Everyone Gets Heaven: Transmission 261, 2016 February 2


Curve-RadioSessions.jpg In what is now a statutorily rare gesture, I fill in for "The Griot Hour" on that stupidest of holidays, Groundhog Day. I won't develop or improve old theories here, but merely reiterate one: that a given music's inability to sit alongside other musics is directly proportional to its greatness. So here we have the much-plagiarized, little-appreciated Curve in the "Physical Evidence" feature. None of this is to say that all the other segues in the program, or even most of them, make sense. The fault is not in our records, but in our selves.

At this time of writing we are pouring one out for Skeptical Sunday, one of the few WRFI programs that pre-dated the launch of this one. I'm feeling aware of my own mortality in this moment. I don't know why this came on so suddenly, this realization that I do have "seniority" and have definitely logged more hours on air at this station than any other music host. What's it all for, I wonder.

I do try to launch into personal and political rants only when the issues directly involve me, so I'll simply note here that free-form radio stations "are" little more than the people who comprise them. That is the point, the upside and the downside. Personally I've been feeling the "downside" more often than not lately, as one beloved host after another closes up shop. I only feel the losses and I don't know what we're getting from the newbies, because I simply don't know. I've chosen not to know, so the responsibility is mine in a way, which is part of what hurts about this.

Anyway, that's quite enough, especially since I might be sufficiently crazy to try another post today. Happy Tuesday, everybody!

BOMBAST playlist, 2016 February 2, 2100-2300:

  1. "Die Like a Dog" | Curve | Radio Sessions | Anxious | "Physical Evidence"
  2. "Secondo Percorso" | Pietro Riparbelli | Vacuum | Dirter
  3. "Mama Words" | Brain Damage | Walk the Walk | Jarring Effects
  4. "The Magical Party" | The Silent Ones | The Magical Party | Kompakt
  5. "Ten Little Girls" | Curve | Radio Sessions | Anxious | "Physical Evidence"
  6. "Action Candy" | Surgery | Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets: 1988-1998 Volume 1-11 | Amphetamine Reptile
  7. "Firestarter" | Brian Harris | Behind the Mask | self-released
  8. "Woodland Rock" | Ty Segall | Ty Rex | Goner
  9. "Split Into Fractions" | Curve | Radio Sessions | Anxious | "Physical Evidence"
  10. "Excalibur" | Fracture | Tempa Allstars, Vol. 8 | Tempa
  11. "Love" | Acre | Better Strangers | Tectonic
  12. "Arms Out" | Curve | Radio Sessions | Anxious | "Physical Evidence"
  13. "Ariyo" | Dieuf-Dieul de Thies | Senegal 70 (Sonic Gems from the 70s) | Analog Africa
  14. "Take Me Beyond" | Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation | Take Me Beyond | Rocket
  15. "Coast Is Clear" | Curve | Radio Sessions | Anxious | "Physical Evidence"
  16. "If We Amplify Everything, We Hear Nothing" | Demons | The Wrong Person Spec | District Six
  17. "PGL - Pretty Good Looking" | Lonely Walk | Teen | Born Bad
  18. "Bad Times" | Lubricated Goat | Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets: 1988-1998 Volume 1-11 | Amphetamine Reptile
  19. "Free Jazz" | Strategy | Family Album 2016 | Boomarm Nation
  20. "Free HiFi Internet" | Emmanuelle | Emmanuelle | DEEWEE
  21. "Horror Head" | Curve | Radio Sessions | Anxious | "Physical Evidence"
  22. "Restless in Thought" | Basic Soul Unit | Under the Same Sky | Dekmantel
  23. "Belle Ile En Mer Dub Night - The Humble Bee 'The Noises in Andrew's Head' Mix" | A New Line (Related) | Our Lady of Perpetual Fucking Succour | Home Assembly
  24. "A Washed Out Monkey Star Halo" | Steel Pole Bath Tub | Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets: 1988-1998 Volume 1-11 | Amphetamine Reptile
  25. "The Subdubba Beat - Stockholmia Glue Mix - Prins Thomas Edit" | Ü | Paradise Goulash Versions | Eskimo

didn't get out of the building in time


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