your Funeral...My Trial" | Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Your Funeral...My Trial | Mute
  13. "Looped" | Kiasmos | Kiasmos | Erased Tapes
  14. "Pleiades" | Jakob Skott | Taurus Rising | El Paraiso
  15. "Just Ask My Old Roommate, Man" | Spray Paint | Cussin' | Upset The Rhythm
  16. "Intro (feat. Andreya Triana)" | Karma Kid | Bird Of Prey | Future Classic
  17. "Faux - Four Tet Remix" | John Beltran | Faux | Text | "Physical Evidence"
  18. "Asiko" | Tony Allen | Black Voices | Kindred Spirits
  19. "Blood On The Quad" | Half Man Half Biscuit | Saucy Haulage Ballads | Probe Plus
  20. "Then It All Came Down (Parts 1-10)" | Wrekmeister Harmonies | Then It All Came Down | Thrill Jockey
  21. "Seeya Later" | Boards of Canada | Hi Scores | Skam

next time: sing your mantra, leave your mark. Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis

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