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Jun 2018

Every Fool Will See His Madness Crowned: Transmission 407, 2018 May 15

June 4, 2018

GlitchBild_JAT.png Here is a rarity: an "unscheduled" appearance of the program. It is strange to think of it as an unusual thing (as we shall see), but "it is what it is." It was Andrew Eldritch's birthday, something I'd meant to observe three years ago (I think) but my chance was too late in the day: 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. I think of that as the day I decided I was "too old." (One could think of it as the day I officially became a flake, but that was a long time ago.) In 2018, we're probably past the point of anyone's caring, least of all Mr. Eldritch himself, but I don't like to leave business unfinished, so here we are. I may have been in a bit of a mood, but I think I was enjoying myself, and the segues aren't too bad. I had meant to play Spacemen 3 at the end of it all--I wasn't "giving up"--but I was bad at math on this night, so we get an excerpt.

This program's being the first time in five months that I had made a substitute appearance does not stop my past from being a burden. Back when I lived and breathed WRFI (almost literally!) I would jump at the chance, almost any chance, to do radio. We were desperate for programming in the old days, and the station always seemed on the brink of going off-air for whatever reason. If I remember correctly there was one year when I made 91 appearances! Ye gods. Anyway, between getting older, getting busier, learning my limitations, deciding on further limitations, and so on, I've been much better at limiting myself to my allotted airtime--except, I guess, for that brief, wonderful period last year when Catharsis Junior wanted to do radio with me on the regular. Anyway, people think I am still like my old self! At a meeting recently, when we were doing introductions, I said that I do radio on Wednesday nights, and a colleague added "and on demand, apparently." Shots fired! DJ Andrea, who is going on "indefinite hiatus" from the Free Pile, says that she will take sub shifts from time to time, "if you don't take them all." OUCH. I guess it is my destiny, in this and other ways, not to escape my past. But this night was worth it.

I wonder what I "live and breathe" now? That is a mystery.

BOMBAST playlist, 2018 May 15, 2100-2300:

  1. "Curfew, Gaza" | Muslimgauze | Zul'm | Extreme
  2. "Jihad" | The Sisterhood | Gift | Merciful Release | "Physical Evidence"
  3. "A Newer Age" | Weirding Module | A Newer Age | Joyful Noise Recordings
  4. "7 Sweet Nation Army Dreams" | Brian Harris | 7 Sweet Nations | self-released
  5. "Paix/Paix" | Kaazi | Silk to Dry the Tears | 100% Silk
  6. "Colours" | The Sisterhood | Gift | Merciful Release | "Physical Evidence"
  7. "Finality" | Harrison BDP | Confusion of Sound | Piff
  8. "20:02 [3] starts logging #public" | Jung an Tagen | Agent Im Objekt | Editions Mego
  9. "Wounds and Water" | Melentini | Zrsha; Fundus Uterus | United We Fly
  10. "Little Love" | Primitive Trust | Little Love | Aus
  11. "Giving Ground" | The Sisterhood | Gift | Merciful Release | "Physical Evidence"
  12. "The Truth Lies" | Suns of Arqa | Land of a Thousand Churches | Arqa Sound
  13. "Finland Red, Egypt White" / "Rain from Heaven" | The Sisterhood | Gift | Merciful Release | "Physical Evidence"
  14. "An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music Pt. 1 [excerpt]" | Spacemen 3 | Dreamweapon | Superior Viaduct

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