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May 2015

Elitism for the People: Transmission 205, 2015 May 19

May 28, 2015

gyalcircuitcassette.jpgHurtling toward summer, our good run of form continues. The Primevals provided the "Physical Evidence" on this night--some good rocking tunes, although perhaps not the most, uh, enlightened things we have ever broadcast! (That's called truth in advertising--Ed.) At any rate, it is good to affirm every now and then that I can beat iTunes to the punch, so I got this one in just under the wire. It was nice to have two "Listening Parlour" visits, like the olden days. Lady Catharsis feels it's too much to come up with two songs per week to play. Cry me a river.

I was particularly comment-y on this evening, and again New Order turned out to be the target--purely accidental, although they are like an ex-girlfriend or something, if ex-girlfriends mattered as much as records. I haven't been able to enjoy "Ceremony" properly since that Absolut commercial, though, and it has nothing to do with moralizing. I don't care how much money people have, for the most part, or where they get it, as long as they're not stealing from me, and it's not even New Order performing the song in that ad--I just don't like thinking of cars (I'm looking at you, Pixies), booze, weed killer, tampons, whatever, when I hear one of my favorite songs. Adorno said something along those lines about Fantasia, so go yell at him if you disagree, he started it & he's more relevant than I am.

BOMBAST playlist, 2015 May 19, 2100-2300:

  1. "Iron Sharpening Iron" | Culture | Harder than the Rest | High Note
  2. "Side A" | Natural Magic | Natural Magic | Boomarm Nation
  3. "Three Songs" | Lakker | Tundra | R & S
  4. "Spiritual" | The Primevals | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit | "Physical Evidence"
  5. "Liquid Sky" | Les Big Byrd | Liquid Sky EP | Hoga Nord
  6. "Planet Monster" | Andrew Liles | First Monster Last Monster Always Monster | Dirter
  7. "See That Skin" | The Primevals | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit | "Physical Evidence"
  8. "Devil In My Car" | The B-52's | Wild Planet | Warner Bros. | "Listening Parlour"
  9. "Always Coming Home" | Strategy | Seeds of Paradise | Idle Hands
  10. "The Three Sides of Audrey and Why She's All Alone Now" | Nicolas Jaar | Nymphs II | Other People
  11. "Cloud 149" | Pere Ubu | Elitism for the People 1975-1978 | Fire
  12. "Saint Jack" | The Primevals | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit | "Physical Evidence"
  13. "Gyal Circuit (Gulls meets SKRS inna BORDERCLASH VERSION)" | SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL | Gyal Circuit | Boomarm Nation
  14. "FUB" | Blind Idiot God | Before Ever After | Indivisible
  15. "Mona Lisa" | The Lucid Dream | The Lucid Dream | Holy Are You
  16. "Lover" | Chrisma | Hibernation | Spittle
  17. "Dish of Fish" | The Primevals | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit | "Physical Evidence"
  18. "Birds" | WhoMadeWho | Ember EP | Get Physical
  19. "Blockheads" | Ian Dury | New Boots and Panties!! | Demon
  20. "Condor" | Turzi | C | Record Makers
  21. "We're Going to Live for a Very Long Time" | Heaven 17 | Penthouse and Pavement | Virgin | "Listening Parlour"

next time: what do we get for our trouble and pain? Enjoy the music! --kid catharsis