Emergency Festivals Are Still Festive: Transmission 248, 2015 November 28


Evidence-13-grid-940x709.jpgWELL, well well. Look at us, all caught up at last. Our newer, lazier schedule has reaped at least one benefit, thank goodness. Here is a program that happened on really short notice because DJ Kristi was sick a few nights ago. Because all critics become voices in my head, this felt like stealing, even although a hypothetical, objective observer (as elusive as the "frictionless surface" of elementary physics problems) might call this "helping."

As is often the case, I was multitasking, so you must take the good segues with the bad. Or not--I guess you could always find a more professional mixtape to listen to. I really did think "Rat Race" would work, and I didn't mean to screw up "Senses" as badly as I did. Finally, OF COURSE the last Joy Division song was "Twenty Four Hours," the ditty that launched a thousand bass tones--or is it one bass tone reiterated a thousand times? Anyway, a part of me knew this in the moment but managed to botch the backannouncing, as I always seem to.

I did manage to tae care of some "business" here, in Festival of Evidence v3.1, that I had meant to take care of a couple of weeks ago when we did the "real thing." But who's to say what's real?

BOMBAST playlist, 2015 November 28, 1900-2100:

  1. "Prism Split (A Scrying Song)" | Campbell Irvine | Reunion of Two Bodies | Infrastructure New York
  2. "Elektro (He Held the World in His Iron Grip)" | Stereolab | Low Fi | Too Pure
  3. "Suicide" | Spacemen 3 | Losing Touch with Your Mind | Munster
  4. "Incubation / Wilderness / Twenty Four Hours" | Joy Division | Preston 28 February 1980 | Drastic Plastic
  5. "Slicer Dubplate (Version 2)" | Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem | Brain in the Wire | Brainwashed
  6. "Urban Gamelan" | 23 Skidoo | Beyond Time | Les Disques Du Crepuscule
  7. "Moussa Poussy Galore!" | Unknown Artists | Radio Niger | Sublime Frequencies
  8. "Harmonics" | Fridge | Brain in the Wire | Brainwashed
  9. "What in the World" | The Other Side | Last of the Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 1 | Crypt
  10. "Senses" | New Order | The Peel Sessions | Strange Fruit
  11. "Egbe Board" | Sunny Ade and His Green Spot Band | Vol. 4 - Stereo Recording in London | African Songs
  12. "Overload" | Interference | Volume 3 | Volume
  13. "Rat Race" | The Specials | The BBC Sessions | EMI
  14. "Cavatina" | Heavenly Bodies | Celestial | C'est La Mort
  15. "Love Cuts" | Chris & Cosey | Action | LD
  16. "Happy Hour" | Felix Da Housecat | Kittenz And Thee Glitz | City Rockers
  17. "Panic" | Coil | Panic | Threshold Archves
  18. "Sunburst" | Loop | Wolf Flow | Reactor
  19. "Let's Sail Away (Remix)" | Honey Tongue | Volume 3 | Volume

when they see me they run away


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