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May 2014

Full Interview: Andrew Gray of The Wolfgang Press

May 20, 2014

TWP-queer-gray.jpegHere is the full interview I conducted with Andrew Gray of The Wolfgang Press, as well as In Camera, Limehouse Outlaw, and an as-yet unnamed current group. Portions of this conversation appeared in the Hall of Legends special featuring the band's music. This is the "full" recording, with everything in its proper context.

We discuss a number of things: early musical influences; the In Camera period, his joining, then leaving, then re-joining The Wolfgang Press; record covers and music videos; working with different producers; touring the United States in the 1990s; the current group he has going with his brother, Steve, as well as Gary Asquith of Rema-Rema, Mass, Renegade Soundwave, and the Lavender Pill Mob, and Michael Allen, his Wolfgang Press bandmate.

This interview was conducted on March 19, 2014, via Skype-to-phone. I was at my place and Andrew was at his. But that is only half the story. We had actually done a full interview, a week earlier--hence all the references to "last time" and "before"--but those files had been destroyed when Skype and its attendant recording software didn't shut down properly. That was a BAD day. Anyway, Andrew is a champion among humans and deserves some kind of medal for agreeing to talk to me again.

References: "Dave" has to be David Steiner [Scinto] of In Camera, and Ivo is of course Ivo Watts-Russell.

You'll have to watch this space, or this one, to find out when I've received some .mp3s of the new group. I will indeed feature them on the ongoing program.

Interview audio is below. Enjoy!