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Sep 2014

Full Interview: Ari Neufeld of Breathless

September 11, 2014

aribwcrop.pngThis is the recording of an interview I conducted with Ari Neufeld of Breathless on August 17, 2014. For you gear-heads, this was a Skype-to-phone interview. I was at Chez Bombast, or as Lady C calls it, "The Warren," and Ari was at home in London, I presume. I've compressed the audio a bit because loud is good.

Portions of this interview aired on the Hall of Legends special featuring the music of Breathless. Here's the whole thing, in order, with everything in its proper context. I am still a bit embarrassed about my "lady bass players" question--I left out a personal favorite, Josephine Wiggs, as well as Naomi Yang. But I was trying to think on my feet, which is usually a mistake. Also, I don't know what I was thinking re. the cover image of PiL's "Second Edition." I guess I just visualize it that way.

References: "Gary," "Martyn," and "Tristram" are, respectively, Gary Mundy, Martyn Watts, and Tristram Latimer-Sayer, bandmates in Breathless. "Ivo" is...come on.

Anyway, I hope the conversation is as fun for you as it was for me.