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Feb 2020

Forget Your Worries, Embrace Abundance: Transmission 495, 2019 November 13

February 9, 2020

saba_lou_for_some_reason.jpgMuch to my relief, I am flying solo on this broadcast. There are no drugged-out (or just oppositional-defiant, or whatever) unwelcome guests in the control booth. We've finally reached the current run of programs I can take pride in. I go through periods where I wonder what the payoff is, but lately I have just been enjoying the two hours of alone time that this program gives me every week, blasting the studio monitors and just basically enjoying stuff. There is a lot to unpack there, not least the literal unboxing that needs to happen in my new crib, so that I can finally blast records there one day (hopefully).

Since this program was broadcast, 88 days ago now, I've gone on the air 15 times. At the gym I am listening to a transmission from 46 days ago. I'm currently editing a sound file from 32 days ago--5 shows ago. It's all coming together, collapsing into vague almost-rememberance.

Recently I'd visited this biannual record fair that comes to Ithaca. Normally it's a sad waste of time, but on this occasion I found a sealed copy of Yello's 1983 album You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess. This is one of many "rosebuds" for me, an album from my youth that I once had, inexplicably discarded, and desperately pined for. (I did actually see Citizen Kane once, in case you're wondering--I know you aren't--but I am not watching it again just to make sure I am deploying this reference correctly.) Anyway, "Salut Mayoumba" makes an appearance on this night, as part of a crazy and sublime triptych. So there's at least one moment to look forward to.

BOMBAST playlist, 2019 November 13, 2100-2300:

  1. "Misirlou" | Los Shain's | El Ritmo de los Shain's | Munster
  2. "Deep in That *****" | Byron the Aquarius | Astral Traveling | Mutual Intentions
  3. "Susanoo" | Philou Louzolo | Shinobi of Wokoundou | Wokoundou
  4. "You Ain't The Problem" | Michael Kiwanuka | KIWANUKA | Polydor
  5. "Cherie Sherabou" | Saba Lou | Novum Ovum | Ernest Jenning Record Co.
  6. "Mizik Bel - Africaine 808 Remix" | Esnard Boisdur | Mizik Bel | Favorite
  7. "Last Dance" | Violet Nights & Nax | Disintegration Revisited | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  8. "No One Cares" | Elizabeth The Second | No One Cares | self-released
  9. "Attache" | DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson | Aimez ces airs | Hot Casa
  10. "That Old Freight Train" | Lee Hazlewood | Love and Other Crimes | LHI | "The Listening Parlour"
  11. "Baclashes" / "From a dying universe" / "Inside the Victory" / "Metal Perc" | The Oracle Model | Eventide Tears | Kahvi Collective
  12. "Acid" | Slikback | Lasakaneku / Tomo | Hakuna Kulala
  13. "Controller" | Russ Gabriel | The Controller | FireScope
  14. "Resolve" | Joni Void | Mise En Abyme | Constellation
  15. "Happy Anniversary" | Baltic Noise | Out Of The Darkness | The Blog That Celebrates Itself
  16. "Rabbouni - Enyang Ha Remix" | Deena Abdelwahed | Khonnar Remixes | Infine
  17. "No Investigation" | Zonal | Wrecked | Relapse
  18. "Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down" | R.L. Burnside | Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down | Fat Possum
  19. "Salut Mayoumba" | Yello | You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess | Elektra
  20. "Prophet Paradise" | Cameo Blush | Murky Waters EP | Touch from a Distance
  21. "Natural Born Killers (Ride for Me)" | James Massiah | Natural Born Killers (Ride for Me) | Levels
  22. "Diagonals" | Stereolab | Dots and Loops (Expanded Edition) | Duophonic / WARP
  23. "Dangerous Women" | Tenesha the Wordsmith | Peacocks & Other Savage Beasts | On the Corner
  24. "Alba" | Submotile | Ghosts Fade on Skylines | Midsummer Madness
  25. "Versix" | Chris Carter | Disobedient | Mute

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